Saturday, July 9, 2011

My New/Old Armoire finally found it's resting place and free pattern

Because I have certainly tried my best to follow these words and because my vintage armoire found it's place to bloom today, I wanted to show you a few pics and a little freebie I designed by inspiration from it.

My camera will work ONLY if I tape the hinge in place AND hold tightly with my left thumb while I snap a quick picture. I thought the tape would do it by itself but I'm afraid I will be getting a new camera. I can't make this hinge stay in place long unless I want carpel tunnel of the left side. :o

Here is my inspiration after it was planted today in one of the bedrooms. Of course this vintage
armoire is very special to me as my friend, Dot, who moved recently, downsized---  and she left this for me. I will treasure it forevah!

Cleaned up well!

can you tell I"m having a little trouble taking pictures with this bummed camera? 

This quilt is one I got at a great quilt store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and right now I can't remember the name of the store but it has beautiful cotton batted quilts. As I love Dutch decor, I grabbed one quickly and have never tired of seeing it since.

The old bench got re-planted here.

These were stitched by me in 1983.....that kinda rhymed.  ;)

Four of the many Colonial Williamsburge houses.
What's scarey is I found the pattern as I was cleaning out other rooms this week.

Do you save patterns for 30 years??????

So, the special armoire is planted today.

I don't think there is one thing bought brand-new in this room, except the quilt.
I just thought of that.
Very random I know....but it is about 1am right now.

I think we are pretty much planted here too.  We've been planted here for almost 10 years now!



designed by Feathers in the Nest
@copyright 2011

colors suggested are:

GA--Strawbonnet (lightest color)

linen of choice and count

I plan to stitch this one up with the above colors and put in a basket in this room as a pillowkeep to remember my friend and how her life I would have missed, if I was not planted here almost 10 years ago.
Thank you, God for putting her in my life at just the right time,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Goodmorning Friday!

Well.,I am out of sorts now that I have broke my camera. I loved it and mourned it last night after I dropped it for the upteenth time and it definitely met it's demise this time. BUT, it lasted almost 2 years and Body Guard actually said that and laughed a bit.....not too much, as he knows I'm out this afternoon to get another one.

I love photography and especially as a stitcher, it's hard to show progress without a camera. Along with Miss Abigail this morning, who got a new dress.....yep, she said, she is also camera ready! ;)

But first I have to prepare a bedroom for the antiquie armoire I got a while back from my friend and Godmother, Dot. She is so happy where she moved but I miss her alot. I'm also excited that someone is coming over to move this thing from the basement level to the bedroom. I have a special spot for it and when it's all done, will take a pic (hopefully, with a new camera) of it in the bedroom. PERFECT for just a wee bit of storage I needed there.

If there has been one thing I've gotten done this week, that's take one room a day and clean closets. Yesterday was the bathroom and I would totally be embarrassed at what I cleaned out under the sink. More styling products that I should admit.  : P

Today, it's the shoe closet and another clothes closet. Its' HARD for me to part with shoes. But I'm going to watch an episode of Hoarders and then get busy!!!! 

I have stitched a little on Ann Hill the other night and will also take a pic when I get a camera but right now, just wanted to say

Goodmorning!  Enjoy your stitching and your passions while the weekend is on it's way!!!!

above sampler designed and stitched, finished by me last year for Miss Abbie's Summer

and yes, she is having a good morning with her routine treat first thing in the morning from her "treat tin" on her "snack mat" (a rug beneath my stitching stand) wearing her new dress that says "I'm really a BIG deal" on the back. She is so joyful.

Till later after Friday frenzie,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Remembering Ren

Exactly 1 year ago, my little Ren, who was 17 years old when he passed away on July 7th, 2010, still carries a place in my heart and will always. Abbie knew Ren 7 months and I wonder how much puppies remember? I know that's silly but for newcomers who didn't know him, just want to tell you he was a unique and special dog for our family.
For the past couple of years prior to his death, he was totally blind and partially deaf. He still knew our touch and love, and ate food with passion! He had many good caregivers and friends at the local vet office and they actually made a generous donation to the University of Georgia, School of Medicine in his honor.

I try to remember the good times and the fun laughter he brought to us.

he liked to nap in various ways.

even without vision and very little hearing by the end, he was always finding me, especially when the oven came home for dinner! ;)

And I loved him since he was 8 weeks old.

Ren was a special rose in my life. It's amazing how our furbabies give us unconditional love, such a rare find in life, otherwise.

