Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 sampler

September 11th sampler, 2010
by Feathers in the Nest

9/11 touched everyone's life in some way. Even if we didn't know personally the people that gave their life that day, the ripple effect is tremendous.

Ten years later we are still fighting for our freedom from terrorism because Americans are strong and committed, laying all partisanship aside, we united through this crisis to try to prevent such tragedy again. Our country was founded on the principles of liberty and freedom and I'm proud to be an American today and still hold those principles to heart.

We can't always prevent all tragedies and they certainly leave a blueprint in our hearts.

Freedom is something, I think, we all sometimes take for granted. We are free here to speak, to write, to live life mostly as free as possible, to vote, to embrace, to choose. Unfortunately, not all countries have this freedom.

I think about this famous quote:

We cannot defend freedom abroad if we dessert it at Edward R. Murrow

This is so true. Unfortunately, we live in a climate of mixed emotions and anger and hatred from certain terrorist's groups that still prevails not only in their countries but in ours too. I think it's time we focus our energies on the homeland. We can't change the minds of evil people. We can only try to grow stronger within ourselves starting at the personal level, then extending to community, then to country to resist and protect against any such horrific events.

I watched the movie a couple of times but with sorrow in my heart of the plane that went down, heading for the White House on 911. Those folks fought hard for our freedom as much as our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq today.  I cry every time I see that on TV. The last phone call to family, helplessness on what to do.

911 should bring remembrance that freedom is not free. Maintaining freedom has cost many lives, suffering, and pain.

I could only process the thought of my son, Brandon, being in the military by telling myself two things. First, he is happy with it and good at it. And second, I've never felt prouder than when he came off the bus in formation in the night with his buddies on US soil after serving from home from a year in Afghanistan. I was and am proud of him as a mother and a fellow citizen for fighting even years later from the ripple effect of this tragedy. It's scary for me but I'm proud.

 It changed my life. It changed yours too, I'm sure, if not directly, indirectly.

I'm the first to admit that I complain about what I don't have and should count my blessings more. 911 should be a day of remembrance, reflection, and counting our blessing of freedom in this country.  Freedom is not a given and there are many that are trying hard to abolish that for the US but a united front, not a political view point, but united purpose to nurture what we have been given in this country is something we all here at home can do every day.

My heart aches for the families of the 911 victims/heroes. The firefighters, the police officers that fought so hard to rescue Americans from this tragedy is overwhelmingly touching.

I hope that you treasure and nurture your freedom on this day and all the days after, this gift, but at the price of great pain. 

If anything is learned from this on a personal level, ask yourself "what would I do if I knew that I had very little time to survive?"  Would you call your best friend to say goodbye, your family?  your pastor?  your mom? your dad? sister?  Would you just peacefully say prayers and be silent?  Just something to think about. And if you answer differently than you are living your day today, then why? 

 Life is not a guarantee. Freedom will always be challenged.

 I know I think about it because I try to make sure everyone I love...... knows it and knows my heart even if they don't know mine.

So, with a day of remembrance, I say to readers today to reach out to at least one person and tell them how much you care, as it may be the last time you see them.

Remember that freedom is what our country is based on. It's our duty to make sure we remain free. All of us. United.

Nurture What we Have for it can be taken away at any moment.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday already?

TGIF to everyone!

 For me, when I'm off work, I say instead.....It's Friday already?

Don't know if it's a full moon but feels like one.

I'm glad I woke on the right side of the bed this morning because I have tons of errands to run, and the rush of pre-trip this-and-that starts to make me more hyper than usual ---and that's hyper!
Hubbie can pack all his stuff in one over night bag for a   oh me oh my, I have trouble fitting everything  in a large suitcase. I've always been a homebody so trips challenge my need to simplify.  Last trip BG's forehead broke in a sweat as they were weighing my suitcase at the airport and it was half of my bodyweight. Extra charges were waived but that was like a ticket warning for me. LOL

Stayed up late again reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and so far it's very sad. The little girl is so pitiful in the first 3 chapters but I'm going to plug along at it. Seems so far to be a heartbreaking story.

Raven woke me at 7am barking and yodeling on the front porch nonstop. Nothing would stop her. In my sleepy wakefulness, I did everything I could to make her stop but she was intent on staring in the woods and I didn't want to go meet a bear this morning so I figured that was probably what she was barking at. In my sleepiness she looked like a bear herself, being all black. But I blinked again, that was Ruby. Two black Labs and a big black bear and me in the morning would not be a good scenario, so I pulled the covers over my head.

