Saturday, December 17, 2011

Old and new traditions--welcoming both again

Baking some Christmas cookies, the first batch is out!

the Christmas CD is on high! And I'm having a great Saturday, hope you are too!

some things never change with traditions. And christmas baking is one that will not.
I love making eating Christmas sugar cookies hot from the oven.

please take one my friend and enjoy!

A couple of year's ago a friend of mine made a special CD of Christmas music for my gift and I LOVE it every year to play. It's the oldies and adds to the atmosphere of bakng ..........

and cleaning

had to stop here but soon to add a sofa and stitching goodies for a space for a group of stitchers heading to the mountains!

Go tell it on the mountain...... da-da-da-da-da,dee-daha

Hope your weekend is fully of old traditions AND new beginnings!

till later stay safe,

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sampler Prints---early 1900's

Do you like interesting paper sampler prints?

While I was rambling through a community thrift shop (again) for a couple of kitchen utensils that were quite nice for a quarter a piece, I saw this print of a sampler. 
For $1.75, I thought I could afford it, so I carried it with me for a grand total of 2.25, including a book, 2 wooden handled kitchen utensils, and this.

I just thought it was quite interesting and read about these particular paper prints of samplers online a bit after looking closely at some clues.
The verse it seems is Scottish and quite cute I think~

In the early 1900's, the prints were popular.

The company is actually out of Chicago, Ill.--P. F Volland Co

Please excuse the upper half that looks cut off or weird. My computer has PMS this week.

Anyways, another marker.

and a nice flash of light there :)

the little doggie reminded me of Abbie's tail.

The verse is quite humorous and jolly just like the characters in it.

Well, bye for now.
Another log needs to be put in the fireplace.
 Good night John Boy. ;)

Just sayin'

This week has flown by like the windy days we've had lately. Today is gray and misty rain outside.
Thankfully, I'm on the down side of the flu-bug and have my to-do list in hand for the weekend.
Abbie is spoiled as usual and is the queen of the sofa and is actually in the process of training right now for a greater purpose.
Computers are down, one in the shop, one slow so by Monday I will have a better connection speed to get some REAL pictures on the blog.
But the pause this week has taught me to slow down. Take care of my physical health and appreciate the simple things in life even more.

Hot chocolate was my best friend this past week, along with tissue boxes and Lifetime movies. ;)

Last night I reached to start back on a sampler and realized my computer that's in the shop has the pattern on it so I put a few stitches in one by The Sampler Girl I started a couple of months ago and worked on the border of it while watching a wonderful movie, The Christmas Box. I've seen that movie at least 7 times but I dearly love it! If there's one thing I've definitely enjoyed these past few weeks is going to Dish and watching the best movies and old TV shows again.

Thank you again,dear readers, for all your prayers. I definitely appreciate them and feel that 2012 is going to be the best and much brighter, I just know it!! I can feel it in my fiber!

Until I can post some pics for you xxxxx fingers, not too much later, I hope you enjoy your Friday and settle in with a hot cup of cocoa and a crackling fireplace or whatever makes you happy!

Stay safe and warm always,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Abbie's Christmas Ornie 2011

2011 Abbie's Christmas Ornie
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

The white on Abbie really is very hard to read unless you click on the graph to enlarge.
If you have a furbaby, you can substitute his/her name for this year's ornie!

Use fibers and linen of your choice. The 2 hearts represent her age and peace this year means so much to both of us, it had to be included in this simple ornie.

To bed at 8pm last night, with flu symptoms and woke at 3am like I had not had a flu shot at all and I did 2 weeks ago. This too will pass.

Welcome to all new readers!  Hope your week is going well.



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