Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chicken Number Two and Sockie

Good morning, Saturday! Abbie has a few words to say this morning.

Aren't I the cutest thing you've ever seen? My name is Abigail, but you can call me Abbie. I prefer to sit in laps. I'm soft and cuddly and can run around as fast as lightening.

Since mommie can't bend over alot and play with me right now, I play the sockie game with my daddy.
I ran so fast this morning, I bumped my head and now my ear is down for a minute. I have to quit running so fast around the sofa!

But, in a minute my mommy made it all better by giving me a smidgen of her poptart and that was quite yummy and I'm back to play. I love tug of war with my daddy with Chicken number 2. My Chicken Number 1 toy is taking a break right now. Both of my chicken toys have long tails so I can chase them easier.

But, I've learned things so far as coming when my name is called, standing on my back feet and dancing like a bear for a possible treat (that may be begging, let's not say that though) hehehehe
and also the chase games with my Chicken toys. I also know that when mommie says go get the chicken, I go and bring it back to her. She praises me and I plop it right in her lap and give her kissies.
I reached another milestone as I'm 3 monfs old now and weigh 2 whole pounds! I like my new doctor but he made me mad when he wanted to see my tooffies. But, I showed him that I didn't like it one bit!
I also know I'm the baby and getting spoiled right now. ...........but I like it!
Love ya all,

midnight progress-Claras Dance 1892

Here is my midnight progress! From here---

to here. The fat quarter is just there while I contemplating it for the backing of the pillow. Maybe it will grow on me................
one row of border and it's finished!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Weekend is here again and time to reflect

This week has flown by and seems in December every year the month goes by so quickly. By the 10th, it seems to really fly by till Christmas Day. I think the pace at work seems to make the time accelerate as everyone has a list of problems and they just realized that their deductible has been met. So, the rush is on until the end of the month for me.
For BodyGuard, crime is higher this time of year and with the economy getting worse, this doesn't help things.
It's funny because on Friday evenings, BodyGuard and I vent to each other, probably more than we should because we have had a whole week of dealing with public relations issues which usually involves folks who are for the most part thankful for the help they seek, but alot of the times are not. In the helping professions, we realize that some people appreciate us and then there are those that do not. We never mention names of course to keep confidentiality but we do have those "you won't believe this happened today" moments. And by now, we are not too shocked by some of the brashness of our society.
We have come to the realization that the current economic atmosphere has tainted the "simple world" living and it's basically a rat race now filled with people who want instant gratification.
Text messaging and cell phones have replaced alot of interaction in our society and this has been helpful in many ways; however, in others, it's taken out the personal touch.
Medical professionals are not respected as much anymore because the internet has replaced decision-making. Insurance companies determine now what medications we can treat patients with and I foresee that to be worsening with Obama's new plan.
In our professions, we can get yelled at or talked down to but still remain with a smiley face and offer as much help as possible regardless of how we are treated.
We do our best and at the end of the day, we realize some common themes run in both our professions:
1) some people just don't get it and never will--about 30%
2) some people don't care to get it--about 50%
3) some people really do care --about 20%
This is just our evaluation of the environment today. This fluctuates from week to week. We both strive hard to help make the world a better place to live.
Christmas season is filled with rush and this is something that has remained constant for as many years as I can remember. For us, we already have stressful jobs but the holidays adds to the fast pace. I see just as many depressed people during the holidays as I do cheerful and that is just what we deal with daily but a little worse.
BG spends his time educating, training, investigating and teaching alot on prevention as well as crisis management. He has helped write grants for bioterriorism issues and has much experience in dealing with current issues regarding public health as well. So, in many ways we have much to talk about in the evenings and for the most part, understand at the end of the day where our energy has been drained. It makes for great dinner discussions. LOL
Tonight we were talking about how we have both been in the helping professions for 30 years now and the world is such a different place than it used to be.
I'm sure our children will be saying this at our age one day too.
In 2000, I worked in public health and had 10 years of experience preventing disease, teen pregnancies, etc. I remember at that time Healthy Objectives 2010 and how so very far away that sounded. And here we are.......almost 2010. Most of the objectives by the CDC were prevention related and we have done a fair job in our country at attaining those but I think we still have a long ways to go in certain areas. So, it's time for an assessment to see if we have reached some of those benchmarks and I think it's interesting how so much technology has changed in the past 10 years to contribute to meeting those goals.
I'm glad to be home and slowing down now though. It's Friday evening. Time for some stitching.
I did get 9 minutes (I believe) during a very quick break at lunch to throw some stitches in the sampler I"m working on.
I set so many goals to attain before the 25th that I feel the pressure to finish them; however, on the other hand, I must decide when it's time to tuck away my Christmas stitching until next Fall.
So, the time is near that I turn back to non-Christmasy stitching. What will it be?
Hmmmmm......Logically I should go through my WIP stash and see but I'm itching to start a big new project and I already have several of them already kitted.
I'm getting drawn to the sampler "A Tulip for my Love" so.........stay-tuned! I did find out through the designer that the Fieldstone linen is not made anymore. She wrote me back through an email and said that the whoever made the linen passed away since then and it's not available. That was an unexpected response. But, I wondered why I couldn't find that particular name of linen. I some substitutes in mind.
Also, a reminder about the Christmas Give-A-Way which ends Dec 15th. I appreciate all the lovely comments and wish you luck. I think I need to start printing off the names and cutting them in little bitty pieces ahead! There are many .........and many more are welcome!
Stay safe.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Progress on Clara's Christmas Dance

