Friday, April 22, 2011

I just want to say thanks

I just want to say thanks for all my followers who are hanging in with me and being understanding when I hit a bump in the road. I feel so blessed. This week has been very challenging. Challenges my faith, my trust, my integrity, my health. I need all the prayers in the world at this time and ironically Easter weekend is here.

I hope each and every one of you have a Happy Easter. I still plan to get together charts for a giveaway but life unexpectedly intervened in a way that is hard to deal with and I had to focus attention to other matters unfortunately. My stitching rut I've got into this past week is inexcusable and I hope is not dissapointing. I will-----and I have a strong will----get past this and get back my creative spirit. Right now I'm focusing on my physical health from all the stress. Just to get basics like eating and sleeping again and finding things I forgot that lift me up in times like these to keep positive energy flowing so that no matter what life brings, I'm ready. God already knows the plans for us anyway. I trust He will be there and I will be able to filter the garble and find what his will is. I learned a lesson. I've put too much energy into one basket and the basket didn't appreciate it at all.

I probably will not be writing too much on the blog this weekend so I wanted to say thanks, I haven't forgotten what this blog is about, the beautiful people all over the world that connect with me in my passion for color, stitching, etc.

As I've said before, life is a journey. And sometimes we journey alone. And sometimes it's actually good to unclutter the mind to get over the hump in the road. Fall 8 times and get up 9.

I hope you have a the most blessed Easter this weekend.

 Easter is a time of hope for me. Hope that there is one person in the world who will never tell us he doesn't have time for us, never shun us away, never be ashamed of us, never stop loving us.

That's what I'm holding on to this Easter. Hope. Laughter. Adventure. And regrouping.

Happy Easter!

I hope you have at least one person who will share it with you and make it special.

I love all of ya'll.

Till later,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soldier's Angels organization and opportunities for stitchers,quilters

Soldier's Angels

I have thought about joining this group for a very long time for many different reasons. I first found it when Brandon went to Afghanistan and I wanted to help in some way. Our country has been at war for a very long time and our troops need our support. Some have multiple deployments, many actually and Saturday, I decided to commit to a lifetime membership for Soldier's Angels.

I read about this non-profit organization for a while and asked a couple of people about it before making the commitment. I wish I knew how to quilt or knit, as this is the project I would pick to help. However, if you quilt, knit, sew, stitch, or like to write, consider participating in this group. There are soldiers that do appreciate home-made items and letters.  You can read more at their website here.

Some of the projects include:

Adopt-a soldier
Angel Bakers
Cards Plus Team
Chaplain Support Team
Heroes and Horses
Letter Writing Team
Ladies of Liberty
Hero packs
First Response Backpacks
Eagle Cane Project
Operation It's Me
Operation Birthday Cakes
Patriot Pillowcases
SA Germany
Operation Top Knot
Memorial Portriats
Living Legends
Wounded TLC
VA Crochet and Craft

and more

The website in the upper right corner will let you know from day to day how many of our heroes need someone to adopt them, support them, write to them, send a package at least once a month.
You don't have to adopt a soldier to write in order to participate in any of the programs. Being an amateur seamstress, I wasn't sure I could quilt a blanket but I do think I am going to make pillowcases. I also received the name/ address and info of the "adopted" soldier and will write to him weekly and send a package once a month. I'm also interested in making the scarves if I can find out more on their site dimensions, etc.

The reason for this posting is for awareness as I know there are alot of stitchers out there---very talented quilters too!

If you like quilting and want to contribute, the website will explain that the quilts are needed at the Germany hospital for wounded soldiers and also they are used at Walter Reed hospital.

I personally decided to make the committment to try to make a difference somewhere. Life is short.

I'm having some vision problems again with my left eye. Soon to have another eye exam. Saturday night went blind in the left peripheral vision for about 30 minutes. It was a scarey time. I'm assuming that was an ocular migraine again. I've only had 2 of these and hope I don't have any more. I'm due for a scan on the optic nerve again soon as well to see if the drops I put in my eyes are working. The drops are the first step in stopping the progression, then surgery if this is not working. I'm very photosensitive from the drops but just try to deal with it. I'm thankful God gave us all two eyes.

Till later,


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