Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holja a minute?

Here's Brandon when he was about 18 months old in the pic on the left, 7 years old at DisneyWorld at the bottom and then recently here. Some of his first words were like the pic on the left. He would come up to me and say with his arms out "Holdya a minute?" He really meant he wanted me to hold him so I always did and hence his spoiling began.

We sure are worried about him right now. We get no information if he is alive or well or what?
I counted last night, 17 letters, no answer. We watch the news and look up on a website to see if he is on a list and that's all we get. I lost many nights sleep when he was a baby, changed diapers, protected him from any harm that I could, loved him, and this is what we get. I'm very disappointed and hurt. I had a really bad dream last night about him and so this is on my mind.
I hope he is ok. And most of all, I hope he can deal with his anger issues because I know I didn't raise him this way, that's for sure.
We just simply want to know from time to time if he is ok. That's all. No long conversations or anything else but it seems that this won't happen so we will wait and wonder and hope he is not harmed while, according to the news, the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated. I really admire the military for its service to spouses during this time of war but I'm very disappointed that parents are not given the time of day which is strange to me because we spent many more years, birthed the child and raised him. Simple communication would be great.

I know that one of the scriptures from 1st Corinthians says that "love never gives up" but it's really hard to continue being hurt like this intentionally.

I've had to listen to some very uneducated remarks about the war from other people(not on this blog) and I have always taken up for him and our country. We are proud of him for being so brave. But, I can't say we are proud of this cruel coldness that is obviously taken a part of his heart.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heart of America, Block 3 complete

Here is the completed block 3. I spent 3 hours finishing this one. I had to frog the bronzie color because I was one count off. But all in all, it's finished.
On to another block.
We built a fire tonight and it's really toasty inside now. We went out on the porch for a bit and heard a screech owl tonight!
Hey, pop over to this blog.....
for a great generous give-a-way of a very cute Halloween design!!!

Random Thoughts for Today

My mind is full of random thoughts today. I had many things to get done on this bright, sunny first day of October! The drive to work was beautiful. A bite was in the air this morning (although for me it felt good LOL). My coffee tastes better in the Fall on the way to work. The humidity is gone and the drier air is nice.

Besides getting my drivers license renewed........not online like a smart person would do......nope, I let mine expire and kept putting if off to enter that lovely, nice, Ga. Dept of Motor Vehicles to sit with other various and sundry folks getting their license. It was an interesting wait actually, especially if you are an analytical person. The greeter at the front desk was actually very nice and laughed at me and scolded me then for my license expiring. I told him, yes sir, I'm guilty.

Then another lady came in and she had to have worked at Hooters. I really thought that she probably was going to burst out of her top at any given moment but thank goodness they didn't ask her to bend to do a eye exam there or....oh my............LOL You know, kinda like an open biscuit can........but extreme!

You know when you are called and given a number and your number starts flashing so that everyone can see you line up in the part 2/the picture........well, this woman (the Hooters woman) actually sat next to me and asked me to tell them she had to run into the bathroom to freshen up her hair and eyeshadow for the picture. I'm sure my eyes got quite large when she said that. It was only 2 seconds later that they called me for my mugshot so, whew! The experience was then over!

I came home and noticed that the bananas we bought this past week that were all green as grass look like this today. One batch has ripened and one did not. Strange.
Thomas stares at his bowl and really eats now about 5 times daily. I guess he is storing up for the winter........LOL

Our wood is ready and begging to start a fire. I love the fireplace. We are going to build our first one for the season tonight.........cozy, cozy, cozy! Now Body Guard is the fire building expert. I don't know if it was Boy Scout experience or the Reserves or what, but he builds the best fires.
Me, I can if I have a huge chunk of fat lighter......

I'm wondering where I will put our swing. I have to find a good tree. I do have a few choices here......LOL

Another sign of testosterone is building fires outside. My hubbie built us a firepit in the yard, or actually he moved one from one side of the property to another. He does a great job and has it meticulously ready for our fire outside. Fires outside make me nervous but.........this one has all rocks around it so getting ready for S'more time......

Ruby waits patiently at the front. She is the head of the pack or so they say.
Our cozy spot on the Earth.......

But I zoom in and go........what is this? Anybody see what is different in this gathering of Fall items? Yeppers, shoes. BG evidently thinks this makes a good shoe rack...........hmmmmm.....well, at least they match the autumn colors.............LOL

The mums have bloomed.

Our summer ivy needs some trimming.........There's no telling what's under all that.......nope, don't want to think about it..............

Well, now it's time to figure out what's for supper. The daily question that we all ponder after lunch. Think tonight we will just cook some frozen pizzas and cozy up by the fire.
I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!

Slowly but surely.......

Slow progress tonight. Filled in another border. Then started on the inside of the border which is inside another border.... ;0

I'm glad it didn't show too much in pictures but I read what these places in linen are called that are like extra threads all matted up-----slubs. I read that the more the slubs the less quality of the linen. I haven't run across but one slub yet, it was about 2 inches long though. Fortunately it was exactly over the bronzie color at the top under the Freedom word. The threads covered it better than usual. Do you have trouble covering slubs? It's a natural part of linen and really not a problem unless the design calls for stitching over them. Then, it's a challenge.

My goal is to finish this block and start the small block with the date underneath this one tomorrow.
Because, you know, tomorrow is another day.....according to Scarlett. And speaking of Scarlett, I hope to get her started after this one as my next big project, with little projects in between.........Scarlett is feeling neglected in my sewing basket right now. LOL

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still enjoying life......