'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all
~~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feathers in the Nest publishes next volumes from Cutest Blog on the Block Books

I have to say that the idea to publish your blog/ your interests, pictures, memories, stitching progress, and all the things you write about is a brilliant one!  I started doing this about 2 years ago through The Cutest Blog on the Block website. I have a few gaps in time. The comments are left out as the default. My first book, I did publish everything but they do charge by the page, so eliminating comment pages just shows your post writings.

 The volumes to my writing are kept in my home office together on my desk. Yes, you can store it on the computer but I am keeping a written copy for personal use. If you have a family that cares about your life, it is a great way to keep memories alive to the next generation, or if not, donate to a charity or a home.

SO, with that being said, got another volume which covers Jan1-July1, 2011. You can choose what you want for the front and back. It's just so cool to add to your personal library.

Here are a few pics of this volume.

my own design of the Royal Wedding on the front.

The back has a picture of an antique sampler find I have hanging in our home. A very sweet stitching phrase.

a great way to remember your trips.

special samplers and designs

Stash shopping and stitching progress

And even Abbie sneaks in every now and again. ;)

dedication page which differs with each volume

Each one I publish is about 200 pages, so this was right on target. I need to go back and fill in some publishing gaps in time. This is the third volume I've published so far. Of course, this is for personal use only, no to sell. I took advantage of a 15% off sale they were having a couple of weeks ago.

The beginning has a directory page for the topics you write about

And of course the pages are glossy and thick. Very good quality.
You can option to order it in hardback form but I always got softcover.
You have several options for the color of your book. The two previous ones were in antique brown.
This one I chose blue because I knew I wanted to put this sampler on the front.

So, this morning, adding another volume to the office as I dust.

For more information on how you can turn your blog into a personal book click

A pic of Abigail this morning. She is just about to nod off for a nap. She is not happy that the laundry basket is empty in the closet. But I am! : P

Until later, make memories!

A Gingher scissor giveaway in honor of Caylee Anthony

After being drawn in the drama of the Casey Anthony trial for way too long now, my staycation is going to dedicate this pair of Ginghers in her memory. I've always loved "Ella" and this is the last pair, that is new and packaged for your opportunity to win and add to your collection. A leather sheath is accompaning this pair.

With the winner of this pair of Gingher's will be a designed sampler tucked in your package to stitch into a nice huswife, needlebook, or just for a pillowkeep sitting right besides your precious scissors.

You know the rules.......

1) must be a follower of this blog
2) international is welcome
3) one posting for one chance
4) a second posting for posting on your blog if you have one
5) and even a third chance for posting one blessing you can count in your life.


Included will be my design for your new Ginghers. I will be stitching it soon for a model.

Good luck!!
All postings go here.

Such an emotional day, but something bright to add to your collection.

I love the Ella rotary as well.

The beginning starts now and ends in one month on Caylee's birthday, August 6th. at midnight.

Enjoy and good luck!!!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Just want to check in and say I hope that each and every one that reads this blog, is having a great 4th! ;)

This weekend has been full of fun, relaxation and meditation, TV watching on the Anthony trial, cozy time with hubbie, cooking for our holiday meal, and at opening day of Larry Crowne Friday night, excited to see the first showing local. I have looked forward to this movie for a long time. I love both Julia and Tom and when they are in a movie together...........wonderful! If you haven't seen it, it's a must-see. Julia is soooooo good in this movie.

We waited in line and with my free spirit, ready for popcorn and the movie! We went after a long day of work Friday night. Got pulled over by the cops for having my bright lights on too much after the movie......that was new one for me. Anyway, I guess I've resigned to driving at night unless it's an emergency as it's very hard to see at night for me.

Ann Hill progess. Right at the round border at the right.


I always feel better when borders are done. ;)

Kind of like boundaries. We all have them. Hopefully.

I'm so enjoying my Gingher scissors with this piece.

As with alot of people in America, just waiting on the verdict from the Anthony trial.

We had an invite to watch fireworks tonight at a local Jewish camp for boys; however, it's thundering and pouring rain right now, so much as the electricity is going off and on.

Bodyguard and I cooked a DELISH meal for the two of us tonight.

Grilled filet mignon, marinaded in his famous, secret marinade,
Fresh potato salad I made with some red potatoes.
Fresh, shucked corn on the cob, boiled with butter and salt
cooked carrots
deviled eggs.

I've gotten alot more work done in the basement (an ever ending task) with donating piles, and to do piles
and plan on several things to do this week on my staycation.

Well, ready for the fireworks....whether through this lightening storm or the official ones in town.

Hope you had a great holiday. It's a great week for meditating on the positive.

And one of those positives is freedom, which is a true blessing but comes at a cost to so many families.

Happy Birthday, America.

My home, sweet, home.

Stay safe on this holiday,


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