Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jane Austen is going with me to Boston

I've decided 2 of Tanya Anderson's designs will go with me. Yesterday in the mail I finally got the Lambswool linen that I didn't have so I was excited to open it so that I could kit it up because I wanted to take her design with me. The phrase would be so perfect for seeing the big city. It's called A Sweet View. I think this is a quote from a Jane Austen novel.  "It was a sweet view, sweet to the eye and to the mind". It's left me at this point which book is from but anyway.......a bit a of Jane to travel with me.

Don't you love the orange homespun fabric?  I do!  And I was hesitant to get it at one time because usually orange is my least favorite color but I can tell  you I love this fabric. The pattern and the fabric, fat quarter can be obtained from The Sampler Girl"s Webshop.

Then if I'm really zealous and get that finished I'm taking this. I got it way while back and want to get it done for Mother's Day. I think my mother would like this in the mail. She loves antiques and vintage stuff too and I hope to do a good job so she will like it. This is also from The Sampler Girl.

And then lastly, I'm kitting up this one to take if by chance I get both done (may not sleep) and will stitch through the conference:. It's by Little by Little design company. When finished it will reside on my sampler wall upstairs right by Brandon's pic in honor of his recent tour and a reminder of how proud I am of him fighting for our country. The freedoms we enjoy are because of this blessing.
I will kit is as I have all the threads called for in this piece.

So, I have got my stitchy stuff with me to take and I hope to carry one of my tiny pair of scissors as they meet airplane guidelines and get to stitch at the airport too. I haven't bravened myself to tell them I have needle and scissors at security yet!  The only needle that's been approved is my Epi Pen for latex allergy I have to carry and boy is it a big needle so they should let me carry a 26 needle, right?

I had many questions and emails about the frame company for the This Too sampler that I have drawn out to no yonder to finish this past 3 weeks........((((sign)))

Go to Ebay and find The Frame Guys store.  And you can browse through many of frames you want and in the left hand column you can pull up certain sizes. They have many choices of moldings, size, etc. and I can vouche for their good quality frames and how they are packed when you receive them is awesome. Their shipping is very fast.
The shipping for one frame is a bit steep but if you already know any other frames you may need, then go ahead and order them too and I think combined shipping for additional frames is like ? 1.00 or something.
So, a great deal.

Here are a few that I have framed from The Frame Guys:

This sampler is now discontinued by The Sampler Girl but I think it was called "The Blue House Sampler"

This one I framed and at the time bought 2 of them to match because I have the other sister sampler to it by The Scarlett Letter half finished, a WIP. The WIP to match is one over one and boy, is it wonderful for the eyes!  not. But one day, I will finish it and get to frame both together.

Sorry for the glare on them, some I do use the glass they supply and some I don't.

I could show you 2 others by them but that's just a sample of their work.

They have many other moldings to choose from. So check them out.

Well, I slept oh so late this morning than I have in over 3 months now and the furbabies are on their way to the pet sitter.

Till later,


Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Frenzies

Ya, remember that "talk to the hand" phase?  OH MY!  Meghan was queen of that in her teens.
"Talk to the hand 'cause the face don't want to hear it"  and next thing ya know you have a hand in your face.
Oh yes, with little ones, wait a few more years!  It gets even better when those hormones start changing.

Funny, funny now.
Funny to me now that I get to put my hand up and say the same. ROFLOL Seriously.

Yep, today was a day on a continual eliptical machine, kinda like a Grey's Anatomy atmosphere at work and without sharing specifics it was "quite challenging every 7 minutes for about 8 hours straight." . But it's over now and I can actually sit down after 11 hours and realize that I can't listen to one more story of dysfunction because I'm a product of that!   I have to laugh and wonder where are the normal people?????? LOL
And I'm thankful for no blood spattering in the face today. Or...well, I digress.....

Hey, there comes a point, I agree, that the hand needs to be put up there!

I decided it must be full-moon around here.

That's when the crazies come out to full blast and situations escalate to crazy eccentric.

What's nice is coming home and not having to even look at the news craziness to add on to it.
What's even nicer is knowing I tell the truth about things and that's because I have some morality left running through my veins.
What's even nicer is I have a good husband who listens and cares.

