Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stitching and Cooking Today

Here's the LHN design Be True from William Shakespeare. Love this. I am actually tweaking the colors a bit to fit my decor for the room I'm putting it in. I decided to frame with the mahogany frame; therefore instead of white border, I'm using DMC 221. I'm thinking about adding wooden heart buttons I have in my stash instead of stitching hearts.

Oh, lookie here! This is Ren tonight. He's eating his supper. Center-cut ham, oven-baked sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar, cinnamon and 2 green beans. He really gets into it. He turns his little legs inward as he eats. He can't see or smell or hear much anymore so we have to put him right up to his plate and then Wham.......there he goes!

The country eggs, double-yoked made a good cake. Or at least the Bodyguard likes it alot. But as a confirmed bachelor of 44 years when we got married..........he likes everything I cook! LOL

Ok, I've been a little chatty tonight so back to stitching........and cleaning up this red dye mess!

Good Ole' Country Cooking

I'm cooking a cake today. The recipe calls for 3 large eggs. Well, you gotcha, here's what happened when I cracked open 3 eggs! Holy Moly!

My friends I work with in Dahlonega gave me some "farm fresh eggs" or brown eggs this past week. I have never even cooked with those before, but I really thought it was cool that we all got some eggs to share at work, even if it's ironic we are in a gynecology practice. I just love working there in clinic with them once a week.

But, I"m here to tell you............that chicken really gawked, I bet, when it popped out these suckers! Double yokes.

This is 3 eggs.

Man, I've really got a dozen left instead of six. Look at the size of these eggs! It will be interesting to see how this effects my cake in an hour..........stand by..........

Added Afghanistan News to the Blogsite

Brandon has arrived in Afghanistan recently. Today, I added a bit to the blog site for the newest headlines from Afghanistan News to show. I've read more about Afghanistan in the past year than any other country in the world. I'm not the history buff but for obvious reasons, this region has our interests. Its really sad that this war is not really known about by all people here. It seems to be forgotten. And the internet has made communication and news really, really be different than other wars in the distant past. There are pros and cons on this topic but overall, the more communication, the better.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Flashback

This is 1980 or 81.

This is me and my brother cutting up after I played a song on the piano. He was always making me laugh......well, maybe not always, but alot of the time. Look at that seventies hairstyle! Boy, were we young here. We had no idea what would be in store for either of our lives but just living for the moment then. Isn't that how it is at about 18-25ish?

I got scholarships for college with this piano. By 1980, I was almost always found at the piano, either practicing for church adult choir, children's choir practice, funerals, weddings, Sunday services, cantatas, even state competition....... you name it. I had some really good mentors in music including my 6th grade teacher who had a piano in her classroom and required her class to sing to her songs at least 30 minutes every morning. We learned alot of old songs. She liked songs like Moon River. I don't know why this one particularly stands out in my mind. She went with me to state competition at Mercer University in Macon while only in the 6th grade because she believed in me.
Most of all I found that music was the very best outlet for the soul. I remember the best times were on Sunday afternoons when I would go to our church while it was completely empty and play and play for hours alone. Then I started running over to the other side of the church playing the organ. I really liked the organ too. After I got my few hours of music therapy, then I would go back home. This was all back in the day when churches didn't lock their doors........

Back in 1994, I traded this piano in for a Baby Grand Baldwin. By the time I had the money to get the old one tuned, it was so out of tune for so long, the repairman said the entire piano would have to be restrung. Tuning would just break the strings. So, I saved until I got another piano. And, that leads to another story.............

Enjoy your Friday evening!

Hanging by a Thread

Ok, now, I couldn't get the picture a good size to see but if you squint and look closely, the guy in the tan is the Body Guard~~~ hanging by a rope off of Mount Yonah. Today, he was helping coordinate mapping at one of the local mountains for an emergency plan. He is literally hanging by a thread......or rope.....something you will not see me do in this lifetime!
Now, this is the same guy that doesn't like ferris wheels at the fair! ;)
Seriously, standing off a mountain would be scarey for me. He didn't have any problem.
They are mapping out emergency plans for the forest rangers. Believe it or not, we have folks around here who get lost on the mountain or actually fall off the mountain and having a plan to reach them is necessary. I wish I could get the picture to download larger but this is the best I could do.
Meanwhile, I'm workin tonight on the Be True by LHN and watching the news.........a sure way for insomnia.............anyway, oooowie, still makes me shudder thinking about hanging off a mountain.......I guess opposites attract, right?
Lesson learned----don't walk close to the edge of a mountain~~~~~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My New Gathering

Well, I"m in a cleaning mood today. I've been busy as a bee, rearranging, cleaning and turned a handmade quilted runner I had in my kitchen into a hanging piece. I added button and bows to the corners and then put over a table. Looks good!!! Then, got out the framed tatting piece that my mother-in-law, 90 years old now, gave me about 10 years ago. She is so sweet. I love to visit her in Chicago. I acquired this lovely lamp from an auction last year and really have enjoyed it too. The picture below is me and my honey "cutting the rug" on the dance floor at a reception. Couldn't quite capture the picture with the lamp on but it really is a quaint gathering in our Dutchy house. I'm visualizing adding a couple of samplers with this too.......
Back to cleaning out, cleansing, purging the soul, grabbin' the dust bunnies, or whatever you want to call it!

Some Days

Some days I wake up and feel like this man here. Oh MY! This is from a Calvin Klein advertisement. I hope this is electronically distorted and not a real guy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blueberry Cobbler

Ater work tonight, I made a fresh blueberry cobbler and put ice cream on top. Very Yummy! The recipe is a really simple one. I thumbed through the Southern Living magazine that came in today and saw some really good recipes for grilling and will have to try those out on an off day as grilling takes a little longer.

