Saturday, September 5, 2009

My midnight stitching tonight turned scarey!

Well, today was a long one. Went out of town to take care of some personal business and mixed a little fun in too. I'll post about it tomorrow (the fun part).

We just got in actually not too long ago, catching up on the TV news and decided to pick up my sampler and work on it on the stitching stand. Guess what? I'm stitching away and felt this crawl across my foot onward to the middle of my living room and I screamed so loud that I lost my voice! The Bodyguard thought I had stabbed my finger with a needle big time! LOL

A 4 inch wolf spider somehow got in our house and this is what a wolf spider looks like close up. This is not the actual spider but a pic I found on the net because after I screamed and jumped straight up into my chair, my hubbie said, blankety-blank, about the time he saw it and smashed it with a shoe about 3 times. Sure enough, a 4 inch thick, hairy wolf spider. You can identify these by all the hair and the thick body and OH they are ugly. They are supposed to be good spiders because they eat other little ones. But, NO spider is a good spider to me.

In the 8 years we have lived here this is the second horrible experience of a wolf spider. The first one was actually on the wall of our basement about 5 years ago, a 6 inch one. I had never in my life seen such a spider. I have a fear of spiders and snakes so you can imagine what that was like!
Oh, well, stitching to relax and wind down turned to nerves rattling.
You can bet I will be checking under my sheets tonight! LOL

I read they have 8 eyes and fangs. They can bite but are not poisonous. Is this not the ugliest thing ever?

Needless to say the pest control man will be here Tues for sure.
Well, I'm going to try and get in bed now........thought I would share this lovely stitching experience tonight. OMG
Oh yeah, and sweet dreams!!! Watch out. Halloween is getting ready already at our house LOL


  1. LOL...Australia wouldn't in that case be a place to live. I have most regularly the pleasure to meet big guys like these. I don't mind them as long as I see them in time.

  2. That is awful. It looks like it could eat a cat.

  3. Michele, I hear they are common up here in North Ga. I held my breath for 4 or 5 years not to see another. It must have come in on a couple of blankets I had on the porch to wash. Thats the only way, because I have opened my windows but only with the screens. I've racked my brain, anyhow, today is clean up for sure day!

  4. Well, yes, I'd be scared of one in my house or about to touch me. I wouldn't kill one if it were outside though. They do help cut down on other bugs so I won't kill them if I can help it.


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