And who understands why we need to now turn away from the craziness and seek peace here at the homestead.

What makes me laugh till my sides hurt, is that people really think you believe their craziness and want to get drawn in their bubble world of "what the heck?" and that I'm crazy enough to believe their secrets and lies.
It's kinda funny and immature actually.
{{{still laughing hard}}}

Well, still to run another errand to strike off my list of things to do before our trip. The list is growing shorter too. I mean, half the list is all the doggie stuff to pack to the pet sitter.
Miss Abbie has her special Sweet potatoe wrapped chicken treats and Ren has his favorite of the week treat, Iams treat bones.
Abbies bed is clean and you have to see what came in today.........please know we are included in the crazy day here as I'm sure people think we are after this:

 See we are crazy too! 
A pink doggie stroller for Ms. Abbie came today. She has to get her fresh air!
She will now be able to go with us on walks and never have to get pulled on a leash or pant to keep us with us......not that her paws have ever hit the ground anyway OR been on a leash, no way!

You can see the seller, in Ebay that sells these if you have a little furbaby.

It's foldable and easy to pack along.
I'm excited to start our walking at night when we get back and see how Miss. Abbie likes it.
Gotta run,

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frame came in the mail for This Too Shall Pass--It's coming together finally

Couldn't have found a better frame. The blue is perfect, a Williamsburg Blue just like the Crescent Color in the design. I hope to finish this tomorrow night and select my new piece to take with me on the trip to Boston.

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice were great tonight and I did get some stitches in watching those shows tonight.

Nite nite,

Thankful and Thrifty Thursday

Thankful and Thrifty Thursday

Say that about 3 times very fast!  

Your tongue will tie, I promise.  ;)

With the days longer now and the sun has returned after a down-pouring rain today, it's beautiful outside here. Cleaner looking and fresh. Quite a bit cooler too.

Unfortunately with the days being longer, I tend to stay up later if it gets darker at 8p instead of 6p and I"m out and about more in the daylight hours.

Yesterday I got some awesome thrifts at Target that I mentioned to show you. So, if you have one near, check it out in the dollar section up front.

I just have to do some hoeing when I get back (ok, minds out of the gutter!)

I will be planting these seeds one in each window sill of the workshop when we get back. Definitely will be wearing my snake proof boots out in the yard/woods as I've heard 2 people today say they have already seen snakes in their yards I guess because of the really warm spell all of a sudden.
Maybe the cool rain will run them back home.........whereever that is.

I also thought it was cool to see this mail from~~~~~~~

Yep, Heidi from The Netherlands and I swapped some overdyeds for this sampler she had by Beth Twist, Heartstring Samplery with Abigail's name in it.
Love it, Heidi!!!! (and your writing is so pretty and neat! I wish I could write neat again!)

Along with the thankful thought...... I swapped out on Ebay this chart, 'cause I'm quite patriotic and love samplers with flags!  A good deal with someone selling their cross stitch shop out.

This Mill Hill Bird Bell pull caught my eye as well. It was much heavier than I thought but it was a definite thrifty and thankful find for our nest.

Today I:

Ate Mexican food and Chinese food within a 6 hour period of time.

saw a man that BG and I estimated was at least 500 if not more pounds while we were eating. We suddenly were full and had to get a take out box.

Read Chinese fortune cookies and laughed.

Remembered my age when it rained. The joints can predict weather.

Heard about the same question all day from everybody "does my insurance cover that?" This is of course in my mind only, I'm thinking, like a lottery question (I dont' play the lottery) but  I digress........
Obamacare is only going to make this stituation   situation  blossom I'm sure.

Got taxes taken care of.  That's like another great relief too!

Walked through an antique store and just looked and remembered "oh, gosh, I remember that" and wondering where mine is right now.  Ok, I want to know where my plastic loom kits and Easy bake oven went to. :-)

Realized that if I went by the true definition of "Vintage" that I almost can say I'm vintage.

Made my written journal lists of things to do to include an eye exam when I get back as my collection (and I mean collection) of Walmart readers may not be getting it all the time now.

