Thursday, June 22, 2017

PT = Pink Therapy Sampler and Knit

Last night, I picked up a Blackbird Design Pink Manor sampler to cross stitch while Mr. Darcy and I watched back to back episodes of Blue Blood. We are on Season 4's a really good program. We have watched back to back episodes for a while now in the evenings.

So I reached in my long, long ----can't even remember, when I started this----stash of WIPs last night and spent some time on it. I love pink. Specifically in this sampler, Jakey Brown.
After I dusted the project bag off, I decided to try to finish this.

I just stopped mid program and looked at Mr. Darcy and said "this makes me happy!"
Of course, if I didn't have a magnifier lamp and good glasses it would be hard to do.
This is 35 count fabbie.

I'm so close............ I started the "Dear____" part with one over one.

And so I  have some pink projects to finish that should have been a very long time ago.

These gloomy rainy days we are having are perfect for settling in for the evening with some pink therapy after physical therapy.

And so.......... this...........

This is a project I started for a baby that is now..........almost a year old. Yup........all this progress you see was knitted in the NICU waiting room while daddy was sick.

I got to almost finished and put it down. I did use Bernat Baby, a sport weight yarn in acrylic because I wanted it to be very washable. The intended recipient didn't know I was knitting this.
I made a few mistakes in it so now I don't think I will be giving to this year old baby, but..........I think I'm donating it when I finish to a knit group on Ravelry to send to hospitals who accept baby blankets handmade for families of infant loss.

I didn't really go by any special pattern, just rotated stockinette with garter with a consistent garter edge.

The finished size is perfect for newborn-3 months. I just will pick up and knit the last section in garter, wash, fluff, and donate.

Picking up a piece with 100% acrylic again is actually helping me appreciate more of natural yarn fibers.
I know some knitters do not knit with acrylic at all but I have a good bit in my yarn stash from when I fell in love with knitting in the beginnning and I'm sure I will occasionally find some use for it.

On to cook some ham, sweet potatoes and green beans.

More PT this evening as it rains outside again today...........................


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hope and Paying it Foward to Make a Difference

I haven't had time yet to really review this book but so far, it looks good. When I do, I will post about it.

A couple of things I picked up this week.

I went to the city this past Monday. Yep, it's a big day to go to the city when you are a country girl at heart!  I went to Joanne's crafts and rumbled around for probably 2 hours. I like to look at all the things in there.
They had quite a bit of knitting books. Very limited cross stitching though.
At last I found a really good book and grabbed a copy of Country Sampler magazine (quarterly favorite of mine) to check out.
While at the counter a young boy said, "oh you knit!"  I told him I was a novice but enjoyed both cross stitching and knitting. He said he was about to take a class on beginning knitting. 
I asked him if he had heard of Ravelry and he said no.
So I gave him the information because he had such excitement about going to his classes soon that I tried to give him hope for needlework. I told him that needlework of both kinds really helps stress and health in general. He was excited to go home and look through Ravelry.
The boy looked college age and although knitting or cross stitching is sometimes looked at by men or women as "feminine" things, there are some awesome and talented male knitters and cross stitchers who I appreciate so much.

I think the stigma is even worse in the South which is too bad because of all the benefits of creativity. I find the stitching and knitting community online to be a kind one in general.
The world needs alot more kindness today.
Families need more kindness.
Sometimes reading or listening to the world news (which I do not do alot of) is so daunting.
This is one reason why I listen to podcasts of cross stitchers and knitters alot and read blogs.
I rarely watch TV anymore. 

I'm reposting a freebie for you today. It's simple. I designed it in 2012.
You can use colors of choice.
If you stitch it up send me a pic and I will show your unique work how you interpreted the colors and why if you would like. 

Maybe you know of someone that really needs some hope right now. Someone who has given up.
Hopefully, you can share it with them. It may not solve all the problems but surprisingly so you never know how much our kindness influences someones' difficult situation.


copyright 2012
designer Feathers in the Nest

“Hope is the thing with feathers 

That perches in the soul 

And sings the tune without the words 

And never stops at all.”  

by Emily Dickinson

Till later,

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Peek at Finishing up a Shawl-Bands of Angels--Madelintosh Lite

A sneak peek at finishing up Bands of Angels lace colorwork shawl. I'm working slowly on the picot bind off. This is a top down, crescent shape shawl with colorwork and lace.

