Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do you believe in angels?

An Angel in Our Home

An angel is close to me
he protects me when I sleep
He protects me during the day
When I'm busy at work and play.

To catch a glimpse of an angel
is the most peaceful feeling for the heart;
it's like knowing someone is there
who will never leave me in part.

For some it's hard to believe
in angels that sit at our feet,
on nights alone at home,
or on a lonely walk down a street.

But I know this much is true,
sweet angels fill our home;
We all have a special one
To call our very own.

I hope you feel your angel
and the peace he brings to you
For all of us are not receptive
But we know this much  is true:

Angels are sent from Heaven
To protect us and  feel their love
Don't be afraid of their presence
Because they are there like doves

Flying in when we need them
Showing us their presence.
Sending messages of hope
And promises of Heaven.

by Jennifer Dalenberg
inspired by an angel in our home, true story

Some call them ghosts, some call them angels. Some do not believe and some understand fully.
 Paranormal activity is definitely a conversation starter  or ender . ;)
I definitely believe in angels because I've had many times in life of proof when I know one is there. Most of the time there are particular places in our home when this occurs. On a couple of occasions I was not the only witness to it. And still don't know why those special spots in the home are the places.
I know that many feel this is hokey but in my heart I know it's true and sometimes when angels decide to give us a glimpse of them AND a feeling of a surreal peace while present, it's too hard not to believe in angels.

As you go through your day, I hope you can feel the presence of your special angel and feel the peace to the heart it brings.

Do you believe in angels?

Till later,

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Valentine Day Homestead sampler

Tomorrow will be a long day. So, for the weekend I let my dancing thoughts of Valentines's get into some positive energy if you still would like to add to your Valentine stash. If you happen to think it's stitch worthy and would like to stitch it, you many substitute your  own sweetheart's inital. I had Body Guard doing a jig in the design and pansies were growing like crazy around our Valentine House.

Valentine's Day is so commercialized now that the true meaning gets lost, either some over do it (like I used to), or some forget it ( let's hope not), but either way if you celebrate in conservative ways and would like to frame a 5 x 7 meaning of what Valentines means to the Dalenbergs, then here's a little freebie to tuck away.

No relationship is perfect and really our goal in life is for every day to be Valentine's Day around the homestead. If you don't know what that means then get your Bibles and turn to 1 Corinthians 13 and keep it in your heart all year through. This is real love. Celebrate often. You don't need expensive Valentine dinners or plans, just love and respect.
Today I so happen to turn on the TV for another program and they were talking about love and respect. It's amazing how different men and women are wired.
I fail myself sometimes but I really do try to be a good Valentine's Day partner.

Valentines Hearts Live Here

designed by Feathers in the Nest

copyright 2011

colors suggested are

CC Tennessee Red Clay
Olive Branch
Peanut Brittle
Whatley Woods
Old Oak Tree
flesh--Antique Lace

This would be cute framed in a foyer or in your bedroom.

It should stich out well in a 5 x 7 frame.

If you by chance do stitch it and would like to share it with me, just send me an email and I'll put it on the blog. I would love to see what you do with it.

These freebies will be here for a short while so get them while you can.
One day, I promise, to stitch these up so that you will see a model pic.

Right now, I'm stitching on a patriotic piece. I'll show more progress tomorrow........tomorrow is another day.........Fiddle D D.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Progress

Like magic this morning when I awoke and peeped out the window, our land was coated with 2-3 inches snow. Pure. White. A Blessing of sight and a blessing I'm off so I  don't have to drive in it but just watch it from the window while I pick back up on this:  Land of Liberty by Bent Creek.

Got one of the birds finished. I had been stitching in hand last night for a bit and then before I went to bed decided to put in my standing frame to speed things up. I LOVE the blue bird!!!!!!
Ma TeaKettle was so kind to gift me with this!
She is so sweet.
Wished I lived closer so we could pop in for a cuppa and stitch together.

Here are a few pics Body Guard took this morning. He is doing better and we appreciate your prayers. Tomorrow the stent come out so we REALLY need prayer for pain relief tomorrow morning.
He's tough. He will be fine.

The sun is supposed to come out and temps in the 40's so most of this will melt but it will be in the freezing temp again tonight so may have a slippery ride in to work tomorrow.

