Saturday, April 2, 2011

An Old Fashioned Easter sampler


An Old Fashioned Easter
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

suggested colors are:

WDW Teal Frost---Easter and basket
WDW Hickory--inside basket
WDW--Harvest--wording, An Old-Fashioned
CC Heatherleigh-very light lavender--egg
CC Blue Beadboard--egg and tulip
CC Little Pink Peony--Abigails initials (or your choice) and 1 egg
CC Dandelien Stem-darker green egg in basket
CC Frozen Margarita--grass, egg in basket and tulip stems, leaves
CC Purple Toile--darker purple egg in basket and outside basket
CC Secondhand Rose--egg outside basket
CC Antique Lace--lightest pink Egg on grass
CC Finley Gold--crosses and yellow eggs

Hope this brightens your Saturday morning for a quick stitch and using your imagination with it!

fabric suggested is Antique white linen of your choice count

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Friday and hard to believe

Wow! this week has flown by so fast!

Today, I spent a very long day in conference but it's a great one. One of the best I've been to in my 20 years of attending them. Straight through the day too. Even lunch included 1000 folks all listening to lectures and the latest updates from National Institute of Health, Women's Health division.

I met some folks who lived all over, even international physicians, nurse practitioners, PAs in various fields of Primary Care, Gynecology, etc. Interesting day. The conference is so large they ran out of chairs in a huge ballroom of the  1000 folks early this morning.

Got a new textbook, hot off the press from last week.

 Spent the evening of a great dinner with my hubbie ( who has profiled many people on our visit) and enjoyed relaxing, taking rides through the city, etc while I'm in conference.
We start early in the morning. Starts at 7am and ends at 5:30pm, no lunch (well, we will have something to eat but they keep lecturing). The food at lunch was very good!  DARK chocolate cake and icing for dessert as we talk about lipid levels.......that was odd. Anyways,

So life is balanced. Tickling the right brain and the left brain this week.

Stitching a bit today. Please excuse the yellowing of the pics. The lighting in this hotel is not conducive for photos of stitching kind.

Started Pink Hill Manor by Blackbird Designs
30 ct R & R linen in Irish Creme
2 over 2
This looks like one color fiber; however, it is 2 blends of CC Endive and CC Chamomile in this pic. (again, not so good lighting)
I can't wait to start on the beautiful muted pinks, like CC Jakey Brown.

And hot off the press last week~~~~ a new add to my reference library at home (totally not stitching LOL) but it still gave me a happy dance at the reference table today!!!

Great authors in the field of women's endocrinology (which I love). I think it's so interesting to read how women are unique in our chemistry and we really are complex creatures. ;)
Honestly, this addition published 2011, last week released. SO excited to get it.

It's 1437 pages, typo, one thousand, four hundred and thirty-seven pages of interesting reading and THE most up-to-date research.

So quite a variety of experiences this week and more to come.

Time for some yoga. I brought my mat AND yoga ball (can you believe it?) ok, ok, yes you can.......we brought everything in but the yoga ball so Body Guard went to get it today out of the car while I was in conference. He said he got a few odd looks on the elevator......can you imagine?  It's a big PURPLE ball as big as a big beach ball! Is this love or what?

As 6am will be quite early to raise my eyelids, I best get to a short yoga session and then stitch myself to sleep with a cup of decaf hot tea.

We are missing Abbie alot. Last night found  my laptop cord, almost chewed in half though, that little stinker! She's forgiven more easily now. A call in to the sitter said yesterday she was quite "temperamental" but today better. She growled and Miss Abbie never growls at people. She's eating ok though and I'm sure will be happy when we pick her up. I remember Ren would pout as a puppy for a day or two before getting back in the swing of things. We will see how Miss Abbie does this time.

Here's the evidence.

Patient:  Abigail Renee Dalenberg
Diagnosis: frayed charger cord secondary to separation anxiety!
Prognosis: good
Plan of care: Keep cords off the floor
Replace with more chew toys.

That's my version......

BodyGuard's version is:

Subject: Abigail Renee Dalenberg
Problem:  Juvenile Delinquent Behavior
Plan: Open Case File
 Profile Pic:

Yes we are nuts tonight...LOL

I went to plug it in at the hotel and shrieked last night. I knew whose teethmarks those were. I'm happy she didn't get shocked! It still works so I'm not complaining there but we might have to let the vet take out the whole entire second row of bottom permanent teeth that she has, as they recommended because she is "teething" alot obviously. Yep, she never lost all her teeth behind the row of permanent ones and they recommended her to have surgery to have them removed.

