Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Valentine Goodies for the Stash

The rainy days in Georgia are growing loooooooonger. It's a yucky, rainy evening and we've had many of them this Winter!

But all in all the month of January is almost to a close and in such conversation of "winding it up" I wanted to share with you some things I've added to my stash in the past 6 weeks.

If you like this as much as I do, you can get this and the thread winders at your local Hobby Lobby!
Some are included but I get extra to wind some floss.
(It's a good thing I don't live close to one) LOL

I just love the Springy like green color!

I thought it was a total neat way to add to the other many methods I have for organizing fibers.

Of course I couldn't help but get a couple of heart buttons while I was there.

2 hearts are always a cheerful treat.

And some vintage cotton lace ribbon too.

And mail items NOT from Hobby Lobby are:

an 8 in square black prim wood frame

and my most favorite is this new design Coverlet Birds!
I absolutely LOVE coverlets and when I saw this little piece I knew I had to stitch it.
Definitely will pull me out of the creative slump along with other cheerful adventures.
I also got the recommended Needlepoint Silks of which I have never used before but I do LOVE stitching with silk and I'm sure this one will be a treasure. I've heard only good things about this brand.

The fabric I chose was not the recommended fabric but is As Days Gone By ( I think is the name) by ????  I just had a brain blip. I'm having alot of those lately. ;)

Design is by The Scarlett House

I'm just in love with the colors.

I hope I pick up some speed on this one

I just need to pick it up....LOL  This should be a quickie! It's the Sampler Girl's Mr. Darcy sampler.

Wrinkles and all, here it is so far. Yes, I know the hoop makes marks, I just change around and on certain pieces I'll pick it up from time to time. Hopefully the wrinkles will come out. xxxxxx fingers

Here you can see the contrast of the color of linens, As Days Gone By and 32 ct natural Belfast linen.
I love both actually.

Torn between two lovers. :p

and I was in a Hearts Aflame mood, so I got this Kelmscott needleminder to plant my needles on while I'm stitching my Valentiney samplers. ;)

Oh, hmmmm.....yes, it was in the garden.

Yes, Miss Flossie Mae is going to have kittens and what's really funny is that Thomas, bless his heart, thinks he is the father of them but he can't be as he is neutered, but he tried, yes he did at my astonishment.
Honestly, they are a matching couple now and I think they are this year's Valentines couple expecting!
They sit together on the front porch swing every day.
I guess there's something in the air around here.
I think I was a wee bit late on getting Miss Flossie Mae fixed.
Will be interesting what colors her kitties will be.

Hope your weekend is full of fun and adventure. I know mine will be. I'm attending a seminar Saturday out of town to hear a speaker for the book A Confident Heart by Renee Swope. I think it will be AWESOME!  I might even sneak my stitching in there while I listen if my eyes will let me see without the magnifier light. I've really gotten addicted to the magnifier light even with my glasses.

Stay sweet and until we meet,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New start on Mr. Darcy sampler

After a 5 hour nap of total quiet, with nothing but a fireside cracklin' sound today, I put a few stitches to get a good start on Mr.Darcy's sampler by The Sampler Girl.

I'm using Belle Soie Teddy Bear, Crescent Colors for the lettering, and the DMC  cotton as suggested for the heart so far.

Yup, this one will be added to my Valentine's collection and plan to frame in a 5 x 7 black wood frame when done.

This is on natural Belfast linen of what count I can't remember but I think 32.

There's nothing like a Jane Austen sampler to get the heart pumping for Valentines or any day!

I really, really enjoy stitching with the silks. Almost too much!

Of course this verse is the beginning of Pride and Prejudice and such a neat verse for a sampler!
Lovin' it.

Hope your Monday treats you nicely.
Off to bed for the Monday morning rush if I can sleep. If I can't I'll come back to this sampler in the quiet and work on it more. I'm totally not used to lying flat on my back and sleeping for 5 hours straight during the daytime. :)

Stay warm and cozy,


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