Made some Cinnamon toast this morning and yes, I made a piece for Miss Abbie from the end of the loaf (not in the pic). She is a bit spoiled and I love her so.

Till later,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Midnight Progress on a Bent Creek design/Land of Liberty

18 count Wichelt linen
Bent Creek design--kit
gifted to me by Ma Teakettle, Karyn! this week.
Pearl Cottons in kit of beautiful Americana colors.

Started this today in the waiting room while Bodyguard had an outpatient surgery. He is doing well as to be expected for the procedure.......and in between chatting with the few in the waiting room, as we were a bit behind time, I got a few stitches in tonight.

I'm a bit tired though. New day starts REAL soon so best get to bed for recharging.

I will tuck this in my lunch tote.

I've always dreamed of having an area/ possible guest room for just Americana things and this will be a perfect stitch for it.
I love the color Uniform Blue and the Pearl Cotton on the birdies are so alike that color. Easy on the eyes. Ma knew what I needed!

Abbie is the only one in yoga pose tonight. I'm sore everywhere. Actually, she was leaping on chairs when we got home but soon is ready for me now.  

Tweet, Tweet friends this week

This past whole week I've not had a camera memory card so I have alot to show you in a little bit of time because in an hour I have to be ready and out to take BG to the hospital for some minor surgery. He will be fine even though he has been pacing the floor since 7am. ;)  Usually when he is hyper, I'm all calm, so I'm sure that will change when we get there in a few.

I have a few mail goodies to show you. One I just received last night from Sandy and it made me cry it was so sweet!   Sandy I did get it yesterday in the mail!!!  It was waiting on me when I got home from a long day of work. Sandy and I both share a love for furbabies and this book will be treasured forever.

I popped that new memory card out this morning......finally!!!

Sandy's gift came in the mail last night with a most beautiful card.

With the sweetest stickers on the card and package. Sandy you are the greatest!

With a book that has this in the front

Isn't this sooooo cool?

Love it!  Meditations for Dog Lovers (that's me)

I thought of Ren the whole time and his little sweet self across Rainbow Bridge waiting for me.

I will hold this in my heart forever. Thank you Sandy.

Last week, Ma Teakettle, Karyn, sent me this to me as a RAK and make sure you are sitting when you sent what else here. I almost passed out.

Yes, you wouldn't BELIEVE the pile of big linen cuts here! I can't thank you enough Ma!

this is the most beautiful elegant linen color!

And all this as I drool again looking through it~~~~~in a STACK

That is absolutely stunning when I opened that. Karyn you really are WAY too generous. 
Before this last weekend, I was thrifting in a store while shopping for some things to go in a remodeled room, and happened upon this.

I couldn't resist. It had no musty odor, there as no marks on it.   All wool. And stitchable.
4 yards of it. 19.00.

I bunched it for you to see the whole piece.
I did a major happy dance in that store. Body guard thought I was nuts as I was skipping to the register with my find.

I played a bit on it with one over one and one over two. It's very stitchy for samplers.
4 yards!

I will fold it back up.

My new craze to add to my already developing meditation morning and night is this. Yoga. Power Yoga.

I got this yesterday and have done morning and night sessions. This is definitely hard core yoga.
It tones every muscle of the body. This morning, I took it slower as my muscles were sore from last night of 25 minutes session.

So far though I know I will love it. I loved going dancing and the flexibility of it for my joints is what I need.
After passing the sore muscle phase, maybe my breathing will improve...LOL

Last night I was on the floor in front of the TV trying to do all this and Abbie was nipping and biting at my face and pulling out every toy in her basket and dropping it on my head as she thought I was playing with her.
This morning, she is tuckered out in one of her poses. Is this the dog pose?

Speaking of Abbie, this is what she did to my new chair pad. I have to save this if I can.

I need all hookers in blogland to look at this.......(I know, you know what I mean) really, I have never done punchneedle or hooking (thank God)......but would I get a punchneedle to fix it or what??????
Is is saveable?

This is the back of it.

Thank you again and I have to scoot soon for an afternoon at the hospital, so I will be back to anxiously read your  comments. They make my day!

Say a prayer for us if you can at 1pm today. We will need it.

Till later,