Saturday, February 23, 2013

Simple Treasures on Saturday

They say tea is a great antioxident, and I can certainly say that the medicinal effects run way deeper than physical. Today, I made me a cup of tea in my china instead of everyday pottery because I had a little celebration of 3 months of marriage to Mr. Darcy!  Of course he is a very special man that has made me feel real love that I had always wanted my whole life. In fact, he is the real thing and I am so blessed to have met him and become his wife.
I think true love is an antioxident too. It changes how we sleep, eat, love, and tons of other things in our lives. 
 My favorite tea is Earl Grey Twinings. Always has and always will.
It's a very light tea but the flavor is awesome.  It helps my aching joints along with Bayer aspirin and lots of love in our home.
They say many analogies with a cup of tea. I've read that you truly don't know a woman's strength until she is put in hot water!
I see it as we are the tea bag, and when hot water or times come to us, God infuses prescious water with our talents, our strength, our love, our special, unique qualities that enhance our life. We may not see it now but in the big picture, it's a chock full of beautiful.
I've learned to surround my warm tea with the best I can, in an environment conducive to calm.
Of course, tea is not my only way to cope with anxiety and unsettling times but also learning new things. I'm such a beginner novice at knitting, but this has been a goal to learn for years and years.
There's much to be said for color therapy, fabrics, textures~ touch. Knitting itself has medical benefits and also is a great addition to my coping strategies for stress. I also enjoy making new things for gifties.
I have completed several projects and after finishing one dishcloth, I decided to make a go at a larger one for a drying cloth. This is from a yarn shop and is a mottled blue color which will enhance my everyday pottery in the kitchen. This is not 100% cotton but majority is. It's an Italian cotton and my progress is here.
It's knitted with a size 7 Bates needle and the material has a little stretch in it which makes it easier to knit.
I'm almost done with it.

 My speed is slower with my right hand injury but the specialist I saw on Thursday said I could use it but if it hurts, stop and ice it. The partial tender rupture is healing well as they did another image while there.The risk for total rupture is within the first 2 weeks and I am past that.  The doctor is very nice and he knows his hand specialty which is good. I wrap my hands while working and doing any needle work and taking antiinflammatory meds. I still don't have all of my grip strength without pain though. Not complaining. I've had worse happen to me in my life and I will get through it. Hopefully when I go back in 6 weeks, he will not have to inject it.

After my visit, I went to Hobby Lobby which is a candy store I seldom go to and got these inexpensive pick-me-up Spring thingies, a needlebox and pretty lime scissors.
I'm SO ready for Springtime here in the mountains!
Abbie says she is too as she cuddles in my chair, in fact, she will cuddle anywhere near me.
Enjoy this weekend!
Take a few minutes to enjoy some of the things that make your skirt fly up.
 Life is way too short not to.
Remember to thank friends in your life, online or in person, that have been there for you when you needed it.
Take 15 minutes at least each day to read scripture to learn more if you are on track in your life, to sooth your soul.
Find something that makes your heart skip, and learn it with a passion.
Tell your special someone how special they are to you.
Ignore the folks that talk about you in a negative way, totally ignore your offer for friendship or completely don't understand because they really don't. If thy did, they wouldn't be acting so rudely. I honestly believe that.
Surround yourself with beautiful, caring people. It's not the number, it's the integrity of the ones you have in your life.
Stitch more, with yarn or floss or whatever the medium. You can make mistakes, correct them, learn from them, and re-create a better ending if need be. Life is like this but  bit harder.
Love you all,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twisting the Hands to Crank out Progress

The colors are gorgeous!
This is Downton Abbey: the Family sampler I'm designing and stitching the model.

A little progress made yesterday.

The girls' names started.

The border is going to be very pretty in Deep Sea blue.

And in the knitting department:
Working on another dishcloth as I can. This is looser and is not 100% cotton but a blend. The yarn lady said it makes a nice dishcloth too. This was a bit more expensive and I really like the Peaches and cream for 1.99/ skein better.
But this is Italian blend and is really going to be a good cloth.
I'm thinking I will make this one larger.
It really stiches up easy and faster which is good because I found out my MRI showed a partial to full tear in a tendon in the top of my hand that controls the extensor of my fingers.
I have it wrapped tightly until I can see an Ortho doc.
I think keeping it still or splinting it for 6 weeks will be NOT a good thing for me as this is my right hand.
All of this from trying to open a really locked spaghetti sauce jar!
As long as I'm not lifting anything more than a salad plate I'm no in too much pain.
I have no grip to hold a dinner plate or pot.
Weirdly cross stitching doesn't hurt as bad as the knitting, so I limit my time.
We'll see what the Ortho says.
Till later no twisting the hands,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Irish Eyes for March


 If you are Irish or part-Irish, like myself, then you love to celebrate St. Paddy's day.
Just a little freebie for you. Our Irish eyes are smiling!
Today was total relaxation and in anticipation of the last episode of Downton Abbey......

Mr. Darcy wanted a yellow cake with Chocolate frosting so today, I made him/us one. LOL

The Chocolate Buttercream Frosting recipe is here:


We had our first slice........and now Mr. Darcy is working on the second!

The frosting recipe can also be used on brownies and cookies. I definitely bookmarked it!

Speaking of bookmarking, I had some leftover cotton yarn which wouldn't make another big dishcloth, so I made a bookmark and used one of the glass charms Meghan left here to attach to it. I knitted it up this morning.

I read alot on the computer and Kindle, but there are some special books I can use this with.

You just never know what you find and re-purpose!

Well onward to getting ready for the 2 hour conclusion of Downton Abbey tonight!!!!

Popcorn ready.

Warm wishes as you end your weekend and ready for the week................