Monday, March 6, 2017

Starting a Cozy Memories Blanket--The Mitered Square Knit

So, I've had this on my mind for so long, going through knitting podcasts that I love to watch and admiring the mitered square and the results of many of those together!

I really wanted to use sock yarn leftovers for this blanket. However, I have much more DK weight yarn than fingering weight/sock weight yarn. So this is my first sock yarn/fingering weight square.

I decided to start this pattern on Ravelry.

Using #2 DPNs (actually Boyes aluminum)

Yarn for this square is the one from the sage color in my last shawl (I have yet to block).

I know many people will laugh probably but I'm feeling very satisfied with memorizing this little pattern and can see why  it's been the hype for some time now.

I actually had some wooden DPNS from Knittters Pride and started this on a drive down to see my daddy (as the passenger) which gives me a good 3.5 hours of knitting time.
I felt like the Knitter's Pride was dragging so much PLUS they were just a wee bit too short for my comfort from one row to the next.

So after many sighs, I asked Mr. Darcy if he knew the next town that had a Walmart and he graciously took me in and I got the last #2 aluminum needles DPNs left!!

I thought at first with really inexpensive needles  that  these may not work well but be a temporary fix.  Ironically, these are PERFECT! The best 2.97 spent ever.

I think this will be a great little project to work on for each square in between other projects.
The fun part I'm sure is casting on for the next square...........and then the next.......

I hope you are enjoying a new project on your needles this week too!

Till later,


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