Bands of Angels
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2017

Can't wait to aggressively block to open up the lace but today I have to go out of town. Hoping to finish this bind off soon and block after a nice soak in gentle soapy water by Wednesday.
Colorway is Hosta Blue and Antler by Madeline Tosh Lite
100% Merino wool---fingering weight

This bag and yarn purchased at Charlotte NC 2 months ago.

I hope your week has started off with needles in hand for a few.

Till later,

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The First Father's Day Without My Father

I could write alot about my daddy. I've known him and loved him for half a century. But there is no amount of room here to explain the closeness we had in our hearts. Our first Fathers day without him. Doesn't seem real. I still have 2 phone messages on my phone that I will not delete. It's him calling me the last time in October 2016 before he got sick. As usual, he says "hey Jennifer, just calling to check on you and see how you are doing this week". I'd call him back. 

I have notes he left on my door when I was at work while he was nearby. They were usually on the back of Autozone or Lowes receipts. He would write to say he missed me and loved me.

In 2013, he put a note on my door that said "Pray for me". He had his younger days before my kids were born where he was pretty doggone intense. (I'm sure I did too) but about age 50-60, he mellowed out and in his last 3 years, we spent much time talking. He was my  rock. The first man I loved. The man that taught me to be strong when I would lose hope. 

My daddy was always pulling a prank or joke. He loved to laugh and ask me to remember when........all kinds of things. We fished together, we went out in the woods to get a Christmas tree, he always went with me to get a new car just for advice and I could definitely trust him with anything auto related. 

He was the one I called for all things mechanical and wisdom for rebellious children, small and adult.
He let me learn some lessons the hard way.
I needed to learn them too.

He called me Doodlebug and actually melted a nickel with a welding tool when I was 8 and wrote my name on it, put a hole for a chain and I wore it alot in elementary school.

My daddy loved animals and I soooooo got that from him. He loved the outdoors and even though he was vigilent about mosquito spray he lost his life to West nile virus just 7 weeks ago.

My daddy is in a much better place now and I tell myself he is not in pain or suffering anymore. Some days that helps and somedays not. I take one day at a time. I miss him very badly.
I miss Sunday night phone calls at 9:30pm.
I miss being able to call him and ask his advice on all things life related.
I miss being able to confide in him and him to me without involving other people.

His spirit though is still with me. That much I do know.

And I just looked at the clock and it's that time of the night on Sunday when he usually calls.

So for all the fathers out there, Happy Fathers Day!
And for those whose father has gone to heaven, I know exactly how you feel today.

Till later,

Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Present Moment---A True Present

There is something uplifting about water of any kind. This is the view on our back porch. On a nice, sunny day here in the North Georgia mountains, I could stare at it for a long time. The thick green in the trees at this time of year nearly obscures the view; however, it really helps frame it if I look at it in a more positive way.

The temps here this week have been awesome. If only the weather could stay like this, right?
I thought that one morning when it was in the 60's at night and 75-80 in the day with little humidity.

Then I remembered how could I really appreciate this so much if there were no changes to really cold, dark, humid weather? Icy cold weather?  In reality, I wouldn't. We are pretty much conditioned this way to ebb and flow with change because change is the constant in life.

It's kind of like when I was a teen growing up. In June our church always had the youth group go up to Ridgecrest, N.C for music week camp. I think of that every year at this time because attending those camps yearly instilled the love of the mountains in my heart. It took me until I was 37 to finally move to the North GA mountains but it was always a hope.

After living here for a good while now, I have to remember not to take the beauty of where I live for granted. I'm reminded each time I go back to South GA. I may not always live here in the mountains. We really don't know where our life journey will take us but for me right now at this moment, I can enjoy the beautiful weather, fresh air, and nature's beauty here.

Being the introvert that I am, living in a place like this has it's benefits for sure. But will God have me stay here forever? I'm not sure on that. However, as I look at the pond below our house, I'm reminded gently to live for the moment because that is what I have.

So I'm going to take the moment of today and as I do that I'm hearing birds of all kinds singing, reminding me that if God takes care of the birds He will certainly take care of me.