Not much dancing this year for me. I have been in pain with my back since Tuesday night. I bent one too many times to pick up Abbie and the last time I couldn't stand up straight without alot of pain. I was out of work yesterday because it was hard to walk and today went to work but afterward to a doctor and I have slipped a disk in my lower back. I slept most of yesterday and last night did get some stitching completed. My goal is to finish this by the weekend and make into a nice pillow right by the tree! This is Clara's Christmas Dance 1892 sampler by The Sampler Girl.

Instead of the fabric called for I used a cream colored fabric, I believe it's 32 count but not sure. When I got to the word "holly", it was really late and I didn't have the CC Bamboo color so I substituted it out for a very pale green that would compliment the other colors. It actually looks darker in this pic than it really is.

Here's a better view~~~~

I need to finish the last 2 lines and then I will be complete on this one. I had the perfect size piece of linen in my stash for this sampler and really like the way it's turning out. Crescent color Shamrock is the blue color I'm stitching now in the letters at the bottom. It's such a pretty, pretty blue, almost like a Williamsburg blue.

BG took Abbie to the vet for some routine shots today and she growled for the first time at the vet! Too funny. He said the vet tried to look at her teeth and she didn't like that at all!

She weighs exactly 2 lbs now. She is a three months old now.

He carried her in his vest back and forth and she really likes that.

I am having to try not to bend as much right now which is hard when she looks up at me with those sad brown eyes. Our Chicago trip is now from road trip to last minute flights. Body guard is now, as we speak, trying to check prices. It's not looking good. We are really pondering what to do at this point. We have both taken off the time from work and really don't want to sit and be depressed here; however, the prices are adding up very high. I mean, Delta airlines charges 200.00 round trip just to take Abbie on the plane with me! Air Tran is a little better, but not much.

Anti-inflammatories and rest for me this weekend, although I have a full day of work tomorrow.

Having a small Christmas party on the 20th here so hopefully I will be better in time to clean up and vacuum again! Oh joy! ;)

I had so many ornaments I wanted to stitch but Christmas is only 2 weeks away!

I'm usually done by the middle of December with whatever Christmas stitching I will do for the year.

I'm already contemplating some new projects although I have several UFO's I need to work on.

Ok, I'm rambling again...........

Off to take some more medicine and then stitch.


P. S. Muscle relaxers should list frogging as a side effect.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Christmas Card greeting to all readers this morning

I wish I could address all of you a Christmas Card and was thinking about this last night but I can't, so I thought I would find a Christmas poem that would touch the lives of many around the world. I hope you are having a great Christmas month and continue to share the love you have in your heart with others all year through.

The Spirit of Christmas

I have a list of people I know

All written in a book

And every year at Christmastime

I go and take a look

And that is when I realise

That those names are a part

Not of the book they're written in

But of my very heart

For each name stands for someone

Who has crossed my path some time

And in that meeting they've become

A treasured friend of mine

And once you've met some people

The years can not erase

The memory of a pleasant word

Or a friendly face

So when I send a Christmas card

That is addressed to you

It's because you're on that list

Of folk I'm indebted to

And you are one of many folk who

In times past I've met

And happen to be one of those

I don't want to forget

And whether I have known you

for Many years or few

In some way you have a part in

Shaping things I do

This, the spirit of Christmas

that Forever and ever endures

May it leave it richest blessing

In the hearts of you and yours.

