Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Day for Yummies

yes, I made moist, Ghirardelli Walnut Caramel Turtle Brownies today.


Dessert. as I was craving chocolate today after lunch......which also made lunch tomorrow and dinner tomorrow night as the pasta expanded to make alot!!!
Spinach Cheese Tortelini covered with pasta sauce
But, this is the first time I've tried this. (Yes, sheltered I know)
But alot of firsts are fun sometimes.
Keeps life interesting and tasty.

A small package of these.

then covered with sauce and Parmesian cheese makes this:

and I think I've got my taste-buds satisfied.

Besides, the house smells like chocolate now!

And that definitely makes for good reading and stitching time.

Hope your Thursday was full of Happy, telling those you love, that  you love them, and finding something new to explore!

Till later,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Give-a-Way is here for Cabin Fever---Gingher, new scissors TESSA

YUP!  New Gingher design 4 inch scissors can be YOUR Cabin Fever Give-a-way this year by entering on this post!  TESSA

Straight from the store quote:
a unique, floral pattern that is the perfect mix of vibrant summer colors -turquoise, salmon and yellow on a deep blue background. Tessa will bring creative inspiration to your workroom! Manufactured using an ornamentation process that gives each a unique design. Tessa is offered for a limited time, making each a treasure to own.
I love these! Aren't they pretty?  I love turquoise anyways. These are a limited edition and brand new looking for a fortunate stitcher's hands.

Just a thank you to all readers and venturers with me on my journey and to brighten someone's Cabin Fever.

By February, I have cabin fever BAD!  This winter has not been the typical, as it was really mild until this past week it seems. Ice on the car every morning.

Guidelines to enter are the usual:

1) post your name if you are a follower (if not join me!!!)  and a way to reach you if your name is drawn
2) for a second entry, make a second post here that you shared this on your blog
3) for a third entry, make a third post here and how cold has the coldest morning been this Winter where your homestead is! :)
4) for a fourth entry, make a third post and send me at a pic of a stitched freebie by Feathers in the Nest!!!  If you want to browse, just go to Freebies on the tag. There are about 50.

international accepted
I pay all shipping
the scissors are on order for you and will be boxed new, limited edition Ginghers

The deadline for this is midnight March 5th!!!

When does it start?  RIGHT NOW!

I so appreciate each and every one of you that have stood by my side. 2012 is a great year so far and this year's cabin fever I usually get is definitely more hopeful and pleasant living.

Abbie sends her love too this morning. She's sneaking a nap right now but what a spoiled little furbaby she is.

I had a lovely dinner after work last night and she did give me one of her pouty looks for being late as usual but in 10 minutes, she was fine. She's my lumpasugar!

I love meeting new people all over through this blog. It's very dear to me and all your personal emails have been so sweet and I couldn't be more blessed to share a little of my journey with you! I just want to thank you for taking the time to visit Feathers in the Nest.

This weeks joys:

~~eating for the first time, Fried Strawberry Cheesecake with ice cream. YUM!
~~~finding a freakin' possum at my door mat at night SCAREY! :P
~~~going on the back porch and looking up to see a Racoon....Scarey the 2nd!
~~~reading a stack of books by my bedstand.....Finally!
~~~ planning several trips through the Spring
~~~a friend buying me a ticket to VAN HALEN concert in HOTLANTA in April!~~~!~~~!~~
~~~watching the Daffadils in my yard bloom
~~~an answered prayer, THANK YOU!
writing to you when I found these beautiful scissors!

I yearn for Spring SO bad for SO many reasons. The rest is unwritten. ;)

Thank you for hanging with me in this stitching slump. But good news is to get my MOJO back, I have been invited to a cross stitch group on Saturday and I KNOW it will be fun.
I plan to take pics and share with ya'll on the blog so stay tuned.
I also am in the designing mode and have a freebie soon. It involves scissors. Only clue!

Stay warm,