Saturday, July 13, 2013

Seasons to seasons and Progress

The weeks are flying by like days this cool and rainy Summer, filled with daily responsibilities and committments to meet each day. First off, this week there is a delay in orders shipped this week until Monday as the printer was not working properly. Fixed today though and ready to roll. Thank you Jesus! I do apologize greatly!!!!!

Between working part-time as a women's health nurse practitioner, I love to use the creative side of my brain when I'm at home, and I'm never without a stitching project on hand of some kind. Also my Kindle, my Grace I named her 2 years ago, goes with me everywhere.

This week I finished a book called "Before the World Intruded: Conquering the Past and Creating a Future" by Michele Rosenthal. This book is the testimony of Michelle as she conquered and coped with PTSD after a major illness at age 13. She has a really supportive facebook page and I'm sure has reached many, many people with awareness, her struggles which are so common with PTSD. On Kindle now, you can get her book for 2.99 at a reduction and Amazon is also with the purchase of the book offering 1900 dollars worth of help resources for people who have survived trauma.

Besides finishing a book, in the stitching arena, I have stitched a bit more on Bluebird by Blackbird Designs.

It would be a quick stitch if I would put the knitting needles down. :P

Also in the knitting arena, I finished one rectangle section of "The Walton" blanket I'm working on as part of a large project and did find the colorway of Autumn Maize by Caron Simply Soft for a couple of blocks. The yellow color in this pic is way brighter than the actual color.

I've already started the next block. I thought about making each section in a different knit stitch pattern but haven't decided quite yet.
I also made one of the first smaller facial cloths for the bath by the sink in Peaches and Cream colorway Stars and Stripes.
I like the rustic, worn look and it will fit well in a basket full for night time facial cleansing.
I think I have alot more of these 6 x 6 clothes to go to fill this up.
At first I thought Peaches and Cream cotton was too rough for washcloths and probably is. However, for just that night time facial wash, I think it will be the right size and also will gently exfoliate as well.

Speaking of red, white and blue, on the cooking front, I made these for a meeting a week ago. Just basic yellow cake for muffins and cream cheese frosting sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar. To me they tasted like cinnabons a bit and were yummy!

and speaking of sweet sugar...................Abbie sends her love to everyone!
She got a new "snack mat" this week and seems to love it as well. Bless her heart, she is one loved furbaby in this house. She loves Mr. Darcy so much. Actually she loves us both greatly and we kinda are her pack family I guess.
Thelma and Louise the outside cats are still hanging out at the homestead. They keep critters at bay. Thelma was caught with a  tiny mouse this week and I thanked her for it as I do not like mice. Yuck!
Thelma is the matronly of the two and even though they look nothing alike, I'm suspecting they are mother -daugher. Not sure, but they found a good home.
The constant rain every day has really been good in a way because the temps here in the North Ga mountains haven't reached over 80, during what is usually the hottest part of the year.
Today it's cloudy, breezy, and 70 degrees like a late September day.
I'm ready for Fall already! SO many reasons but mainly on days like today to smell the wood stove warming up the house, drink hot tea, and watch the leaves change.
But just as life, there is a season for everything and to everything there is a season.
I will be working on a freebie soon and putting it on The Feathers in the Nest facebook page!!!
More later on that! Thanks for your patronage and friendship and most of all, understanding and compassion.