She finally stopped and then I drifted off to sleep to enjoy one more day of sleeping in ...ahhhhh.....and then the phone rang. It was an automated voice telling me the church was having a picnic this weekend and to bring a side dish.   Side dish????  Bring me pancakes and coffee!

So, I got up with broken sleep in hours of 2-3 at a time.....but on the right side of the bed as I'm so looking forward to our Chicago trip. Made a big pot of coffee. Decaf.

The weather here this week was sunny and gorgeous temps. Today is the first cloudy day. Fixing to zoom over to see what's predicted for Chicago this coming up week.

Also got to figure out and downsize a small bag of cross stitch to tuck in my suitcase. Hard choices.
{{{{biting nails}}}}

 well off to the day.....well, evening now......time is flying. Back to the rush.

I picked silver

I think I did my fair share of a stimulus package for the country today.

 Finally got myself an IPOD and said, oh well, why not a docking station too?  ;)

I'll be jammin' now.

Hope to load up some good music soon!

Bye, bye scratched CD's........

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A good start on the Breast Cancer Awareness sampler

Late last night/early this morning......I finally got some antique white linen located in the house and didn't have 32 ct as I wanted, all I had was 25 count. So, I'm braving it and stitching over one on 25 count. Going MUCH better than over one with higher counts.

I love the little cross. I change the colors sometimes after I start with them and the cross is stitchedin CC Blessed Jess. Isn't that beautiful name?

This is evenweave linen so it's going faster. I'm starting on the muted green around the word Always.

This is going to be a special spot in my studio, to be framed when I'm finished.

Speaking of always,

found this morning like this. She is a bit distraught as the vet trimmed her nails and she does not like that at all. So, when she got home, she pulled up a pillow on the sofa and made herself queen for the afternoon. Again.
She is a hoot.
Gotta run, so much to do today. Talk later!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Abigail!

I can't believe she is one year old today.

Her father's name on her papers is "Stormin Norman"

Her mother's name is "Ashby Rose" (sounds like a floss color)

She is the bundle of joy we brought to our home on November 4th 2009 at 8 weeks old.

She constantly gives us laughter and joy, loves us both, shows no favorites, and is the sunshine of our life.

She's our lump of sugar.

Who enjoyed a first Christmas with Ren.

And who blossomed hair this summer like weeds in the yard.

who is a bit spoiled and we like it that way.

And who started out looking like this, content in her new home with her new mini toy, just a handful.

And was the complete inspiration for my first design.

She is most content at the homestead after a spirt of play.

She's played with many toys and her favorites she drops at my feet.

She was there to console me when Ren passed away.

And who can go from Homeland Security with a stoagie.

To chasing laser lights in constant motion.

To a girlie girl.

Happy Birthday, Abbie! May we have many more joyful years with you. Thanks for blessing our life.
Your human brother and sister just don't know what fun they are missing out on! ;)

Love, Mama

A Freebie for 9/11

In the middle of the morning/night. I created this. As 911 approaches we should all remember.

I used
CC Freedom
CC Liberty
GA Weathered Barn
GA Buttermilk
GA Grecian Gold

Stitched into a vintage pinkeep for a gentle reminder with your favorite vintage linen.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My 1000th post--Twisted Tuesday

Well, this is my 1000th post!  

 In sipping my coffee and thoroughly enjoying the quiet house this morning, I came back and found this atop my robe, which was taken off for the 1000th hot flash this morning. Feeling like a queen myself, off work today and sipping coffee and reading--meditating, I came back to this scene:

Yes, this is the Queen of the Sofa. She loves the sofa, although it is 1000 times bigger than she is. :)

Me: So, Abbie, honey, would you like me to pour you a cup of coffee too?


Coffee too? Yes, make mine with sugar and 2 creams please.


 but please do not disturb my meditation. My mantra is TREAT. Sleep. TREAT. Repeat.

Back in to her yoga position, the queen is in complete peace............

For we both count our blessings today first, then sigh, and  Embrace Serendipity. Let go.

From the book I hold dear at my bedside, Seasons of the Heart------

Creative activity immerses us fully in the here and now, and at the same time it frees us.

We become one with the activity and are nourished by it. We grow as the activity grows.

