Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An Evening By the River and Window Shopping

Well, this evening we decided to get out and eat by the Chattahoochee River at our fave spot in Helen Georgia, a Bavarian village near our home. The weather was so inviting and I had a taste for good food and company as the chilly river sounds danced in the background.

After our dinner, we walked over to the Dutch shop because I had in mind to get another one of those flower frogs ie. scissor frogs. But they just closed. Pooie, so I took lots of pics so you could see the candy store that's not far from our house.

Here are the dinner plates I would love to have one day!

This is even the little brothel (no I don't believe in brothels). But I guess in Holland they must have those, so here is a miniture one.

More cups and saucers. Imported from Holland, along with an assurance of taking credit cards to stimulate our economy! ;)

Lookie at this teapot!

And a possible scissor frog!

A large windmill and houses.

More goodies to drool over........

And this large frog in the window must be a new one since I went into the store. I can only imagine my large Ginghers in this one.

Yes, this is in Georgia, not Holland, but it fits right in with the other "villages" here.

Down by the lazy river........wait, isn't that an old song in the 70's?

Our table right by the river and the Body Guard gazing into the water.While he was gazing and tranquilized, I ordered myself prime rib and a nice glass of Merlot!

The cool breeze was heavenly and peaceful, clear, no humidity----just perfect!
This is one area of Helen where the Dutch shop is located.Ok, this is way out of nowhere, but when I passed this ? flower ?bush? what in the world is this?

Passing by another window shop, I couldn't resist taking this one through the window. How about this couple on the right? LOL It says "Still the sexy couple" Hope I"m not quite that old yet.

And some beautiful flowers

Evidence cameras are pretty good for closeups, don't you think?
Hope your mid-week is going well!


  1. Love the dutch village/store. I'd want to collect all those houses! Wow! good thing I don't live near there....

    Looks like a lovely dinner!

  2. What a pretty village. The shops all look so quaint. Love the blue china and oh, that cute, young at heart, sexy couple , too! sounds like a great evening.

  3. I am so glad that you were able to spend such a wonderful evening enjoying the good things that this life has to offer, especially special time with that handsome body guard of yours.

    The Dutch village is awesome, we used to visit Solvang when I was a kid in CA, and ir was like stepping into Denmark of another era.

    Hugs kiddo and thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics with your friends.

  4. Oh, the Dutch store has some lovely goodies! I would go broke if I visited there!

  5. That Dutch store looks awesome! I love those dishes! I think that I would go absolutely nuts in that store. But then I got thinking that, duh, there is a Holland, Michigan and guess what they sell - yes, that blue china. I never get over that way though.

    Looks like you had a wonderful evening and you took some great pictures.

  6. I try to stay out of the store as much as possible so that we aren't completely broke! LOL LOL

    No, joking, I do love to just walk around and look at that delft.

    My husband's family resides in South Holland, Illinois which is a Dutch community south of Chicago. I like visiting there.

    Thank you, Karyn about that nice comment on my hubbie. Funny, because Octoberfest starts on Sept 10th here through Nov. 1st and every year we always dare each other to get that Dutch couple costume when we go dancing at the Festhalle. I can just visualize those Dutch pants right now! LOL

  7. It seems like you are enjoying your "staycation" with a nice balance of work and play! The unknown flower you took a picture of is an annual called a cleome or Spider Flower and it is really quite easy to grow from seed. I've also seen it in a lighter pink tone and also in white. I really enjoy checking out your blog every day! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Thanks so much Tracey! My husband saw it first and said to take a picture because it was a very strange looking plant!
    Thanks for reading my blog. Love comments!!!



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