I hope you are enjoying this Saturday with whatever helps you feel at peace.


Friday, June 9, 2017

More Thoughts on Fiber Arts and Health Benefits

Hey dear friends!

I had a question about the book I reviewed on the previous post by Betsan Corkhill, Knit for Health and Wellness that prompted me to share a bit more information that can apply to cross stitching as well.  Excellent question!

 As a lover of cross stitch myself as well as knitting now for the past 5 years, there is a website that the author promotes called Stitchlinks and Stitchlinksplus. I'm still reading through these and they have good information as well as the book. There is great information about the topic and she mentions that this applies to other needlecrafts as well.

click on this:

and look at the bottom of the list where cross stitching is mentioned.

Personally, I do believe that the book is helpful for anyone in the fiberarts, However, if you do not knit at all or not interested you may want to explore Stitchlinks site and also go to Amazon and click on the book to read the first part of the book.
Similarities of both include:

the portability of the craft
picking out and choosing colors, textures
choosing to stitch/knit in groups or alone
the ability to make things for others to pay it forward
switching between projects
the process of creating
the movement of our hands/fingers
the effects of all fiber arts on our mental and physical health
and many more

Also click HERE   and in particular  HERE to find that cross stitching is including as well as crochet or other needlearts to the health benefits.

I love to watch both knitting and cross stitching podcasts on You Tube. I mentioned Kristy Glass as she interviews alot of people and she is just soooooo good at it. She also loves fiberarts and can personally testify that knitting in her life and crocheting has helped her with a particular medical event that happened a few years ago.

I think we are all so fortunate to find that crafters of fiber are generally very caring at heart. I have found this to be true with few exceptions.

Even though I knew that even in World War II, the military used knitting or stitching with soldiers who were recovering or coping with PTSD, I was intrigued by this book with anything medical because that is my career.

I personally know for a fact that cross stitching helped me cope with some pretty severe life incidents in the past and I still love it. 5 years ago when I learned through a class how to knit and still learn many new things on You Tube, I have knitted through extremely stressful situations and found it to be calming.

If you click on the website for comments about cross stitching, I think we all can relate to how helpful sitting down to our particular craft can be.

Here is a quote amongst many on the site as an example:

Found an old cross stitch kit i'd started before daughter was born and found that by concentrating on this i could find some relief from pain. Started stitching to give as presents to friends and family and found it gave me back a feeling of self worth.

I  hope your week has been peaceful. My physical therapy on Wednesday showed much improvement my PT said since the prior Thursday. I go three days a week. Pretty sore on the day and night after but in the long run, I'm keeping a positive attitude that some things just take time to heal.
This morning I went in for my session of PT, still pretty doggone sore but the therapist measured my progress and said even in the last 2 days, I have progressed even better.  I think that starting yoga again has helped overall and exercising 3 times a day now as required for rehab has got me looking forward to incorporating exercise in my daily life again.

I had to stop and think. Hmmmmmm  I wonder if that 4 hours of knitting yesterday helped?????  :)

Tonight, I'm in pain but I know that it will get better and some pain is necessary to reach the long term goal.
So on PT nights, I rest and watch podcasts, pray and go to bed hoping each day gets better.
Monday I have another post surgical followup.

As far as what I'm working on in knitting right now and for the past 5 weeks, I'm 3/4's finished. It's a pretty special piece for me and will share it in the future.

As far as cross stitching, I'm getting Mr. Darcy this weekend to put my floor stand up again and go through some WIPs I've had for quite some time. I enjoy both knitting and cross stitching so I wish some days had 40 hours instead of 24!!  I do know that at some point I will be selling all 40ct linen due to my vision loss with glaucoma. I feel best to stitch with 28 or 32 linen.

Thank you to all for being so kind.

Till later,

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Book Review~~ Knit For Health and Wellness by Betsan Corkhill

I am a lover of all podcasts when it comes to knitting and cross stitch  (my two favorite loves). I could sit for hours and listen to people who are basically all over the world sharing their thoughts and WIPs and FO and oh, don't let me forget STASH enhancements.

Kristy Glass has a great You Tube channel and she is one. top. notch. interviewer. I think she deserves many more subscribing to her channel.

