Monday, May 30, 2016

Yarn Bee from Hobby Lobby FAIR ISLE Knit Scarf

Happy Memorial Day to All!!

At the Homestead this weekend was lots of rest. Yup, saying WAS because we are going out to shop some sales some time during the day. Mr. Darcy had flashbacks of Thanksgiving Day at the mall but he said he needed to go anyway to get some professional attire for work.

 Kate Spade here I come!

Also been reading alot with my new glasses for glaucoma. The computer contrast with these are sooooooo much better. It takes all the blue light out and helps so much.

While at my last eye appointment I had a 1: 40p appointment and they called me back at 5:30pm. I was prepared as always though big glasses and knitting project in hand. As the nurses called patients they would comment on how I knew to come prepared. They have a hot tea and coffee machine and I just always know it's a 3-5 hour deal there so I had a blanket scarf around me in case the AC was too much, knit project bag complete with lotions and notions, and a tote bag full of my Ipad mini with kindle, and much more. The lady beside me finally asked if I brought dinner in that bag too.

While sitting there, I cast on a vanilla knit project, because I have to have one of those for TV knitting or when I just knit for the process. I cannot do lace counting in shawl work while watching TV. Just way too many mistakes.

So I cast on with this yarn from Hobby Lobby that was in my stash. What sold me was a swatch that HL had beside the yarn in the fair isle print. Gorgeous!

I wanted to do a simple stockinette material but I knew it ALWAYS curls. And this one is doing it too.

However, I have learned that it takes more than 3 knit stitches on a border to stop the curling and as long as I learn something from what I'm doing that's the point.

Yarn BEE---Brand
Fair Isle in colorway Red /Blue multi
80 % acryllic and 20% alpaca

see here for ordering

Using Addi Turbo number 7 needles. I LOVE those

What do I think so far?
  1. I don't care for acryllic as much anymore and prefer merino/silk/cotton/cashmere but this is really a pretty good yarn considering quantity and that 20% is alpaca.
  2. At first, if you look closely there is about  2in white hairs throughout the ball of yarn. Funny I though this was Abbie hair but finially I figured out it was part of the yarn itself.
  3. I LOVE the self striping and fair isle effect
  4. I LOVE the shades of blue and red and gray and off white in this.
  5. Dang it, I didn't nail how to make it not curl again. I can lay it flat for pictures but oh my the curling.
  6. Reinforces that I love nice yarn shops with expensive yarns but I also like Hobby Lobby's yarns in my stash too.
  7. Mr. Darcy is eyeing this project way much and thinks it looks really good. I think he is hinting to have it for himself.
The most random is that I picked out a Blue Red mindless TV knitting project for Memorial Day weekend. I promise I didn't reach in my stash on purpose for color coordination. However, may be our gut instincts from what to pull from stash is really what is in our heart.

Through a 15 hour watching of Greys Anatomy old episodes yesterday with Mr. Darcy I got here:

Have a great day!