Plopped a conglomeration of stuff in the chair and on the kitchen island (our hot spot of clutter finders) which I feel I clean off constantly and things just keep getting piled up there!!!!  HELP!

Thankful that I"m almost finished with this piece so I can start another!

Labcoat, my journal and my stitching in arms from the travelers.

Thankful and Thrifty Thursday Travelers.

Thinking of my thankful and thrifty Thursday travelers........

Now say that 3 times again~~~~~~

alright, alright, I'll stop...........hey   Grey's Anatomy is on in just a few!

Till later,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pre-trip jitters

Not quite time for a trip but all the busy, busy things to do between now and then are list-making time!

Mr. Ren and Miss Abbie will be boarding in a lodge, actually the one where we got her. The owner is very nice and loves her Chi's. She has raised them for 10 years and has a Pet Lodge.
Since Ren right now has special needs, and she will let them out and love them more than a vet boarding, I'm pleased to say they will be boarding there and I'm sure will be spoiled. In fact, Abbie will be able to see her daddy (sire) whose name is Tuff. And, they can chi-chat together!  LOL

I usually pack enough, well, enough for 3 people so I best start now (SIGH)
The airline charges for extra luggage though has curtailed my "taking everything but the kitchen sink" on a trip.
Our last trip to Chicago, well, I did a little shopping and my one suitcase weighed 49.5 lbs and we came 1/2 pound close to paying overweight fees.

I'm stalling here...........I can't believe I just heard a SIREN in my own yard!
Bodyguard's partner came by to show him something that needed fixed on the deputy's car and I guess they had pushed the siren button, how embarrassing. At least we live in the country!

Anyway, after that short episode, Abbie is yodeling at the top of her lungs because I guess she is not well-socialized and not used to a siren in the yard. With a doggie dad named Tuff, I think she got a bit of his genes in her.

Ren is not doing too well. We have had to spend a good bit of time and attention with him and he is HIGH maintenance now. He sometimes walks in circles but still eats ok, his appetite is not as good as it was and I'm just worried about him. I know, I know, he is old, but I'm attached to him. We just make him as comfortable as we can and let him be.

Today was a hurry-hurry-wait kind of day at work and at lunch I flew out to Target to get some last minute things and I love to look through their dollar section at the front of the store.
They had some really cute gardening things and for a dollar each they were really nice. Got some tins to plant some herbs in (when we get back), potty papers (an endless list item) and T-R-E-A-T-S. Yep, we have to spell that word because if you say it around here then, she flies over to the treat jar and waits. Ren used to be that way but he can't hear much anymore.

I don't know around other parts of the world but right now in North Ga., the pollen came in one wave and the leaves  have grown overnight!  It's amazing at the sudden pollen surge (the yellow snow) on the car and porch now. But, on the drive home through country roads, I can't tell you how many colors of Spring I loved to see. I think my favorite is the lilic trees. They are at peak right now and beautiful. You know you love stitching when you can name the Crescent colors or DMC numbers by the leaf and spring blossoms! LOL

Four more days and then I'm ready to see some of this:

And this:

And This:

Is this not the sweetest cross stitched picture you ever saw?  I have no idea who the designer is but I would love to find out and stitch it. It's cute, cute there by the ocean. I actually forgot where I got it.

Although part of our trip will be for business, we hope to tour the city a good bit for a few days. And BG will be able to the entire week touristing while I'm stitching in a Gynecology conference. Yes, I know that seems weird but I got quite a bit done at my last conference on a Scarlet Letter piece.

I'm thinking now of all the ones I want to stitch and I will pick one fitting for the trip. I've got to pack light so I have to take only one? 

Till later,

Some housekeeping today

Just a note to let everyone know that if you make a comment, I'm still reading them but Google blogger is not putting them in. If it does, on the main page it will say 0. I can't deal right now with all the Blogger issues but tonight I may need someone who is so much smarter than me about html and blogging setup to help me. My issues I've been having are getting worse, weird things happening.

  1. comments can't be moderated
  2. suddenly my pic in profile doesn't show up anymore
  3. the header will not take any pic size
  4. some comments from October won't publish or reject and just pop up occasionally here and there?
That's just starters!  Please email me tonight at if you have experienced any of these things and know how to work templates over without losing data, and maybe some experience you have had with this so I can best communicate!! I have gone to the help section, cleaned out some old stuff, etc. and just not getting anywhere......