Ren is still enjoying life. He got so excited that I was cooking spaghetti tonight that he and his plate became one at one point!

Don't miss a crumb.....

make sure you lick the plate clean.......and make a complete mess for mommie to clean up. Makes it more fun!
and when his front and back feet slide together while he eats, he really is saying, "man, this is great!" Almost like the Twister game to watch him eat........

Life should be like this.......don't miss the good parts, leave the bad parts and what the heck with all the rest! ;)
P. S. His clean T-shirts are in the dryer............bless his little bones. He's working on his 17th year now.....he loves me when I come home. Between him and my hubbie, I know I"m loved, despite all the other dysfunctional stuff from other folks i.e. furbabies and husband are glad to see me, and hear from me. He don't mind our house at all. He thinks it's down-right comfortable.
All the rest is .......well........all the rest. They can revel in their dysfunctions. This makes coming home for me worth it. And saving lives at work also make life worth living. I am a very lucky person to have such surrounding me. Forget the rest, that will never understand. They don't want to understand. There is a difference of really living the truth and dwelling in mistruths and hypocritical thinking. I'm fortunate to have real love in my home and my favorite phrase of "it is what it is" is how I respond to people who try to live two lives and blame their faults on me.
Here's hoping that you are surrounded by people who love you in your home!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Freedom is the bottom line

Today I worked on the block of "freedom". It's what we are fighting for right now.
Even if Obama can't decide on a strategy or a mission, bottom line is really freedom.

The day after Monday......

Today is quite better than yesterday. I'm off today. Yesterday was a long, nothing I can blog in a public domain about, but stressful 10/10 day at work........So,
after sleeping from 8pm to 9am this morning I'm feeling better.

Also got news my CT scan shows no enlargement of the cyst in the lung so that is really good news.

I love Jackie O here in this pic. Look at those glasses! I suppose she had a day like today when it was windy and bright and sunny! Such a welcome from all the rains we had lately. Fall is definitely in the air and the leaves will show their beauty in just a couple of weeks I'm sure.

Tonight I plan to start block 3, I'm going ......anyminniemyniemoe, which one? Well, I think it will be the block that says Freedom........but my mind could change on that by tonight.....LOL

Things I need to do today.................

read alot

rest alot

laundry........oh my......mood change.......

enjoy the outside sunshine.....

go the Animal Shelter and look for a cashmere gray kitty......

look through my new sewing machine's CD instructional stuff........

getting a grip on "floss control"---that's floss that needs sorting and putting away from the last 3 projects. This accumulates on my stitching chair. I forget what color goes where and then I remember that I am almost a half century old so this forgetful minutes will pass, I hope. LOL

My love to do list but probably won't includes:

going to my fave prim shops and looking at all the Fall stuff

going through antique stores and finding treasures

having a spic and span clean house by the end of the day with no laundry piles......

going to my local LNS for new stash.......

going to my local quilt shop and taking advantage of their 10 fat quarters for 15.00 bucks through Sept 30.....and that's this might be a possiblity. ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Midnight progress.....Heart of America

Sunday Evening Around the House

Ready for a walk, girls? This all we have to say about 6pm. They take position in the front to watch when we are ready.
As I was about to go to another room, to get walking shoes and reentered the kitchen, I heard the snoring and saw this. Ren might as well say "Housekeeping............ housekeeping please"
He's done with supper and has arranged his blanket in this fashion with just his nose and butt showing~~~~with a dinner mess to clean up. But, he's snoringly happy to stay here while we go walking.
I saw this in my yard and thought it was pretty.

This bush has gone crazy and needs trimming. They grow so fast we can't keep up with them. This year there are loads of bulbs on this one, fuschia pink too!!! If they bloom all at once I will have to get a pic next week.

This is our destination. We liked to walk until we see this peaking high above. This is Mount Yonah.

By the way, these folks like the color White. They own 2 white cars, a white house, with a white door. I haven't been inside of it but I bet all the walls are white too....LOL

It's getting late, early now.

Here's the Body Guard on our walk this evening, coaxing me to keep going after we went up the first big hill. He has a walking stick he carved out, which comes in handy to keep the critters, like bear and mean dogs at bay.

Look at this!.. A first for me is to see mushrooms grow through the pavement and push it aside.

This is a random picture------but while we are here.....this is the new black prim frame I ordered for our dancing pic.

Oh and I forgot to show you the backing of the pillowkeep. I love it, a small colonial blue and red paisley.

Where did the weekend go? Poof, went by fast, oh so very fast. I did get some stitching done this morning but not as much as I would have liked to, mostly worked on the borders in the Heart of America and started a new section.

Hope you had a fun weekend!

Sweet Sixteen

I'm sixteen today. Yep, today is my birthday! I enjoy life/food.......aren't they the same thing?
My daddy gave me some pizza, OOOOOOOH, my favorite. He cuts it in little pieces but I still make a mess. My mommy gave me some corn-on the cob. I really prefer the Pizza if I have a choice........shhhh, don't tell my mommy cause she loves me soooooo much!

Some folks don't understand why my mommy and daddy still put up with me. I"m messy, my hair is all loved off, and I'm totally blind. I have to stop and think how lucky I really am.

But, I still enjoy life and especially~~~~~dinner time, and back rubs, oh my, back rubs........
I think I'll work on seventeen next! Pssst. Excuse my mess at the dinner mommy or daddy will clean it up......

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