You can find Kristy here if you click on the link.

She is very smart and creative with interviews including needleshop owners, designers, and authors.
She brings good info to the knitting world.

At the beginning of May she started a book club for the book by Betsan Corkhill called Knit for Health and Wellness. Kristy said May was mental health month awareness and this book was a must-read to explain how crafting improves our brain and our health.

She interviewed the author here:

My take on the book is that it's an excellent read. I love the large print used in the book for my eyesight. It's definitely filled with well developed content about how knitting really effects our mental health.

I found the book material to come at a perfect time as I am in physical therapy/rehab for major shoulder surgery back in April. I have had chronic pain ever since, some days are intolerable.

I have been knitting as my arm will allow me but there is power for use of knitting in pain management.
She talks about how our choices of yarn, projects, patterns, etc all are enabling us to have good mental health.

I would suggest getting this book on Amazon if possible. I got the paperback version so I can make notes in it. I like the questions at the end of the chapter which stimulate deeper thinking about knitting and wellness in our every day life.

I just thought I would share this information today as I review the book again.

If you subscribe to Kristy Glass's channel let her know I sent you!!!!  She really is the sweetest and smartest.

She just put up a video on another book recommendation for this month called The Yarn Whisperer.
I haven't gotten this one yet but will. She has a video on this book as well.

I hope you are having a good start to your Tuesday.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Morning Self Care Hacks and a Free Cross stitch Sampler!

So it's Monday........up at 6am,  Coffee is on.

For almost everyone, Monday means sometimes different things to people; however, there are alot of us who dread seeing Monday mornings. Whether you work outside the home or inside the home. Whether you have kids or the kids are grown or you don't have kids, Monday morning self-care can make a big difference to your week.

I've been through different seasons in my life but still Mondays seem to always mean starting over again or a fresh new start for a new week.

When I worked for the past 35 years, Monday morning meant making sure I had plenty of coffee. So,, I am re-posting one of my samplers for you this week if you like! See below at end of post.

I, like others, dreaded it in my profession because all kinds of things crop up over the weekend and then Mondays really were the busiest days, almost crazy busy because of being off 2 days. Sick people don't choose when they get sick.

However, it was not until my last place I practiced I really developed some things that helped me on Mondays. I used to think these suggestions were kinda hokey, but honestly they really do help prevent or enable Mondays (or any day of the week) to be better.

1) try to get up at least an hour before the family wakes to get a headstart on the day. Journalling positive thoughts and keeping a gratitude journal helps alot.

2) on Sunday nights prepare for Monday morning by laying out clothes, accessories, shoes and put work bag by the door with the keys. YES!  THE KEYS. I've been running around many times just to find the keys in the past.

3) Try to incorporate some form of exercise at least 4 days a week.
Walking in the evening after work is good. Yoga is great. Just something that is a routine and I promise you will sleep better and the brain loves exercise. There have been studies that compared a group who only exercised 30 minutes a day 5 days a week to a group with no exercise and taking Prozac. The studies showed the group who exercised regularly showed better improvement that the Prozac group.

4) Arrive at work at least 20 minutes early and if you have your own personal office, close the door and read a devotional or encouragement either from online or a book. If you are a Christian, pray for the day and for all the people you will encounter that day. 
This really helped me so much.

5) Try to maintain your normal sleep wake cycle over the weekend. Monday morning will not seem as harsh to wake up to. Promise. (I learned this one the hard way but it works)

6) help others but remember to take care of yourself as well. I know that sounds like common sense but I have been caught in the endless wheel of giving , giving  and more giving and put my own health last. Just creates resentment and burnout.

7) If your workplace atmosphere is chaotic and you begin to dread the people you work with, first take a step back and see where you can help the situation. If not, try to find another place of employment.
No job is worth tearing down your spirit everyday.

8)  Eat a healthy breakfast. Yes it really matters to have normal glucose levels in the body.

9) Be aware when you greet your boss and coworkers and customers, patients/ etc. that body language can really be either positive or negative. Even if you think your A OK on this, look at a few You Tube videos on body language and meaning. It will amaze you AND you will have a better sense of understanding others.

Vanessa Van Edwards has the BEST You Tube interviews and meaning of body language I've found.