Till later,

Cleaning out old journals is such a reflective time

Stitched by me in 2010 from a booklet by The Sampler Girl

I'm still working tonight on cleaning out my old papers I had stored from oodles of years ago. I found writing then an outlet and to journal has not been a new thing for me.  Interestingly written in  2003, I excerpted from my journal something that touched me. I had written a paper only I could read. It was password protected as many others. The name of this article was Pandora's Box. The reason for it is quite a long story but in essence this excerpt reminded me of destiny and the why of things especially having not read it in almost 10 years.

The  last paragraph is:

My children, Brandon and Meghan, have unique gifts. Although they have their own struggles and personal challenges, separation by distance cannot separate our common struggles, pain, and joys that we celebrate as we all venture to pick up the broken pieces of the remains of the results of family violence in years past. Our personalities, fears, and outlook on life issues changed forever. We all have a section in Pandora’s box, separated only by years and circumstance. We know how and when to open the box………we know when to keep it closed too.

 This is still true today. But each day gets brighter when the box is opened.

Nite, nite

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Morning stitching and planning

Today has been another warm day in North Georgia and the pollen all of a sudden fell all at one time. Yesterday, literally, there was no pollen on the thickly. My eyes are puffy and the Zyrtec and Singulair are on the morning routine list now.

I do feel that I got to accomplish  finish many things around the homestead and my journal book that contains the old-fashioned hand-written list for today has more checked off than non checks, so life is good.

This morning I almost finished the left lower quarter of This Too Shall Pass and loved the filigree design upon finishing. I have a couple of stitches left on the little bird and then finish lower right corner and TA-DAH!  my frame should be arriving about that day and Body Guard and myself will be off to frame another.
The Williamsburg Red and Williamsburg Blue Weeks Dye fibers are really 2 of my favorites and you can tell as this will most likely go in the keeping room.

I'm sipping on a cold Dr. Pepper right now and reading......reading more on Boston!
Yep, that's coming up soon, in fact about 5 days we'll be on a vacation to Boston to see the city. This will be Bodyguard's first ever visit to Boston and my second only.

My mouth is watering now for that fresh seafood by the sea and strolling through Old Town with my honey.

Now that I can take pics again with more storage space in Picasa (crazy but Google has no other choice for visual lovers like me) , I'll be sure to take my laptop and camera so that I can journal here and keep you up to date on our finds.

Well till later~~ stay safe and have some fun!

And the winner of the Brandon Homecoming Giveaway is.........

Vickie in Colorado!!!!!!! yep, Vickie, you got the pattern, threads and linen.

Email me at for mailing info!


I'm still working with the picture in the header issue right now. I have to laugh at this week and some of you will know exactly what I'm talking about but every day brings new surprises!
Life is full of surprises. And at this point, I honestly laugh so hard at most of them, my sides hurt.

Seems that Google Blogger automatically downloads all pics, yep, zaps all of them and stores them in Picasso picture holder, which in turn has reached it's max for this blog.......soooooooo
it is a solvable issue but may take a few days to iron out the kinks with pictures.
This may be a no-brainer for some folks but I...had a DUH moment learning this today! I take alot of pics, I think the max I reached was like 10,000 or more.......unreal but anyway, I will work on this more tomorrow.....

Isn't that what Scarlett said again??

Tomorrow is another is's after midnight....ok, today then. :o

I did get some stitching time in tonight, the first since probably a week ago. I can't wait to get finished with this one so I can start a bunch I have lined up to stitch. The frame I ordered for This Too Shall Pass design should be here any day as their shipping is ultrafast so I best get the needle burning again.

It felt so good to be able to go exactly where I needed in an organized drawer to find my frame and materials.

Well off to bed,

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Truth Shall Set You Free

God works in mysterious ways!
And when our time comes to know the why of why's it's exhilerating and liberating!

And as Paul Harvey said..........that's the rest of the story!  ;)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Picnic Weather~~wine and cheese, please!

I can say that this week has been quite productive at organizing a bit of stuff and finding things.....more than dust bunnies.

