Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Setting the mood of my day


click here for another laugh! I love this u-tube about Charlie Bit Me.
I am scrolling through some funny clips to set the day right. No sadness here today, just funny.
This video reminded me of my own kids when they were little because they were that close in age and Brandon would have been the one to stick his finger in Meghan's mouth and dare her and then whine like that. It's hilarious. Meghan was a biter for a while too and she would have laughed back.

One day maybe I"ll learn how to embed the video right into the blog so you won't have to click on it.......if anyone knows a simple way with Google blogger let me know!

Hope you are having a great Tuesday. Got plenty of things to get done today as yesterday, turned a little sad but today is going to be better, indeed.

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