Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and hope all your wishes come true.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nesting the gift of Christmas

I'm in the process of developing a big stitching space for more than one here.

 I'm trying to make it cozy and comfortable. Still have paint to do but so excited to stretch out.

A quilt on the sofa

repurposing all I have and making it usable for this space

a cozy spot for larger projects and my frame

I'm definitely not one for plastic storage but I found these beautiful storage boxes at Walmart a few weeks ago. I thought they looked so colonial and complementing the colors I'm using for a warm cozy space in my office area.

This very heavy unit was going to trash when someone moved so I asked to PULLEAZE let me take it!
And it came home with me.  I'm planning on painting this in a primitive color and putting in the group stitchy spot to hold my docking station for music and any other stitchy tools.

Music is a must for me, as it speaks to my heart.

Another space I love to stitch in a large mission rocker.

The pic over the rocker I found the print last week for 6.00 at one of my favorite thrift stores.
I knew immediately that I had the perfect heavy frame for it. The frame was actually given to me in 1985 by my brother and since then has housed several different prints.

Ironically I saw this very same print in Country Sampler magazine.....had to look twice.

and this is another old rocker if a friend would like to join me with perfect lighting.
I rocked my babies kids in this chair.

Surrounded by some of my favorite things.

The pic on the left was drawn by my daughter years ago and I treasure it.
The one on the right is a print of a painting at Colonial Williamsburg. I got the print on my trip last year and just framed last night.

sorry about the glare, very hard not to this morning. What blessings!

primitive tea lights in holders makes this feel truly like HOME

a few favorite ornies scattered around the homestead

My mother sent this as my Christmas gift this year. She said when she saw it, she instantly thought of me.
It was very encouraging to say the least and fit perfectly on the shelf next to my stitching chair.

a touch of Christmas at another stitching spot.

an old silver tree graced with pretty pink and white.

I feel very blessed this year and at peace.

Guests can tell I love stitching when they walk in the door. Makes me smile!

Now, as I get the house in a cozier mood for the Holidays and thereafter, I can finally actually stitch.

The star and angels gave the wise men direction on Christmas.

and what joy I have in a project in process for stitchers to have a retreat to the mountains, where I am grounded and feel at peace. Still have much work to do, but coming along great right now!

2012 is going to be a great year!!

the star will guide the way

Cozy up your nest

and you will feel your best!

Are you ready for Christmas? 

That's what people I see in passing ask me and I think to myself, yes, I'm ready for Christmas because to me Christmas is in our hearts all year.
 The peace, the joy, the promise of unconditional love are gifts that are on my Christmas journey from this year and hereafter.

Well, off to work on a design that I will post later as a freebie. I think you will like it. ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Week before Christmas and all through the house

The Week Before Christmas

A week before Christmas and all through the house;
many creatures are stirring, even the cats.
 They swing on the front door wreath to get a peak in.
And make us laugh in humor to wonder what's next from them.

We cooked Christmas cookies and sprinkled them with sugar
in hopes that our week is sweet and filled with splendor
The Christmas cards are all addressed to special people
and waiting to go to the post office, then off to the church with a steeple.

yes, church on Christmas Eve is a special blessing indeed.
For we remember what the true meaning of Christmas will bring.
Each year we are reminded of true blessings in all forms
That lead us to promises and hope for much more.

We don't necessarily wish for things for they
are really not the meaning of this holiday
We wish for peace and harmony within
our true friends hearts and those who try to win.

For all of us really want to be close to our Maker
and praise Him for what He has done, even if through baking
Baking kind gifts to acquaintances and friends
fills my heart with the true gift of Christmas.

In this late hour, my Abigail is restless
but hopeful for a better 2012 that's blessed
She is a true companion with unconditional love
the kind that God wants us all to spread to the ones we love

If ever you don't believe in Angels oh so near,
read the Christmas story and I can testify they are here.
Some are busy and some are not
But all in all, it's what we got

To protect us, guide us, and send good cheer
At a time, a precious time, of the end of the year
To all my friends both far and near
Remember the angels said not to fear

For baby Jesus was born in a manger to share
all His love for all of us, even those who do not care.
He's forgiving in that way, which makes him more special
For forgiveness was born, to help us with protection.

So as you start the week before Christmas
think of all that God has done for you
And anyone's Christmas is a glad time that is due.
After many trials and tribulations that are promised to endure
It started with one baby who's birthday is pure.

by Jennifer Dalenberg

Happy Sunday soon to end and hoping you had a great one!


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