Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed in Day 4----Getting out and about carefully but ready

Wow, almost a week living in yoga pants and drinking hot tea and napping, reading and stitching.

 A little like Heaven here.

 But, today, BG will be driving me 'round the mountain this afternoon for an appointment in another town so I will get to see the gorgeous snow all over the farms and mountains on the way.
I've been in almost a week but it's been a restful one for the most part.

I'm excited and feel like I'm going on a date tonight. If it's open, will be able to eat out dinner! WOW! And pizza at that!!!!!!

Last night I made some really good mac and cheese, sliced ham, and collards. Then I crawled on the sofa with a thick blanket by the fire and used my earbuds with my Kindle to listen to the book I bought on meditation. It must have worked as I slept for 2 hours. Oops. Gotta go back now to the beginning. LOL

Abbie got a Coconut Creme bath last night and buzzed around a VERY happy camper after that.
She's so sweet and I love her so much........

This morning I took a pic of the chair warmer who will watch for me while I'm gone today.

This morning I took advantage of good inspiration of the snow and also better eye day. I designed a small sampler for one of my favorite friends who owns a local bed and breakfast. By the way, and this is honest, her last name is Snow. She collects snowmen. The design is called Snowed Inn.

Well, changing from yoga pants to real clothes. I will have to really suck in to zip my jeans. Think I'm getting a muffin top, just eating and lounging....LOL

Looking for my bigger jeans now.

Stay safe and till later,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed in Day 3- Wordy Wednesday

Last night, I worked on this scissor fob called Passion Flower by Shepherd's Bush which is the most beautiful red linen I've seen. It's 30 ct Aztec Red.

 Following the directions, I cut the long strip in half, nervously hoping it was a perfect half as this is my first scissor fob for me. I've always thought they were beautiful finishes but the minute, detailed smallness just intimidated me a bit.

However,  I was eager to make this one as I couldn't have been more thankful and blessed for receiving this from Jolene's giveaway (at DipDiddley Designs)  celebrating her birthday and Christmas. I was awed by the Sonia Gingher scissors. Beautiful! 

Haven't stitched alot in a few weeks trying to rest my eyes more. I'm slow last night but got this far:

It calls for stitching with 1 thread over 2. This is also a different way to stitch as I usually use 2 strands but I like this. The Lancaster Red is such a beautiful thread color and the ribbon you see, hopefully will be placed around this sweet fob when I'm finishing it.

I didn't point this out before because honestly I couldn't see it well and after I took them out of the box and looked, I showed hubbie the beautiful engraving of Shepherd's Bush on one blade and 2011 on the other side with the 0 being the shape of the flower. I was again so thankful and felt honored. I could only dream to be able to go to the Shepherd's Bush shop in person!

I tried to take closer pics today so you can see:

Isn't this the most special pair of scissors you've ever seen?

So, for one blessing, I have is this fob and scissors.
 I am slow with it right now but I will not let this eye issue win. I have to carry on and I know I can do it, even if I have to take baby steps or a step back but I will.
I haven't picked back up on it today yet as they did hurt alot this morning like a needle is in the back of my left eye. I will be going by 4 wheeler or however, to get to an eye appt to have the hemorrhage checked tomorrow if they are open.

I admit. It scares me. 3 days with improvement and then this again.

I found comfort this morning in prayer after a long cry which actually lubricated my eyes naturally, LOL
and then listened to my Kindle books that had the read-to-me feature while resting them with an eye cover.
This did help but I'm back online again and I've got to learn to stop on the computer quite as much.

I've taken this opportunity today, as I can't go anywhere, to listen to my heart and it says to meditate and learn now. So, I found a book on Kindle that is reading to  me feature well. It's 300 pages but it has gotten good reviews and why waste my time thinking about how and doing something about it.

I've always wanted to learn how to meditate. It sounds simple but I'm surprised by the fleeting thoughts that zip around my brain when I close my eyes. It's like trying to shut off the TV.
I spent the time in prayer for awhile, just crying it all out here, wondering if this is what Cabin Fever was or if I truly am just afraid of going blind. I got it all out and it felt good. No one but Abbie could hear me.

About an hour ago, somebody was walking down the drive in the snowy road and it was my hubbie.

With these at the door, saying "I thought you  needed these today".
And I did. He slid all over the roads up to house and walked with them up to the house and I needed that and a good hug.
So thankful again.

I put them by the window on my desk by the fireplace. Beautiful gathering of red and yellow roses and fragrant too.

I'm not one to ask or expect flowers but boy, did I enjoy them today! ;)


Just like my linen.

Thankful I can see them.

2003, Scottsdale, Arizona in 115 degree heat at a  restaurant called A Different Pointe of View

Reminding myself, like this picture, that we all have a different point of view, especially when standing at the top of a mountain and looking around at the big picture of things.

Taking one day at a time, even if it's slowly and taking the time to smell the roses even when sometimes the thorns prick our fingers.

Thank you to:

 my hubbie for the flowers
to God for listening to such a sobbing
for my Kindle for the read-to-me feature
for my friends here, you, in blogland and in person
for blog friends like Jolene who doesn't know how much she really brightened my Christmas
for beginning to learn the art of meditation
for the opportunity to stay home with the snow and see the beauty of it
for making my first scissor fob

and for discovering that Apple Cidar mix in  my hot tea is a great combo to get Vitamin C and antioxidants!

Till later,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going sledding today--Snowed in Day 2

Snowed-in the Little House in the Big Woods again and most likely for the week here as there is no movement on the north side of Athens Ga. Much deeper snow covered with ice from mist all night now, here in the mountains.  Atlanta's Marta was closed yesterday and I think today, don't quote me on that one but overall, we are in here. No sun out yet. We are supposed to get more flurries today.