10) On Fridays really do close and conclude as many things possible. It's tempting to just leave when you can early or save for later, but this one really helps if the previous weeks work is not carried over to Monday morning.

11)  Find a hobby or make time to get one. Think of things you used to love to do as a child. Then this will help you remember your creative side. If you have little time at all, try to sneak in at least once a week something you love doing just to create. This one is so important.

So, enjoy this sampler when you can!

I hope your first day of the week finds you peaceful, restful, and enjoying what you do.

Monday Mornings

copyright 2013
Feathers in the Nest-designer

thread colors and linen as desired

Here's to going for the second cuppa now!

Jennifer Fox

Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Sunday Caption

"Not sure why momma put me up here with yarn......I'm not a cat..........."


Hope you had a good weekend!


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Losing My Daddy

Hey friends.

Since I posted last I've been through quite a few changes. One of which is the death of my father on April 20th. He had suffered 6 months as a quadraplegic from neck down and on life support.
I could write alot about my daddy but long story short, he was my rock. Of course no one is perfect but in the last 3 years my daddy decided to have a good relationship with me, writing me letters, calling every Sunday night at 9pm -10pm to give me encouragement, check on me, tell me he loves me when he knew other family was being distant.

I treasure the time I spent with him for months, sometimes in a coma not knowing if he heard me or not. But I do believe he did. I wiped away tears. Eventually, making sounds through his trach some I understood and the respiratory therapist, some just loud moans. We found a way to communicate without speaking a word. That's what love does.

Did I say what took a very healthy man who drove a tractor and had just fixed the roof of his house?
A mosquito bite infected with West Nile Virus.

Yep, my father was number 5 out of 6 cases of West Nile virus in GA for 2016.

Unfortunately, for him he did not have a mild case but got brain and spinal cord infection of which there is no cure.
My daddy and I had alot of conversations of wisdom in his last 3 years.  He was fixer of all things mechanical or household. He didn't go to college or take any special courses in life. He just would figure out how to fix anything.

Previous to this, I had major shoulder surgery on my dominant arm.  This was 6 days before my daddy passed, taken off life support. Since then I have been in much pain, especialy on rehab days. I now have 3 metal anchors attaching my ligament to the bone and having complications in the past few weeks where the doctor wants to do another surgery but I honestly am trying to work it out with physical therapy as much as possible. I really don't think I can go through another shoulder surgery as this one was the most painful thing I've had including birthing babies. At physical therapy 3 times a week I am making the best progress in the past week so I'm not losing hope.

About week 3, I started to try to knit again and would off and on knit a row here and there.
This past week, knitting about an hour a day. Unfortunately, I am having nerve pain from the shoulder down to my thumb and very bad at the elbow with swelling. We are hoping this again will resolve with therapy.

Thank you to all who sent me encouragement through this time on Facebook and who PM'd me and shared their own experiences with the loss of a parent.

I read somewhere that there are rites of passages for all women and the final one is when her father dies. I found that interesting but totally can understand that point in life.
My father is buried right beside my son that passed away in 1985 and my daddy buried my son in such a way to give the option that I can be buried beside him when the time comes. At that time my daddy paid for all my prenatal care because he knew my spouse at the time couldn''t as he had no job.
He also paid for the casket and memorial service for our son.
He always was the first one I saw waking up from surgery. Always.
And I missed that so much this time in surgery.

At the very last 25 minutes when my father was passing, my brother held one hand and I the other. All our family in the room and supportive. My daddy's eyes became more open and it appeared he was seeing something over him and he looked so peaceful. I do believe he saw angels greeting him or maybe some of our family and his closest friends who had passed over also.

Dealing with constant shoulder pain and rehab of my arm and crying at the drop  of a hat about daddy, it has been a very rough 7 weeks to say the least.
The only consolation I have is that he is much healthier and happy now in a beautiful place called Heaven where I will meet him again one day.


I miss him so much. He made sure I felt love by him and in fact he left me a letter that he loved me much and always and I am having an Etsy designer who takes original handwriting and impresses it on a bracelet plate of solid silver so I can be reminded of how his spirit is always with me in his original handwriting. When I receive my memory bracelet back I will be sure to post the Etsy shop name and the owner because she is the sweetest while we conversed back and forth.