Till later!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adding to stash and some lovely surprises!

Drool time!

Here are many stashing adds. Tanya, as sweet as she is, gave me the French Folio booklet and the Royal Wedding Souvenir, a very cute knitted pocket (l love the button too) which I can keep my business cards in, and also a beautiful fabric quarter of English print. I love it!

And this wonderful wedding is this month now---April. Probably will stitch this first.

I so wish I could knit.........

And then on our visit to In Stitches shop I got a little crazy to get these:

A tote by Homespun Elegance.

another bag ( I love bags) to organize my projects.

I have a smaller one and this one is a bit bigger to hold my Qsnaps.

And I've admired this beautiful Pink Manor from Blackbird Designs for a long time. I have the perfect sampler wall for this.

and pulled the colors.

And the lighting in this hotel room doesn't do this justice. It's a beautififul Irish Cream, 30 ct linen.

And picked up a few threads I needed for other projects.

And lovely thread winders from Rosewood Manor.

And Patricia, at the store, was kind enough to put in some freebies!

For Easter coming up.

I loved the visits today and can't say thanks enough. Tanya, has been such a good listener, and is understanding and fun to hang out with.

I think I have a few things to add to my basket!!!!!!

This is clearly a very unusual material and I can't wait to figure out how to finish with the Royal Sampler she designed.

Thank you again, for all those sweet things.

Zip over to her blog and check those out. The French Folio is so elegant
and our breakfast at La Madailine was also cozy and delicious food.

All in one word!   Wonderful!

Tanya introduced me to blogging about 3 years ago and I have stitched many of her designs. They are simply beautiful. The colors, the patterns, everything are inspiring.

and read more on our day.

I think I'm going to call it a day. I have a busy serious day tomorrow listening to Women's Health Updates. I plan to take some cross stitching while I listen. Maybe I can show you some progress tomorrow......

stay tuned......

Stay safe,

Fun DAY!!!!!

Today met up with The Sampler Girl herself, Tanya Anderson!  We ate brunch and lunch. I'm stuffed!  ;) In between this we went by In Stitches, a LNS, and I got some cool stash. Also got some cool stash from Tanya!  Exciting day for me in the big city. The next 3 days are going to be in medical conferences so will be a change from the last few days of fun travel and good memories!

Later tonight,  I'll post some stash pics. Hubbie is getting hungry so I have to hurry but here we are at In Stitches in Alexandria!

Scoot over to her website and you must, must see her beautiful French folio booklet and the new pattern for the British wedding next month. Both are gorgeous and now in my stitching stash too!!!!!!!

Will post later, hubbie's tummy is growling.....LOl


Wednesday Wonders

Well, we have had a blast for 2 days on our trip to Washington DC. Things we have seen or done include:

  • watching a black cow try to cross Interstate 95---road kill that could be a TBone all in one. LOL
  • finding a SUPER Target and getting lost in it for 3 hours
  • finding a Hobby Lobby and getting lost in it for 2 hours
  • had a repeat diagnostic mammogram to confirm an abnormal finding. The longest 24 hours or worry but all is benign. LIFE IS GOOD!
  • Saw about 40 signs that said "Washington"
  • stitched two rows of Quaker freebie from Needleprint blog in the dark but gave up on the bumpy roads.
  • had a yoga session last night
  • decided that a 36 inch flat screen in our bedroom is going to be a must-gift for Christmas
  • figured out about Fayetteville that I brought the wrong clothes for the weather
  • picked up a pair of yoga pants at Target
  • loved my hubbie and we laughed like we were on a Senior trip. FUN!
  • put a book on audio from my Kindle so we both could hear it through the car speakers. We read the whole book, published in November 2010, called No Comfort Zone. It was enlightening. That was the first time we listened to a whole book together like that.
  • watched Body guard have a spout with the bell boy while I was about to faint and finally just fell over the comfy soft heavenly bed and let them duke it out.
  • ate at two separate Cracker Barrels and having a barrel of fun in each---I dunked a honey mustard  for Tanya. I did. I really did. Just saying!
  • Decided I do not travel well because organization is a weakness for me. I take it all.
  • Ate at Pizza Hut in the Super Walmart in between picking out yoga pants, that I left.
  • found a jewelry pouch there to cover my small Vusion magnifier so it won't get scratched and the sweet boy gave it to me free.
  • Got on the elevator with room service and they had a tall pitcher of Ice Tea and obviously he didn't speak much English as I asked him randomly if it was sweet tea and he said " no sweet tea has "surga"
  • watched the lady at check in snicker to another person when I talked because she could tell I was Southern. I can't help it yal'll.
  • found out the new Tylenol we just got was recalled.
  • realized I  need a 12 step program for Target.
  • passed an Eifell Tower.
  • stopped at more rest stations than I ever thought possible.
Oh well, plans for tomorrow and also In Stitches to get some stash! Hope your week is just as happy!