Thanks to Robyn M. Young for contributing this poem. Author is anonymous

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stitching and cooking the gray day away

Today was a good day off, although the weather outside bids me differently. It's filled with gusty, cold winds. No snow but misty wet rain occasionally.
This morning I worked a little on Clara's Christmas Dance Sampler 1892 by The Sampler Girl. I've really got to get moving on this piece and hope to get done with cleaning so I can stitch more tonight. I love the colors. They are sort of muted Christmas tones.

I'm using Qsnap frame and stand with this. My scroll rods didn't work with this piece but this method works well too.
I put my Christmas angels out today. I keep them tucked away during the year. I"ve had these for 40 years. My grandmother gave them to me when I was very little and each year I like to look at them. They have survived the years with exception of one small tiny chip on one of the angel's wings.

I put them in the kitchen right beside Brandon's picture. I feel he needs them the most right now.

I love the flute player. Well, I actually love all of them.

The dreary outlook at the window makes me thankful that I didn't have to go out today. I think I could become agoraphobic during the winter.

I've got much to do anyways today. Like build a fire and cozy up with my Christmas cards to address. I spent most of the day with Andrea! You know Andrea Bocelli. Body guard will be jealous but I have to say he seranaded me through the day with his new CD and I loved his company! ;)
I'm ok, until Andrea sings Blue Christmas. Then I have to fast forward that one.
Because I can't be blue. Speaking of colors, how about green cupcakes? I just made these. I was craving some cupcakes and that Christmasy frosting in my pantry was begging for me to put them on some lovely cupcakes.
Well, 2 of them didn't pop out of the pan right, so you know what that means......yep, just had to eat 'um. But here are the pretty ones left. I know this is way too many for two people but believe me they will be gone in 2-3 days.

Besides, this makes the house even more cozy with the smell of cupcakes, cinnamon pinecones, a cozy fire, and Andrea seranading me........I'm drifting now with my thoughts as I stare at the fire and eat my cupcakes.

More light pics from last night

Good morning! I decided to add a few more light pics here. Some are clearer and some didn't show clearly but enjoy!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Cold Quiet Evening in Helen, Georgia

Tonight after work, we went to grab something to eat, went to the Dollar General store to look through all their stuff and then decided to go get the pictures of all the lights in town as we rode through the other night and they were all so pretty! We had fun playing with all the talking toys in the store that I think the clerk was glad when we left! ;)

I took 81 pictures according to my camera and about 8 were clear enough to post. So disappointed because I wanted to share with you the beautiful lights everywhere.
Body Guard and I went to several spots and our hands were about frozen by the time we got through. I think my face was froze by this last one here.

This is a random picture of Miss Abbie tonight. When we got home she had a bath and I'm drying here in front of the TV. She likes TV. Funny. How do you like that wavy, wet hair?
Ok, back to some lights. This is the gazebo at Pete's Park. They were really so much prettier than I could take pictures of here.

A glimpse at part of the town.

We were about the only people in town but we took the spot of the horse and buggy so the driver threatened us to move our car or pay a 300.00 fine. So, we quickly took this picture.
We were running around like kids. I wish this pic had turned out clearer because it is a good picture of my hubbie.

And here is where Santa will sit! Santa Baby! I started my wish list on ABC stitch therapy and 123 Stitch online and maybe I will go back this week and whisper this in Santa's ear.

The little Alpine village is so beautiful at night and I hope to get some really good pictures. Seems that after we got home, I had the camera on the wrong setting but one night this week, I'll go back and get some more to post! Promise!
After taking care of all the animals when we got home, we finally have sat down to take a breath.
We are catching up on world news now.
I know my morning started out quite bizarre as in my commute a woman, dressed as Santa with a hat was weaving all over the road. There were double lines but I finally tried to get around her and she waved a gun or a cellphone in the air at me/ I couldn't tell and had rage all in her face while I was flooring the car to pass around her. She was so mad I could see the veins in her neck while she was yelling at me. In my rear view mirror she was back to weaving and then the State patrol who probably clocked me, thought it was the person in front of me and he turned his lights on and pulled over the person in front of me. I was so hoping that he would see the maniac lady/Santa that I passed.
When that lady saw the cops, she turned her car around and went the other way, so I guess she was in her mind enough to know to run when she sees blue lights!
So, stay safe out there! Hopefully, there is an APB out for weaving Santa's who are not driving reindeers, according to BG! LOL
Till later,

Double Dutch - Cross Stitch Pattern

Double Dutch - Cross Stitch Pattern

This is incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring! Take a look at this Dutch sampler.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Savoring Sundays Simply

Sundays are for slowing down. Slowing down from the hustle and bustle of life especially at this time of year.
It's quiet here in the house. I've been playing with a few things.