We learn who we are in the very process of not thinking about who we are.

~~~~Karen Casey

My newest find. A glass paperweight with a bird. Love it on my desk!

A sneak peak at my color choices for a breast cancer awareness sampler, hopefully, to be model stitched by October 1. XX my fingers.

 Always Hope

This is a peak at the inspiration for this sampler. Always Hope for the Cure is the center of this sampler.

Much thought went into making this sampler. I'll post progress as I stitch along on this one. I plan to stitch this on 32 count antique white linen and frame.

I just want to take this day, my 1000th post, to again thank each and everyone of you who take time out of your day to read my blog.

 Comments on the blog, and through personal email, have touched my heart, helped me grow on this journey, and are each appreciated in a special way.

Embrace Serendipity,


Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!



Eat good food.

Wave goodbye to Summer.

Take a break from all your hard work.

Breathe in the dry, sunny air and nestle into a chaise.

Recharge on your journey so that you can be your best.

Happy Labor Day, my friends!

Concentrating on nature's beauty

You just never know what you might run into that is peaceful and beautiful.
Daily thoughts now. Let go. Embrace serendipity.
I'm going to try to hold that long as I can and enjoy the upcoming 2nd third of my life.
So much time wasted.
Who knows what's next?
I feel like a load has been lifted after reading today.
I hope you find that inner peace too. Life is too short to hang on to toxic relationships and imagining what could go wrong.
Expect the best. That is my thought for the week.
I know there will be challenges to this but trying hard, trying real hard.
I'll stick to my karma and let them stick to theirs.
nite nite after a good profitable day.
Stay-tuned at the serendipity that's coming my way.


Happy Labor Day
Hope it's full of barbeque, rest, and naps!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Abbie's first harness---getting ready for a city vacation

This morning, walking out and the weather being 64 degrees and beautiful outside, not a drop of humidity in the air.........we got out Abbie's little harness I've had tucked away for some time. This is honestly the first time in her 11 months and 26 days of life that she has had her feet on the ground. Always inside or on the back porch. So this is an adventure to her.

She's a bit unsure of it while we walked up the dirt road a bit. I hope this gets better. We should have started this earlier, but I just let her be a freebird in the house and maybe spoiled a bit. Maybe.

Tough and dainty all in one picture. :)

Her tail hair has grown quite a bit and fans out. She's checking out nature here.

So here she is, Miss Abbie, learning to walk with the harness on and a leash. Something that is brand spanking new to her. She looked at me here directly because I said "Do you want a TREAT?"

And yes, when she came in, the motivation was a sweet potato and chicken wrapped treat after we took off her harness and praised her for being such a good girl.

She said she is more than ready for some good treats from her Uncle Paul's and Aunt Noi and Grandma's house.
Abbie will be 1 year old on Sept 8th.
She will get a special treat then and even maybe a cone hat to wear, who knows....LOL

Sunday stash-sorting and sailing with time

The nest is quiet. It's Sunday morning again. Wow, did this week fly by in a flash!

I woke from a dream with Brandon in it last night. He was only about 5 years old. We were at a friend's house and trying to find something and he turned around and said to me, "Will you make me a love muffin?"
I laughed. He was serious about wanting a muffin, his favorite being cinnamon, and I used to call him Blueberry Love Muffin until his coach at baseball suggested me not to yell this in the stands at the game to cheer him on. Like.... then, I woke up that my baby was not a baby anymore at that game. And Meghan was Strawberry Love Muffin, but she didn't seem to mind that much then......that was then.

Why do we have such bizarre dreams? or at least I do alot. Maybe it's the changing in the seasons as last night for sure was the first night of real Fall temps in the air at mid 50's here in the mountains.

Sweater weather at night.  Cool.  Really, cool, cool.

I have put off thread sorting for too long and today, I hope to focus on gathering of the threads. You know what I mean, or are you a very organized person??? 
Well, I have some on the sofa, on the table, on the stitching bags from finished projects and all these need to go back to their homes so I can find them again for new projects.

I have about 3 stitching bags I carry that need to be cleaned out as well. I think I will find about 7 pair of little scissors in them. I also have tons of DMC I have gathered from Hobby Lobby x 2 in the past 2 weeks when I went on trips out of town and they need new homes as well.
So I hope to stay simple this week and have one goal a day.

Today's goal is to get my studio and stash back into place and get a new bag with a pattern, ready for stitching. True signs were that last night Abbie found a needle and was carrying in her mouth when Body Guard gasped, OMG, she has a needle, how did that happen?  Well, I wonder, I said to him. LOL

Sounds simple enough. And my goal is to keep Sunday Simple. The rest of the week can be crazy but Sunday needs to be simple.

And somewhere in between I'm getting a Butterfinger Blizzard from DQ!

Right now, coffee and sorting and praying I don't get distracted with a hundred other things that need to be done.

Trying to simplify. Trying hard. Really trying hard.


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