Saturday, May 5, 2012

Colors of Today

I know this blog is a stitching blog and whatever my spontaneous heart is doing that is positive in my life but I've been slack on writing lately. I can't believe a week has gone by. I'm admiring my friend's flowers sent to me this week. Tulips!  LOVE them.

I wish I could show you all in person but a pic will have to show you.

I got them several days ago so they are fully bloomed now and with the sun shining in today, I'm reminded that God loves us and will be with us always. Look at the beautiful nature outside. Who else could provide such comfort in the mountains and flowers in the Spring?

When I look at the flowers, I think of Crescent Colors. LOL
I know that is funny and strange as heck, but the lightest pink, the purples are great ones to stitch. Even the green color is reminding me.
What would you call these colors in CC? in CC silks? In WDW? in any overdyed threads?

Today is full of routine chores to do, but it's a Saturday and then comes Sunday, the day of rest, finally.

Bring the beauty of nature inside in some small way today and I can assure you hearts will be lifted!

I have my computer designing software fixed now and so I will be busy putting out a freebie or a couple soon as I do so love to dabble with putting thoughts to graph and then to needle and fabric.

My other love of music is strong as well and I actually played some this week, but my piano is so out of tune. Need to put that on my list of things to fix. My piano is prescious to me. Always will be.

On this morning, I hope for you:

beautiful colors for today
being happy and content
thanking God for friends and our crafts/ hobbies
and remembering that there is always sunshine after the rain.

In the mornings I have my quiet time, and would like to share with you a Psalm (book of songs) for encouragement. You have been so good to me and I love each and every one of you. I consider the followers and readers here my positives and the connection with others who I'm very thankful for.
I have always loved Psalms and have many highlighted in my Bible since youth. Psalms is the book of songs and from a lover of music, I so love to read them.

Psalm 62

My soul finds rest in God alone:
my salvation comes from Him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation
he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

How lon will you assault a man?
Would all of you throw him down--
this leaning wall, this tottering fence?
They fully intend to topple him
from his lofty place;
they take delight in lies
With their mouths they bless,
but in their hearts they curse.

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;
my hope comes from him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation;
he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.
My salvation an my honor depend on God;
he is my might rock, my refuge.
Trust in him at all times O people;
pour out your hearts to HIm,
for God is our refuge.

Lowborn men ar but a breath,
the highborn are but a lie;
if weighed on a balance, they are nothing;
together they are only a breath.
Do not trust in extorsion
or take pride in stolen goods;
though your riches increase,
do not set your heart on them.

One thing God has spoken,
two things have I heard;
that you, O God, are strong.
and that you, O Lord, are loving.
Surely you will reward each person
according to what he has done.

Placing all hope in God. Knowing that God is in control allows us to wait patiently for Him to rescue us. True relief does not come when the problem is resolved because more problems are on the way!
True relief comes from an enduring hope in God's ultimate salvation. Only then will all trials be resolved.

Counting my blessings today and hoping that you find some comfort and strength in even the most smallest of things.

Till later,