I almost listed this unused picnic gig I got about 5 years ago from a store going out of business and I was convinced after a day as bright and shiney as this one, that this is a keeper.

Even though it has a place setting for 4, that's fine by us, we always can find someone to come along or sometimes it might be fun just the two of us!

This thing is the mega of all picnic sets and why I bought it at the time I don't know.
I guess they were going out of business and it was a good deal.
But, now we can really enjoy it now.

It even has a silver wine topper (didn't get pic in )

Do you picnic?  I took this apart for the first time. Isn't it funny how we store away stuff and really don't enjoy it for quite some time later?
I love the little salt and pepper bottles which are glass not plastic and the wine glasses and the table cloth. There's enough insulated storage space for a 4 person buffet!

Ready for a picnic in your neck of the woods?  It's beautiful weather here.

After I get over my fear of snakes, I will plan out a nice picnic for us.
Isn't that silly?  Well, here we have alot of Copperheads and I'm totally afraid of them completely and last year I came about 5 inches from stepping on one with flip flops so yeppers, I'm ready for a picnic but maybe in the back of the truck or something!  LOL

Hope your Easter was a happy one!

I'm fixing to finally sit down and stitch and catch up on the news. 

Tomorrow though, back to work..........I digress.

What does Easter mean to you?

This is the time of night when my introverted mind starts wondering, thinking and drawing introspection. Many nights I go out on the back porch to reflect on my day,my week, my journey. Sometimes I realize that I am too introverted.

For some reason, tonight I reflected on the real meaning of Easter and the thought of Jesus being crucified is just aweful but He was doing God's will and He came for one purpose. I often joke about bunnies and humorous antics especially the Easter bunny leaving something at the door but those days are over.
I did thoroughly enjoy fixing baskets. I'm not so sure my kids really enjoyed it but the joy is in the giving.

I read tonight the 7 last statements that He made before He died on the cross. As I read each verse I tried to find meaning of the statement and how to interpret that in my life and they were striking to me and I hope that you will reflect on the meaning of each one because it's so important to reread what he said during those last hours.

The following are the last recorded statements Jesus made while hanging on the cross. If you consider what Jesus said in John 19:26-27 as one statement you will have a list of seven distinct phrases. If you look at these two verses as containing two separate sayings then you have a list of eight.

"Then Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.' And they divided His garments and cast lots. " (Luke 23:34)

There are many people that pass our journey that I have come to realize that some folks don't really know what they are doing. Sometimes it's hurtful and rejecting but I think He understood and I'm trying. That's the only way I can make sense of it sometimes.

"And Jesus said to him, 'Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.' " (Luke 23:43)

This verse gives me a promise that one day we will be with Him and He wanted us to know that. This verse makes me feel safe and loved.

"When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing by, He said to His mother, 'Woman, behold your son!' Then He said to the disciple, 'Behold your mother!' And from that hour that disciple took her to his own home." (John 19:26-27)

This verse really struck me as He understood that we all don't agree with our children but mothers should be respected. The relationship goes both ways and the bond is never broken. There are responsibilities we all could ignore, including myself, but this is not what He wants for us. Family is important.

"And at the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, 'Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?' which is translated, 'My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?' " (Mark 15:34)

In reflecting on this scripture, I realized that even Jesus Himself had a moment that He felt alone and questioned God's purpose. He felt abandoned so he can relate to us all.

"After this, Jesus, knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, said, 'I thirst!' " (John 19:28)

Here I interpret that He was human. He had needs and asked for them just like we should be doing every day.

"So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, 'It is finished!' And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. " (John 19:30)

This is one of the saddest scriptures. He gave up His spirit. Again, He showed understanding that no matter what we do sometimes, there's a time to give up. Our spirits are human.

"And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice, He said, 'Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.' Having said this, He breathed His last. " (Luke 23:46)

His very last statement shows that no matter what happens in our life, we are not in control, God is.

These 7 last statements I think held much meaning that we can apply to our daily life. Sometimes it's hard to believe. Sometimes it's easy.

On a serious note, I realize I'm human and make many mistakes but God understands and sent His son to relay many reassuring messages.

I hope your Easter is a safe and happy one!