Friday, December 2, 2011

The Lacemaker Print Finds a New Home

Johannes Vermeer, one of my favorite artists, Dutch in origin, had very interesting paintings depicting mostly women in domestic chores of middle class. He had a preference for cornflower blues and yellow in his works. He was baptized in Delft/Netherlands in 1632 and died in 1673 at the early age of 43. This particular print of the oil painting is called The Lacemaker. He originally painted this in 1669-70 in Louvre, Paris.

I found this interesting from further research into The Lacemaker from Wikipedia~~

In The Lacemaker, the artist presents the various elements which compose both the girl's face and body as well as the pattern of the material she is working on in an abstract manner. The girl's hands, the curls of her hair and the T-cross which form her eyes and nose are all described in an abstract manner unusual for the era in which Vermeer worked. In addition, the red and white of the lace is shown as spilling from the sewing cushion with physical properties suggesting a near liquid form.[2] The blurring of these threads contrasts sharply with the precision of the lace she is shown working on.

 He is very famous also for The Girl with a Pearl Earring, of which I treasure over my fireplace, painted by my daughter in oil and a much larger piece.

Just a few weeks ago, while going through a thrift store, actually looking for something else, I saw this for 8.00. It's a print with glass of a Vermeer painting and interestingly, whoever owned this obviously  loved the art of tatting, or stitching, in general, as there is a corner piece of actual tatting under the glass.

I was instantly attracted to this print and it's beautiful frame and tatting piece. It fits in a perfect spot in the house and I LOVE it!

The print is actually about the same size as the original, as it's the smallest of Vermeer's paintings but regarded as unusual for the Baroque era, measuring about 8 x9 in.

I had to share with all those who love art AND needlework or needle art.

I think I definitely found a treasure! Just a reminder that sometimes when we are looking for one thing, we can find another.   Makes me wonder who would take such a piece to a thrift store, but I'm sure glad I found it.

Hope your evening is peaceful and your weekend beautiful!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Mid-week already and tomorrow Dec 1st! Can't believe it. Time flies by fast.

Things that make my skirt fly up lately are:
  • the Christmas movies on Lifetime channel
  • peaceful, quiet house
  • organization. Finally.
  • the smell of a fire in the fireplace
  • the sounds of the fire in the fireplace
  • fruit, yogurt with granola
  • Iam's dry dog food ---for toy breeds
  • meeting a friend I haven't seen in 30 years!
  • early evenings to bed with a full night's sleep
  • watching the sunrise in a brilliant orange red over the mountains while making coffee
  • no poo poo accidents from Abbie
  • blueberry cake for breakfast
  • extra reading time
  • Bath and Bodyworks Acorn and Fig Room spray.......heavenly.
  • listening to Joyce Meyers ministries---word vitamins for the soul
  • stitching time in the evenings
  • hot chocolate with extra marshmellows
  • connecting with old friends. And new ones!
  • Randy Travis CD==Three Wooden Crosses
  • finding new craft blogs that are awesome
  • watching snowflakes outside the window even if it was just 2 hours yesterday ;)
  • finding the best ezcema (over the counter) product---Aveeno for ezcema skin---works like a charm
  • a bargain buy for Abbie for 97cents---a new Tshirt (because she really needed another one)

Monday, November 28, 2011

I Learn something new everyday and today felt so honored!!

To my surprise, my latest freebie is in a great blog for cross stitchers and lovers of all crafts. A Christmas Heart designed recently was presented as today's posting at Craft Gossip.

Thanks to all readers and lovers of Feathers in the Nest. I do thank you from the bottom of my Christmas heart ;)

Browsing through this blog has tons of information and great charts. A wonderful treasure found today, another blessing to count. If you are looking for a great blog to add for tons of info on crafting, this one is excellent.

 Hope you are starting the week off to a great start. Weather man says we may get a few snow flakes tomorrow in the North Georgia mountains! Snow. Just the word stirs excitement for me. ;)

Stay safe and warm,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I had to put a tree up today

Yup, working in all different directions on this primitive sampler piece of mine, I got too excited to put a tree up..........

.......even if it was with thread and needle
I also want to correct the threads used in this piece. They are not Crescent Colors Christmas Limited Edition but Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Limited ed.
So without havng the color on the labels, I'm guessing this is Blue Spruce and Williamsburg Red.
I really like the colonial colors for this piece. Now that one of the trees are "up", I'm going to work myself around this and fill in so it won't look like Wheel of Fortune!

Speaking of spinning wheels, Miss Abbie did exactly that today after her bath.

 She is so happy after a bath, it's fun just to sit and watch her run around and show such happiness ;)

Have a restful Sunday night,