Today's mission for my husband and I is to work on my camera to get the best pictures possible so I can return to blogging regularly.
I have missed it alot.

I feel particularly blessed to have a very supportive husband who brings me coffee in bed, rubs my shoulder and back to work out the muscle knots, takes time away from work to take me and cheer me on during rehab of my arm, and who has been a vital part of help from this surgery.

I hope this finds all of you in a happy, peaceful moment with needles in hand creating something beautiful!

I also have spent my downtime watching ALOT of knitting podcasts and will share later on this topic.

So spread love and always remember life is short. Enjoy all you can with your creative hearts!

Love Always,

Monday, April 10, 2017

And a New Beginning/ Cozy Memories Blanket-Knit

Yup, I decided to use up some acrylic yarn that had been hanging around my yarn basket for..........a couple of years.  When I first started knitting, without knowing better of the quality and luxury of other fibers, I bought alot of acrylic yarn due to cost. If I had to pick 2 favorite brands from Joanne's or Michael or Hobby Lobby, it would be Hobby Lobby brands, I Love this Yarn and I love this Cotton. Also Caron Simply So Soft, and Lion Brand Hometown. The colors are gorgeous of all the ones if you are making something requiring solids.

However, I do love the Indie Dyed yarns the best and I have quite an accumulation of these as well in my stash.

But something drew me to start on another blanket. I'm still working on the scrap one but I will say I learned some things from it that I should do differently and this intrigued me along with "Robin's Egg" colorway of a Caron Simply So Soft brand as I looked through my stash this week.

This was my progress up until yesterday morning. I have since added 2 more squares on a drive to see my daddy until my shoulder couldnt take the pain anymore.

I'm really enjoying my Springy bee here. This is the only way I enjoy bees though.

I find casting on and connected the squares still a bit challenging but have improved somewhat.

I have a gazillion ends to weave in.

The lighter color gold did not even have the ball band on it in my stash but I am thinking its a Caron Simply So Soft as well.

The darker squares are called Honey/ Simply So Soft/ Caron.

The beautiful springy blue is Caron's colorwary Robin's Egg.

Spring is a time for fresh new colors. I dove into this but have a gazillion other projects including cross stitching projects on the  needles in progress.

I'm about to have shoulder surgery on Wednesday and have heard so many different stories of recovery, which some quite frankly scare me but I think the worse thing is I may not be able to knit or cross stitch for a few weeks.

I'm going to set up my needlework stand and have a project on the ready in the stand so that I may try to tackle left handed stitching only. Even if it's slow, it's something.

Honestly, I think later on knitting will help rehab my hands. We will see.

I wish it was not my dominant arm that will be out of service but I'm thankful I have an arm!

Thank you all for the prayers for my daddy. I went to see him yesterday and he is so much weaker. He just looks in my eyes and sometimes grimaces like he wants to cry. I talk to him, took pictures of me and him when I was about 6 years old and that was the only relief I saw in his face. He looked at me and I could tell by the top of his nose he was smiling inside. 

The situation with him is breaking my brother, my mother, and mine's heart and we again thank you for your much needed prayers and thoughts. Besides burying my son in 1985, this has been the second worst if not the same grief and heartbreak I've ever had. 

I read an Irish saying this week that deeply describes the feeling.

"Losing a father is like losing your umbrella in a storm"

and that my friends is how I feel because my daddy was my rock.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Reasons I Love Abbie

~~~~~~~~ because she will model anything I knit with leftover yarn

~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she just has that face and eyes that tell me she loves me

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she never tires of being held even with a needle moving up and down

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she will wear anything I finish making

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she can totally be the sweetest

~~~~~~~~~~~because she knows what I'm thinking and listens

~~~~~~~~~~and listens more

~~~~~~~~~~~and shows me how comfy home is to her

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~almost too comfy even in an Easter dress

~~~~~~~~~~~~because she is my right hand assistant blogger

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and never misses an opportunity to give me a kissie kiss

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~because she always seeks out the light

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and seeks out the attention matter of factly

~~~~~~~~~~~and even covertly (if that is a word)

~~~~~~~~~~because she enjoys the sunshine

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and the night time

~~~~~~~~~~~~~and will travel with her love as well to share with others


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