 Today's plans:  to bundle up and take a walk in a while to visit my friend a half mile down the road and then another half to watch all the people sledding on a slope there. This is country excitement, my friends!  ;-)

Did I say it's cold here today????

This  pic is actually a coloring sheet available HERE or click on the above pic and enlarge. Make sure you color the dog white, ok?  LOL  Abbie, precious little one, I want to get some pictures of her but I'm so afraid she may get too cold even with sweaters and coats but we will see today.

This is a cool website for kids! I used to LOVE to color with my kids.

Back to another cranberry muffin. They did turn out yummy this morning.

Throw a little cholesterol on there. Hopefully no heart attacks this week as "we ain't movin' here" with traffic AT ALL and my CPR expires in 2 months.

Maybe the antioxidant in the tea will reverse all the butter.

I really have enjoyed these tea mornings. I backed off all caffeine for several years now due to health reasons but tea doesn't seem to cause as much problem. I now drink that more than coffee at home.
But at work, I'm a coffee girl.

I've offered to babysit any emergency personell's kids because of this weather so we will see what fun the week brings! Our clinic is closed today.

 Till later,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

That's the words I woke up to. Thought Bodyguard was joking as we stayed up till amost midnight last night with no snow yet. But looked out and about 7 =8 inches here now and we have more on the way, more ice and snow......which I never understood because isn't

By 8:45am I had built a snowman, made a snowangel, and fell once and stretched a muscle I forgot I had but I'm ok. I just laughed.

we used to have a walkway somewhere.
The house looks twisted but it's me standing a bit off kilter.

I peeked out real early when the sun came out ??? or the light came out rather.

The back porch was covered even though it's screened in. How do you like my new snow cushions?

Ruby is shivering here.

She's probably thinking, "somebody, hep, hep me, I'm not a housedog!"

driveway/road turned sledding

there used to be a boy and girl statue there.

yep, she is staying right here, waiting on me and has placed her "dingiewingies" all around. Too cold for her to go out after seeing Ruby shiver.

I made a Snowangel right where Ren is resting. God bless him.

And my attempt at a snowman till the other "investigator" gets back.

Somebody bring me some HOT PANCAKES from IHOP with syrup and bacon.  YUM!
I've already eaten breakfast once but fixing to go get a cuppa and watch out the window a bit.
We are supposed to get more of this today and tonight and the next day that it will be ABOVE freezing is Friday.  Not complaining though
It's white,
 it's pure
it's peaceful

and it's one of the reasons I like living in the mountains.

Hope you stay warm today!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow and my Sweetheart sampler

Are you a snow lover like me?  I love it only when I don't have to drive in it but this morning I took full advantage of a good eye day and this is from my heart to you.  Hope to add it to my ornie collection I've designed for my Valentine's bowl.  I can hope......need to be stitching now......

Snow and My Sweetheart

designed by Feathers in the Nest

 copyright 2011

Colors and linen of choice.

Suggested is 32 count natural linen, vintagey

WDW  Blue Coat Red (for the darker rosey) for the roof and the key, and words
GA  Tarnished Gold for the border and the house
GA Cameo Pink for girl's sweater and one of the snowflakes and hairbow
DMC white for the heart snowflakes, the snowballs, and snow on the house
GA Apricot Blush for the girl's hands and face
GA Sarsaparilla brown for the girl's hair and boots
GA Freedom for the girl's jeans

Remember if you want to stitch and share a pic I will display it here on the blog!!!!!

Enjoy your Winter Blessings!


I won a Giveaway and jumping for joy---a giveaway in the mail and SNOW all in one weekend

Well, it's officially Sunday.

 Not just any Sunday, but the one where about 7+ inches of the white powdery snow is supposed to start falling late in the evening. and after  midnight tomorrow.....even more.

If I sound ridiculously excited ( i know, i know)  I am!

Today was a good day of Busy Nothings (Jane Austen) and somewhere down the day I accomplished some laundry in my PJs. It was simply too cold to go out in it until the snow comes. THEN, I have my thermals ready!!!!!!!! My childish nature comes out the strongest in snow weather. Always has and probably when I'm old with a walking cane, I'll throw it down and lay in it then too someway. I hope to make snow angels and name them by Monday. I hope to bake the cookies I missed during the holidays with a big cuppo something. I'm hoping that channelling Scarlet O'Hara will last through the weekend! ;O

Not one stitch today but resting my eye ball a bit.

I did just finish ordering for the first time Walnut pieces to stain some old finishes for the prim look in hopes that they are not quite looking like they are coming out of a fire. ( or FARE from the mountains.LOL) but just enough to look primmy.

I also ordered 32 ct Belgium linen for a few new patterns I have and one small pair of vintage scissors.
I ordered these from Pineberry Lane. If you haven't visited this's a good one, my friend.

Speaking of scissors, Miss. Jolene drew my name in her recent giveaway. It was a very nice and sweet (as usual Jolene) expression of her thoughts of her birthday and Christmas, her Birthmous was the celebration.

I won a brand spanking new pair of Gingham Sonia scissors, the embroidery ones and the label says from the Shepherd's Bush. I remember reading I thought on her blog she went there and was so envious. Oh, how I wish I had those opportunities BUT I am ever so thankful to Jolene for picking me. I needed something GOOD happening in my life and these scissors and the lovely pattern, materials, floss and design/linen for a scissor keep for them, was like having Christmas morning all over again and more. I don't know how to say thank you enough!  Love you Jolene!!!!!!!!!!  You always know how to lift spirits.

Take a look-see

Jolene, girl, I'm doing a happy dance and I haven't done that in a very long time. Thank you.

Now, I'm going to try real hard to go to sleep and hope that tomorrow the snow comes alot and I can make a snowman just like BodyGuard, gun and all.  Hehehehehehehhehe


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