Friday, December 9, 2011

A Simple Christmas Giveaway

Friday. A week in review. Another fast week. Another week of life lessons.

December. The beginning of another season. A season of hope.

Sometimes all we need is hope. I'm looking forward to a new season on many levels and hope that you too will find hope in whatever you are going through whether good or bad, ups or downs.

In the middle of a turbulent season of my life this past 6 months especially, I have been reminded that there is hope. I want to thank each of you again as I did before for your prayers, your strength, your kindness, and just hanging in here with me as I wrote several months ago. I'm very hopeful that this season of struggle, to put it lightly, is closing and a new brighter chapter is in the near future.

At Christmas, I've always loved to give whether it be my time, my talents, or gifts.

A couple of months ago, I ordered from Pineberry Lane and also ordered a Blackbird Design book that would be the perfect Christmas giveaway this year for anyone who loves samplers, vintage scissors and 32 ct Belgian linen to make your samplers. It's been moved from one place to another through the chaotic past few months but now time has settled things and finally getting to posting it.

I've ordered from Pineberry Lane in the past and this is where I knew the quality of products and linen is awesome!
book by Blackbird Designs, A Schoolgirl's Work is a beautiful 110 page book of old samplers, the history of the making of them, and several patterns from those samplers. I do not have one myself but hope one day to order one as I was so impressed with the quality and beautiful pictures and patterns in this book.
Of course with Blackbird Designs, you know that spells quality by itself.

The scissors are wrapped with sprigs of lavender, as well as the linen.
I am going to leave those unopened but here are a few pics:

32 ct fat quarter of linen from Pineberry Lane

and the vintage scissors from Pineberry Lane

The season started here in April with a prayer alone
and all since then was in God's hands. I had tried to fix things myself but as you most know there is a time to let go and that time had come.  I had no idea how or what events would take place but
just as I said in the post in the Springtime when I gave this pair of scissors, sampler and linen,
I will say again.

One thing is the same throughout all seasons in life:

Remember well and bear in mind,

A Faithful friend is hard to find

Surround yourselves with loving friends and those that choose not to be, pray for.

That's the best gift you can give!

I have to say this even again and I'm so glad there is at least that one constant in life we can count on through all seasons.

The Christmas Season shared with you.

Good luck!

Basic things as usual:
1) be or become a follower of this blog and post here
2) international accepted
3) all 3 in one gift to the winner
4) if anonymous, please also put a way to reach you if your name is drawn from the random selector
5) for 2 chances, post twice, once as a follower, and second as your favorite pair of scissors.
6) for a third chance, post a third time that you posted on your blog, if you have one.

Starting today and ending on December 24th at midnight.

Abbie and I appreciate your patience with hanging in with us through some horrific events. I cannot and won't share this on a public domain. Just know that it's in God's hands and for all that we did survive and go through, we will be ok. We thank those that chose to stand by us and not leave.

I have but one Christmas wish this year and I've learned to keep it inside between myself and God for He already knows what that wish is.

I'm glad I was able to keep the strength to keep blogging although my stitching came to a hault for awhile.
I hope this changes soon and I finish at least A Christmas Heart sampler which is really just a simple verse from a movie that means alot to me and even though simple it represents my Christmas this year.

  I will say that it's time for rest now. It's time to sleep, to rest, and to eat and never give up on our Christmas wish.

Till later,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Twisted Tuesday

It is always good to know, if only in passing, charming human beings.
 It refreshes one like flowers and woods and clear brooks.

~~George Eliot

Food for thought from the heart.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet Sunday---have a second.....

There are just some year-long traditions that I've had for a very long time and still it's in my fiber.

Not as in fiber in food but a sweet tooth on Sunday evenings.

 Why? I have no idea but I guess somewhere along the way in my journey I started preparing for the week with something for dessert.

Unhealthy?  yep
Delicious? yep
Did it hit the spot? yep
Does the house smell of chocolate tonight? yep
Is there any other way to fall asleep at night?  (don't answer)
I just thought I would share with you.
I think I earned the calories for I was a busy bee all weekend, moving things here and yonder, scrubbing floors, going up and down the stairs about 20 times in 2 days.
Yep, I circulated the cholesterol.

Hope your Monday Morning wakes you with something sweet!
I already know what's for breakfast.

A Man's Own House--from Abigail

Hi, it's Abbie here. Just want to say thanks to all, for all your prayers and personal emails to my mom during a very difficult time in our life. I think we are on our way to peace and safety. It's hard for my mommy to ask for help but she did and to those who were so understanding and supportive through prayers and being there, we want to especially thank you, because we would do it for you if you asked during such a hardship.

We had to stay in hotels for 17 days in the Fall of the year to stay safe. And although I tried to stretch out and take it easy, I still prefer home.

When I'm home, this is one of my favorite spots,

because I can see the front porch and alert my mommy to anything

and I can watch my mom stitch, read and design too

Although the past 6 months have been stressful to say the least

I love my mom and she loves me.  And there's no place like HOME!

Several people left us in our lives during this time because they didn't understand,
but because God understands, He saved our lives.

 We still need your prayers as we transition at home, and we know God will take care of us, even me.

While away and during the difficult times, my mommy would like to give you a freebie she designed so that you can put it in your special home too or give it as a gift
~~~~ Because we both know that there's no place like home.

A Man's Own House

copyright 2011

designed by Feathers in the Nest

threads suggested are:

Gentle Art--Liberty---blue
Gentle Art---Dark Chocolate---dark brown
Gentle Art---Freedom--blue
Gentle Art ---Strawbonnet --light natural
Crescent Colors---Used Brick---brick red color
Crescent Colors---Pea Pod---green
Gentle Art--Mustard Seed---yellowish green--the pathway, the cross, the arrow, and the word East

just click on the picture graph and you should be able to print from there.

Psalm 91

If you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter,
no evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home.
For He will order His angels to protect you wherever you go.  verses 9-11 (NIV)

We both hope you have a good Sunday, a restful day for the week ahead and again thank you,