On the road again.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Madness

Our trip is delayed right now with one single phone call. But things can change in a moment's time. This I know for sure.

I've had many emails regarding this design, Stitching Friends Forever by Debbie Draper Designs. I have emailed her at the email address on her website and it's pending about how to get this freebie as I don't see it on her website. But if you want to cruise her website:

here is her website. Just click and explore. I'm not sure if she is still designing. Hoffman did a biography on her.
She doesn't have this listed as a freebie on there but you can see some pretty designs. I love Quaker Moments.  Explore today if you will to see what she has.

I will let you all know as soon as I hear from her where this design can be found.

We've had a hiccup in our travel plans and taking one day at a time right now. Something has come up that has to be taken care of prompto.

Abbie is now at the pet sitters. I miss her so much already. I think in the ruckus she knew something was up.

 I finished Pepsi's sampler and need to finish into something with this fabbie. Keeps my mind busy.

I had help with a new light. A Vusion by Mighty Bright. This is definitely worth the money for stitchers on travel or if you want to put on a table. It has an adjustable magnifier and LED light which is adjustable to two tones of light. I found this one at a Hobby Lobby.

And another stork delivery today of the Swarvorski crystal kind by Tool Tron. I love the red crystal in the eye of the stork.

This is all the stork will bring to this homestead. Promise.

The Kindle is fully charged now and I got 2 books in addition for the trip. I heart my Kindle. Latest book I loaded is called Night Road by Kristin Hannah. It's a newbie. Published this year. And also bought a 99cent one called What About Now? Reminders for Being in the Moment by Gina Lake.

These sweet frames were half off at Hobby Lobby last week so I had to show you how cute they are.
I have no idea what I will put into them but my favorite is the pink one.

although the sweetness of this baby sold me here.

And so day 7.

 Life keeps changing moment by moment.

To keep my mind busy, between now and tomorrow I am going to try to select some good traveling projects and finish packing. I'll share my final travel projects.

I need to stay busy.
I need to stay busy.

late edit note:

found the design here for free but 3.15 Euros (I think).

looks like it's free but the shipping and it's only offered through paper print.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg sampler

This morning as I think of Colonial Williamsburg, I started a sampler design to remember our visit in the next couple of weeks. I will gradually add other motifs to it.

This is my first thought and starting point.  The two colors here are Gentle Art Liberty (blue) and soot (key). Fabric, any vintage and count of choice. I hope to visit a needlework shop on the trip and pick out some pretty, pretty Williamsburg colors and linen to add motifs of my experience on the trip. You can stitch alone on a smaller piece of fabric or start with a larger one and add the other motifs later.   

Colonial Williamsburg

design by Feathers in the Nest

copyright 2011

I think I've posted this poem before but for all newbies or if you haven't seen it before, it's pretty neat and is folded and put in my personal journal.

The Sampler

by Lynda D. Prouse

Rummaging around a junk shop
One lazy summer day,
I stumbled across a treasure.

It was a delicate piece of embroidery,
Called a "sampler" long ago,
Made by a young seamstress
While learning how to sew.

Though the edges were worn and faded,
The tiny stitches remained intact,
Each one vividly portraying
A pictorial of interesting fact.

It showed her house and garden,
A delightful scene from yesterday,
Birds flew across the fabric
All stitched in a magical way.

Flowers sprouted around the borders
In rows of sparkling hues
And in the bottom left-hand corner
Was the date of 1882.

I took in all its features
with eager and appreciative eyes
And couldn't believe my good luck
At discovering this wondrous prize.

It was like gazing through a window
To a place I imagined to be,
A simpler time to live in~~~
Just right for a dreamer like me.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!


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