Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pink Hill Manor progress and a possible Frame candidate

Picked up a few stitches on this Blackbird Design piece.

Pink Hill Manor

Wrinkles and all here---- but the thing is......I went antique shopping for a frame 2 weeks ago and saw one that looked almost identical to the one in the stitched model! I got quite giddy.

I was so excited......I knew it was a bit bigger but when I got it home, it was alot bigger.
Also, I got it for a great price but the lady who sold it, said....."you're not taking that picture out just to use the frame, right?" 

Me:  "yes, mam" (biting my lip nervously)

She shrieked practically. It was one of her items I think that she brought to the booth and I said that it was a beautful picture but I had a sampler in mind for it.

Now that it's bigger than I thought, I haven't decided for it to remain framed and hang as-is, get another frame for BBD piece


sew some pretty homespun fabbie around it to fit the frame!

the catcher is taking off the print which is very old.

And not feeling like I committed a felony. : P

I'm seriously thinking that I'm going to remove this print and put Pink Hill Manor in it.

Even though I'm a little nostalgic in removing this pretty print.

If you can see past the light flash on the paper....YIKES!  then you can see why I love this frame ;)


and now.

I still have a few stitches to decide.

I'm a bit perplexed though.

One thing I DO know for sure is that the prescription glasses I thought I lost forever and ever in January were waiting for me at the bedroom door this morning, presented to me by Miss Abigail Dalenberg! Evidently during the night she went into my closeet and found them in a purse or somewhere???

She was so proud......and I did a complete happy dance before I even made my first cup of tea. They do have her little teeth marks on the side a bit but still very usable and hardly noticable except by me probably and everytime I see them, I remember who loves me......

yes, she got an extra treat for that too......

Friday, April 29, 2011

I so enjoyed seeing the wedding photos tonight after work!

In spite of some burdens placed this week, I got really giddy this morning remembering as I shampooed my hair, that marriage vows were being exchanged over the pond!  It was so exciting I was catching pics on the phone during lunch and when I got home tonight, looked at the blushing bride and groom who to me looks like Diana. I just know in my heart her spirit, her sweet, sweet, spirit was there and William knew it too.
She would have been such a proud mum!

Thanks to all the emails and comments on the design in commemorative. I hope you enjoy it.
If the weather is good tomorrow, I think, I'm going to take my frame outside on the porch and use the natural sunlight and gentle cool breezes of Spring to encourage me to get a move with working on it.

The hold up on it was the colors. With so many colors and companys of colors to choose from, I finally chose the ones I liked the best but feel free to use what you have on hand too.

Yesterday, in other news, I saw the first BIG snake in our community at my Godmother's house, who is unfortunately moving away an hour but she is happy and as long as she is happy, I'm happy.

At first I thought the thing was a big limb across the entire drive. Nope, it started slithering and I started screaming and put the care in reverse in her drive so fast and blew the horn.....SNAKE. SNAKE, SNAKE!!!  Ok, I guess you can tell I don't like snakes....LOL

The heat is bringing them out and therefore I've already reached into my closet to find my leather high boots for the yard as they can't bit through that as well as.........Flip-flops.  Yep, my favorite summertime shoe is flipflops.

I'm going to bed praying for Kate and Will that they have a good marriage and stay the same as they are now, happy and full of friendship and love. I hope they live the ""happily ever after" that all us little girls dream about from years ago and few attain it, sadly.

Besides taking an adventure tomorrow, I will definitley put the rest of the used charts together for a drawing so stay-tuned. Followers only please and international welcome.

I'm going to call it........the Stashinator.  Yes, I will unclench from my hands some favorite patterns, but those I've stitched already so that someone else can enjoy!

It's time to put the hat off and get into bed. Tomorrow I will post with a list so you will know if you want to try for the Stashinator Givenator.

Till later,

P.s. I hope sunshine fills your weekend and all your dreams come true.

Congratulations to Kate and Will---a design especially for their perfect day!

A Princess Moment

designer, Jennifer A Dalenberg
Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

In the wee hours of the morning before press coverage starts, I'm about to get some shut-eye but wanted you to wake up to a freebie in case you would like to commemerate the historic event.
Please give credit to Feathers in the Nest as it is copyrighted.
I will be on a commute to work tomorrow but will be sure to catch the many re-runs over the weekend!

This will be available only through the weekend.

The colors I chose are:

Crescent color cotton--Rosey Glow-very light pinkish rose
Cresent Colors cotton--Chili Pepper, for bright red
Weeks Dye Works--Celedon--green
Weeks Dye Works--Navy-- the darkest of blue
Crescent color cotton--Garden Trellis for the silver on engagement ring and key
Crescent Color Cotton--Deep Blue Sea--the lighter muted blue
Gentle Art- Gold Leaf---all gold color

I am stitching on Antique White linen and the colors look gorgeous against the antique white.

I have started stitching and will post pics of progress as I go this weekend if all goes well. I have finished row one. This is a band sampler with British colors and the emphasis of the sweet moment of becoming a princess!

It's loaded in my Needlepoint 4 system frame now awaiting a fun weekend to watch and rewatch the sweet ceremony  and stitch my heart out.

Remember to grab a copy this weekend for free in celebration.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Letting you all know---it's been a very long 24 hours

Raging storms hit Georgia last night and we did survive. BG was out till wee hours working with GEMA as the storms had demolished parts of Alabama and were heading our way. In one county a sheriff's personal home was demolished to the ground while he was at work.
 I had gone to bed early as I have had some heart problems lately and woke at 12 midnight (by the grace of God) with my heart racing and it wouldn't slow down. I had a bad dream that woke me. I walked into the living room and saw the TV on with the very scarey weather coming directly over Helen, Ga. BG was gone. I figured because of all this weather he got called out. There were multiple tornado warnings heading our way.

So, sure enough I clung to Miss Abbie who was shaking more than I have ever seen her shake and my pillow near the basement where I could go quickly down yet still keep hearing the news. We did that for 3 hours and I finally went to bed and prayed that if it was my time, it was my time. I fell asleep.
Abbie was under the bed at this point in fright. She wouldn't come out.

Just woke up again this morning quite shook up while BG came in and he is now out again looking for 2 people he knows feared dead just above the house.

I was already off today and I'm going to keep pursuing what I had to do today in town on my list of to do but please pray for our state and Alabama too. I'm still trying to read the news to see the extent of the devastation. I'm still in shock at these storms and the damage they left.

Till later,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Abbie's Easter day

Abbie already had her favorite toy "Bunny Bob" here but she got a new vest and a matching leash for walks on pretty days like today.

But I think she has to get used to it as she stood motionless after I snapped it on for about 20 minutes.

Finally, she just went to sleep. No walks for Abbie right now.

Nobunny is makin' me walk today.  Aa  Aa

Happy Easter to all

Crescent Hill Baptist Church
Sautee-Nacoochee, Ga.

one of the most photographed historic sites in North Ga.
and yesterday it was so beautiful.

The Azaelaes were such a firey red, hard to describe but beautiful.

The history of this church. Simple. Very Old. Always unlocked.

One of the most inspirational places I've been.

The pulpit and pews floors, even glass doorknob on the front with the old church bell. All original.

Tucked  back in the hills on an Easter weekend.

I hope your day is full of hope, love, and sunny weather!


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