Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Nest Feathers Shoppe News

Click here for updates on the shoppe. We are beginning vacation time and the shoppe will be closed from Sept 8th-19th. Thereafter, more items, including patterns will be added for your enjoyment as time allows to stitch models. I have many designs in my folder ready to tweak here and there. The real test is when needle and thread meet! ;)

I will still blog as time allows, only the shoppe is closed during this time.

So pop over to the Shoppe, become a follower, and keep it on your reading list as I will be adding unique findings from time to time that just may finish that special project!

So, more burning the midnight oil tonight sorting threads and organizing for model projects. Hope your weekend is going as beautiful as mine!
Till later,

To all Birthday Friends

Birthday Wishes

designed by Feathers in the Nest

copyright 2010

So many birthdays this month of friends I know. I want to thank each and every one of you for all the birthday wishes. So, this morning I made a freebie for you to share with your birthday friend or family member any time of year! I used Gentle Art thread Morning Glory as it is a beautiful blue color, and stitched on 32 count Antique white linen.
Suggestions are stitching over one for gift tags, or over 2, framed or for a pinkeep. Could also be stitched as a pinkeep to bring out for the place setting of that birthday family member.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Guns and Roses

yep, had a good  birthday, just me and my honey after a long day of work. I quit counting how many years old. Let's just say I'm vintage.

We ate spinach dip and chips and red velvet cake with a beer! He gave me 2 dozen roses and a card that melted my heart.

yep in the middle of my pile of threads. LOL

I was shocked. 2 dozen.

This is from yesterday when I went into the small clinic I work on Tues or Thursdays.

They are the sweetest in this clinic, it's a smaller clinic and we feel like family there. I've never been treated so nice as in that clinic. Probably just like a family should feel. I honestly wouldn't know, but I think this is what a family would feel like on birthdays.

Today we thought about Elizabeth. Our hearts were heavy as she had a birthday with me in the same week.
Two other of close friends today also said they felt Elizabeth heavy on their hearts this week.
Her birthday was Sept 8th. Mine the 3rd. We used to laugh alot about being Virgo's. We used to laugh at all kinds of things on a picnic table at break outisde the clinic.
Oh, how I miss Elizabeth!

I remember the phrase from a  poem,

I know as the years go onward and leave the past behind,
much I counted for sorrow but proved that my Lord was kind.
That many a long-for flower had a hidden thorn of pain.
And many a rugged bypath yielded to fields of golden grain.
~~author unknown

part of Life' Lesson's poem I received over 20 years ago from a close friend at my son's funeral . And it's reminded to me daily in my thoughts even years later.

 Hope your day went well and you find someone who is real like Elizabeth.
She unfortuantely gave up way too soon. I get weepy thinking of her lately.
I wish I had one more conversation with her. But have to let that go.

Vacation starts for me today and next week is a staycation and then leaving for Chicago the next week. Can't wait for the Chicago trip!!!

Till later,

The Acorns are falling early this year.....

Things I did today:

  •  saw large, big, green acorns falling. Almost afraid to walk to the car in fear of getting a head trauma. Isn't this a bit early? Last year we had dents in the car from the large acorns.
  • walked into work to find an early birthday surprise from Dahlonega clinic staff. Yummy Red Velvet Cake and paper balloons with my name all over the clinic! Lyn is the talented one and creative with art.
  • ate lunch at Pizza Hut with hubbie. Personal Pan pizza with mushrooms, black olives, and extra cheese.
  • drifted off into the "non-grocery" items in the Walmart and refrained from purchasing a sleep set that said on the shirt "Little Miss Sunshine". That would be hilarious because I'm not Little Miss Sunshine first thing in the I resisted and put it back.
  • went through the fabric section of Walmart and drooled over the September fabric colors just arrived for quilts. Beautiful faded teals and chocolate browns. Caved and got 1 yard of each. Have no idea what I will do with them.
  • got more non-edible items than edible.
  • got an Elle magazine, which was about 1 inch thick and had Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love model shots and article in it.......Great pics and articles.
  • stopped into an antique/treasure store to get a few baskets and little items, because I need more baskets.....NOT!
  • didn't see a cloud in the sky and the humidity is alot lower.
  • saw the world in DMC on the ride home from work through the country side and possibilities for good sampler motifs and verses especially for the old churches in the area.
  • thought for a second Abbie ate my wedding rings off the chest in the family room. What a dilemma until we finally found them. Where were they? under about 75 skeins of threads on the kitchen table. I was about ready to take her in for an X ray to find them.
  • found out today that gray and camel are big-time Fall fashion colors this year. Craving for an Ann Taylor camel tote just won't get out of my mind. I'm trying hard to get that out of my mind as it's quite costly.
  • found out I had 8 hours to get the house ready for an appraisal and it's a disaster. Just gave up on that, hoping it doesn't matter. I do have to sleep at least 3 hours before going to work again to solve pelvic pains and menstrual dysfunctions/ hot flashes, mood swings and whatever else.
  • went into a furniture store to look for one particular item and instead sat in every Lazy-boy chair, testing the ones on sale for a possible new stitch chair. While sitting in one for about 10 minutes, I finally came to my senses that the economy is not the best time to buy a chair.
  • started stitching a small amount on the Quiet Sunday Mornings pinkeep for a bowl filler/ basket filler.
  • wished my kids would at least answer a letter or phone call but instead of hoping and then getting disappointed again, gave up.
  • final thought before bed~~~  I have 16 hours before vacation begins. That's my final thought I'm going to keep saying before I fall asleep.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finished The Dog Days of Summer

Today is the first day of September. Finally had a minute to finish The Dog Days of Summer. August is typically the hottest month of the year and this sampler is with a touch of late summery colors to represent those last really, hot days of Summer.