Now, I'm going to go for a nice, long walk here in the mountains. I better hurry. It's looking a little cloudy like we are going to get a brief summer shower.

Blueberry Cobbler

1 cup of flour--self rising makes a fluffier cobbler but I use all-purpose usually
1 cup of sugar
1 stick of butter or margerine
1 cup of milk

Melt butter in a casserole dish in the microwave. Mix flour, sugar and milk in separate bowl. This will appear a little lumpy.
Add the flour mixture on top of the melted butter. Important: do not stir, just pour on top.
Then, add fresh blueberries, 1-2 cups (I like 2 cups) from a spoon on top of this mixture (do not stir) and put in preheated oven at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. Serve with ice cream or Cool Whip.

So, simple enough! Enjoy the fresh fruit cobbler. You can substitute peaches as well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pretty Kitty

Today after work, I went by Bessie Maes, which is a very cute little place with alot of unique cottegy stuff. There is a lady, Carolyn, that makes signs and handmade dolls. I couldn't resist getting this little kitty for my bedroom. The flowers were handpainted. The eyes are mother-of-pearl buttons. Reminds me of my kitty, Thomas. He even has a curly tail.

Speaking of Thomas, he was napping seriously at 4p when I got home. He didn't seem to mind I had another kitty! This is one of the porch chairs he usually melts into in the afternoons.
Oh yeah, I'm back with the camera again..........Sunlight strikes his fancy usually.

Speaking of mother-of pearl buttons.........I gathered my threads for this Little House Needleworks, Be True today and started at lunch. Oh, and here are my glasses from Walmart, a little stronger ones........ The DMC color 502 of the dress looks different in the picture than when I pulled out of my floss bag. It's really a lighter green vs. a teal green as in the picture but I didn't substitute and went with this color which blends well with one of our bedrooms. The camera really makes it look darker than it really is. I'm also wondering if I'm ever going to get this deep crease out of the linen............I did change the color of the border to a Weeks Dye instead. I know the model is framed in an antique white frame, actually Crescent Colors frame but for the spot I will place it, I need some contrast, so a darker frame (if framed) is what I will use.

I can't decide yet if I want to make a pinkeep with this or frame in this mahogany frame. I picked up these really old mother-of-pearl buttons several months back at a seconds store.

Please excuse the different ways I have stored my floss. I actually use floss baggies on all of them but just took out the ones for the project. As you can see, I have used stitch-bows and thread cards. I really like just using the floss bags for storage. That way I can save every last inch of thread. I'm kinda weird like that! LOL

Oh, I smell steaks cooking in the kitchen. The Bodyguard insists on cooking dinner tonight and he is busy, busy cooking steaks....YUM!

Monday, June 8, 2009


New Amsterdam 1624 Sampler
design by The Sampler Girl --Tanya M. Anderson
32 ct Antique White linen
completed and framed June 8th, 2009
I placed the sampler by my fireplace near a light. Looks great with the Dutch painting The Girl With a Pearl Earring, painted by Meghan.

Rambling Monday Thoughts

Well, today is a Monday and going well so far. Taking a lunch break now before the afternoon.
During lunch I think about all the things I need to do when I get home. I felt so bad last night. I stitched until midnight and almost.....almost ..... finished the Dutch sampler.

OH, how I wanted to finish it. I have about 10 other designs I want to start so I'm thinking of what will be next. I do have alot of WIPs and should....should that is.....finish one of those first.
After finishing the one letter I have left on the Dutch sampler and framing tonight, I will post a pic. I'm already charging up my camera battery to be prepared.

I've been in a Little House Needleworks mood lately. I was going to start another Sampler Girl design but.........yep.........I saw one of the new LHN designs Be True and pulled it out of my basket and looking at the colors. They are so pretty. No specialty threads, DMC threads. I have a special small space in my bedroom for this little finish too. I need to see this daily little reminder every morning by my bed so it's probably going to be my next start.

I also have a finished a small angel sampler that I've had in my basket for 2 years now and just didn't know who to give it to but I knew it would be a special person. I ran across it this week in my stitching nook and already have the perfect frame for it. I will frame it tonight as well and get a pic. There is someone I know for sure who needs this special angel.

Well, off to start the afternoon.
Here's hoping that everyone's Monday is a good one.
Talk later,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thomas and His Serious Naps

Thomas takes serious naps between 12-4pm......I mean serious naps. Usually he picks one of the porch rockers to melt in to but today, we looked out across the woods and thought he was injured or dead..............he was lying on his back with his paws in the air.

Yep, we had to call loudly for him to pop up here. Bodyguard is cleaning up around the outside of the house, so Thomas had to move his serious afternoon nap out in the woods where he spends his quiet time.

He says, "Maybe if I look the other way, momma will not take another picture...... again!"

"Well, come on and get a picture if you must and then let me go back to my nap!"

Ok, Thomas, don't scare me again buddy.

Saturday Progress

From this~~~~~~

To this~~~~~ Saturday night

Almost there. The New Amsterdam 1624 Sampler by The Sampler Girl. Plan to finish and frame today! YIPPEE!
I have enjoyed stitching the blue colors in this piece.
Yesterday we had fun, went to a hotdog grill-out then came home to watch a little Gone With The Wind video I have had for awhile and one of my favorite movies.
Then Bodyguard helped me rearrange my bedroom..........every now and again I get in the mood for the bed to go a different direction or such.......not very often but last night was one of those days. I really like it. It's a good change.
The sun is out this morning and my coffee is tasting mighty good right now! Summer is definitely here with the warm temps, upper 80's, maybe 90 today.
Well, I will post my next project or projects coming up soon.