Saturday, May 31, 2014

Home of the Free sampler Freebie and Nesting!

Home of the Free

designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2012

I hope you enjoy this one. It's a little sampler I designed in 2012, can't remember if I posted this one or not. 
Between Memorial Day and Independence Day, our thoughts of patriotism really are more highlighted around the homestead.
I designed this one with the 2 and 5 being 25 years of service my dearest husband served in the military and his initials. 

You can customize this to fit a special year, person, or number of years served, a tour date, or anything to personalize it. The message is the same. We know as Americans, we have much more freedom and when you think about it, we must thank a soldier, remembering what they did for us to keep our freedom. Veterans go through quite a bit to ensure our freedom in this country and sometimes when all is said and done, they do not get the services or thankfulness they deserve.

I hope you find this little sampler fun to stitch and pay it forward to your favorite serviceman/woman with a thankful heart.

The colors suggested are:

Gentle Art

Old Red Paint
Old Blue Paint
Straw bonnet
Dark Chocolate

The finished design is 88 x 53

linen of choice

The above colors give it a more worn vintage look, however, you can change to your own liking.

Today, looks like more work at the homestead, getting ready for the flooring to be put down soon.

I went shopping yesterday for the first time in a very long time. Michael's on Thursday and Friday ONLY had all their hat boxes and decorative boxes 60% off!!!  I got several for my closet shelves. The prices were very low and I'll get much use of them.

When I get them all stacked and fixed, I'll take a pic for you!

These kinds of boxes also make a great storage system for cross stitching items too but my use will be in storing some jewelry in the small ones, scarfs and ties in bigger ones and socks.

We have to put a move on and get going with the house soon because in June we will have guests.
Mr. Darcy has already got the meal planned for barbeque on the grill!!

I hope this finds you at peace and healthy!