Monday, August 31, 2015

Feathered Friends at the Homestead!

Well, let's go on down to visit Fox Mountain!

 I've seen a few wild turkeys since living in the woods but haven't housed an entire flock like this year.

They just hang out with the 'em how to find food......

Yup, an entire flock of about 30 turkeys are in our yard/forest every morning and evening.

For the last month, we've watched them from the porches grow into a nice size family.

They kind of are like our pets now. And, no, we will not be shooting them for Thanksgiving dinner.

This one came up to hubbie within 5 feet and just stopped. And stared.

I  held my breath and so did Abbie in my arms. She didn't even bark one time, amazed at them all.

This is one of the Tom's. He always waits for all of the little ones, or large babies now, to gather up. He's on baby watch.

And man, does he and the hen have babies that have grown. And fast.

They like hanging out at our homestead here. Gives a new meaning to Feathers in the Nest.
And we enjoy their company.

We just have to make sure we don't back over a turkey every day now.

Hubbie has cleared out alot of areas and they are lovin' it.

After their visit, they all gather and fly up in the trees when the sun is setting.

I can't wait to show my daddy these pictures soon!

Don't mind me crossing the driveway to go find that one youngin' that stays behind!

I found some interesting facts about wild turkeys here:

Ya'll have a gobbly-good evening!

Jennifer and Gary Fox
Fox Mountain

P. S. Some stitchy news coming soon........