I made into a pillow keep and hung with wooden dog bone buttons from Boston stash.
The backing fabric also from my stash of many fat quarters blended perfectly.

The linen is 28 count and honestly I do not know what kind of linen it is. I had it unlabeled in my stash but thought the nubby, occasional brown, here and there, in the linen worked out well with the colors.
Fibers used are Crescent Colors. I just used solid brown ball fringe to hang.

Our weather is much cooler and drier now and I can feel a touch of Fall in the air at night.
Looking forward to September and the weather man projects clear sunny skies and 60's at night, 80's during the day for the next week!!!

Two more days and vacation begins for us. The first week with a long list of things to do before our trip to Chicago and enjoying some peace and quiet.
Working on several designs and hope to start stitching another up pretty soon. Two for October which include a Halloween finish and a Breast Cancer Awareness sampler named Always Hope. This one in particular has alot of meaning to me as I work in Women's Health.

Hope your week is going well too. ;)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I heart Fall in the air not fall on the ground

This is a good Fall.

This is the bad fall.

 Found this pic on Flicker and it best describes my lunch yesterday. Lickity-split might be the better picture. LOL

Yep, at lunch yesterday, I had time to run over to the hospital for lunch with a couple of my friends. They have good healthy food for really inexpensive. That's where I can get in my veggies.

There is a really big, nice sitting area on a deck with a waterfall, very nice on pretty days.
Anyways, you have to walk through the landscaping to step on the deck which leads to the back door of the cafeteria.

In my tailored dress with heels and a labcoat, I stepped and there was mold growth evidently which was slick on the decking. I did a wonderful split that I haven't done since high school and fell to the left on the ground. Embarassing. Everyone went "OH" at one time. I got up and didn't look at who saw all that and we went straight in.
Thought I was ok, but an hour later started having muscle spasms in the left side of my upper back and left arm where I had surgery just was losing strength. I called them concerned that someone else may get hurt and they were only concerned with getting their landscaping crew out to tidy it up vs. me falling down.
Took a muscle relaxer and I laid on the sofa, just woke up at 6am ......on the sofa. Sore as all get out.
Hubbie said this morning he asked me to go to the bed twice and I was quite irritable. I don't even remember it.
This is my day off and had a long list of things to do like clean the house. We'll see if this medicine will take effect so I can get them done.
Falling at 47 is much more complicated than age 27 that's for sure.

Onward to the morning............

Sunday, August 29, 2010

No stitching store coming to Helen but we have one of these now.....

Yep, Bodyguard and I went on our usual Sunday afternoon drive through the country and ice cream visit in town. We nearly hit a huge black wild boar pig, the biggest I've ever or he has ever seen and they move fast. I was so glad not to hit this with the car. At first I thought it was a black bear but then saw the front. YIKES!

Then we passed by the new opening of Goats on the Roof. Yes, if you are traveling up near Helen, GA this year, you must ride out in the country to see this. The video above is of the Tiger, Ga. one which is really not too far from here either. Yes, there are goats grazing and lounging on the roof. The store was not open but if I go back, I'll definitely get some pics. Is this country life or what????? LOL

Yep, no LNS but we gave a Goats on the Roof now.


A Quiet Sunday morning

This morning I got up early and the house was total quiet. No TV, no air conditioning even coming on as the air outside is cooler. In the middle of the quiet, I hear only the coffee perculator which percs every 15 or so minutes (it's an old one) so if you don't like the strength of your coffee, just hang on for 15 more minutes and it will re-perc for you!

In the middle of the quiet which is a total gift from above, I diddled with my thoughts as I looked out my window at the huge butterflies here, flouncing around the trees and lemon balm. I decided there is a magic about quiet Sunday mornings, the day of rest. Soothing, relaxing, and if Abbie's is not snitching my poptart and taking a nap instead, I can have alot of introverted fun.

Quiet Sunday Mornings
designed by Feathers in the Nest

This is Dalenberg Lane today. Cool and gray but butterflies in play.

Colors suggested are:

CC Peanut Brittle
CC Pea Pod
CC River Rocks
CC Nutmeggie
CC Old Blue Jeans
CC Sunshine Girl
CC Manor Red
CC Tennessee Red Clay
CC Country Lane

Enjoy your morning and hope it's a quiet and peaceful one!


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