Working on Clara's Christmas Dance Sampler by The Sampler Girl. I'm using a piece of linen I found in my stash but was unlabeled so I believe it's 32 count cream linen, but not absolutely sure. The threads are a combination of Crescent colors and DMC in lovely blue and gray shades with hints of gold.

Believe or not, I ironed this linen piece and I can't seem to get the deep creases out. I'm imagining this when finished as a pillow keep in a rocking chair right by the tree this year.
Earlier, I tried to use my sewing machine to keep the edges from fraying. I punched the wrong button I guess and instead of serging it, it got hung in the machine and went so fast that the footer broke off. It was a mess. Body Guard had to actually take the metal plating off the machine with these intsy, wintsy screwdrivers to save my precious linen. I tend to stitch near the edges on my pieces so I was really in a tizzy for a minute. But he fixed it and I could breathe again.......I still have alot of basic sewing to learn. I'm still confused on how it all happened.

I wanted to make sure I stitched past the "drank" word to "punch" before I posted a progress pic. I may have a glass of wine at Christmas this year instead of punch, or spike the punch without telling the guests! Ok, it's time to quit thinking.......

But dazing into the Christmas tree at teatime this afternoon just calms my spirit.

While Santa is working on his workshop outside with 2 reindeer eager to help!

I'm looking at a couple of things I got yesterday at the quilt shop. Yesterday the quilt shop had a big Christmas sale, so as it's conveniently located next to my hairdresser........she was running late on appts. I had planned to avoid the shop because I just didn't need to go back in there. I this pretty green flannel fabric last week which looks so much like Weeks Dye fabric and I needed it for a project.
But, she only had to say this when I walked in, "Hey, I'm running a little late, you wanna go look around at the quilt shop. They are having cake and a sale today" Yes, mam, I caved right on over there and got this little snow hanger.

And by the time I was in 7th Heaven looking at the dazzling fabrics, my 15 minutes had expired and in front of about 20 women, my hairdresser, in full robing holding my hair color in a bowl with a brush, said, "hey, are ya ready? I could do one more hair cut that just walked in if you need a little more time?" Everyone laughed and I was embarrassed but I've known her for almost 10 years so I had to laugh too.
That led to getting this fabric here because I said......"yeah, a little more time, I'll be over."

They are so soft and flannelly (is that a word?) :0
The pretty green on the right just reminded me of the BG. He loves green! I don't think I can really do much with this for him but I will have it on hand in case an idea pops up.

And today, pulled out my OPI nail polish in the reddest red. I hope to get a pedicure and a manicure in this red someday this week. It's been a very long time that I splurged for that so a Christmas one is in order!

Now, here is the difference between night and day, guns and roses, apples and oranges, and all the other opposites you can think of. While we were at Wallie World last night, we both got a magazine. You can see which one is mine right? Yep, like I said, we are guns and roses.

Now I love, love the Country Sampler quarterly magazines. I can look through them and drool a hundred times. Almost too much, probably would classify for seizure meds if I looked through them too much.....but I love this one.

Old book article.........

my dream kitchen........with a small table in the middle not a huge kitchen island to navigate around! LOL

All the Christmas decorating in this book is so pretty. I have a weakness for red doors.

And I'm dreaming here of the back porch being converted to a lovely dining room one this! ;)

Do you know I got one of these Hoosier cabinets like in this picture for 75.00 last year? At the end of an auction where almost everyone had left but me. Of course mine is painted but I've always wanted to move it somewhere inside. Right now it's on my back porch with some primitive things on it. I love Hoosier cabinets.

And then at Walmart, I also grabbed this book. Because The Thornbirds is my favorite book and movie, with Gone With the Wind a close 2nd..........I knew anything by Colleen McCullough had to be good. Anyone read this yet?

The Thornbird writer combined with Jane Austen has to be good!

Speaking of good books........ya heard of Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman Blogger right?
If you haven't you must go to her cooking section of her blog but warning: you will comb the pantry afterward to cook!
Anyways, I just read that she will be in Atlanta for a cookbook signing tomorrow night at 7:30p. Oh, I wish I could have gone to that!
Abbie says "Mommie has too many distractions now!"
For the life of me, I have no idea why her eyes are so green in photos. It's naptime for Abbie while mommie enjoys her goodies and stitching........

So, now it's 5:30p and already dark. I'm going to try to find a good Christmas movie on Lifetime while I work on this sampler. I can't take anymore of the Tiger Woods and Obama stuff on the news channels. Not on Sunday. Sunday we will simplify and rest.
Hope your Sunday has been restful and full of peace!


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