Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cozy Memories Blanket Start-DK weight

A rugged start; Having that been said, I am LOVING the mindless knitting of the mitered squares!

I listened to many tutorials when I finished this DK square for how to align and attach them as I go.
The ones that spoke to me most is in two parts on You Tube:

the first

the second

both by Simply Maur Crafting. I think she did the most thorough and simplest explanation of making a mitered square and joining to another.

However, my second square I joined, the pink one, looks bad on edges because I was doing what she suggested by knitting through the back loop on the end of every row and slipping the first as if to purl at the beginning of each row. I'm sure my technique is wrong and I am going back to listen to these videos again because my edges are not clean. I'm hoping by joining the next squares it will help this.

I have no  pattern of colors at all just using my leftovers of DK yarn. Here are some of them.

I modified the pattern on Ravelry by Kemper Wray to CO 32 stitches/ putting my marker after stitch 16. I reduced number of stitches to still yield a 3 in square but with DK.
The rest of her pattern I followed exactly and is FREE.

I found out when I finished the light green one with sock yarn that although the finish is gorgeous, realistically I had WAY more DK leftovers than sock yarn so I went with making a DK weight blanket. And for right now, I need to use up what I have.

this is the right side as noted by my progress keeper to remind me.

you can see my wobbly edges I hope to fix when casting on the next square.

Of course the first block is made with 2 yarns, one in Lake Shore Bluff by Lorna Laces/ DK, and the other is all wool DMC miniskein.
The second block is DK weight but is made with a more drapey and flexable yarn. It is from my LYS from a couple of years ago. I made a shawl in it but I can't remember the name or content of it. I do know it's DK, I think combo of Merino wool, silk blend.

I was happy about the actual join side to the square. It took me 3 tries to get it right and I think it will improve the more I do it. 
Well, this is definitely a work in progress and will be a memory blanket, hopefully for the process of knitting it. That part has been enjoyable.
I am trying to attach and knit one square a day.

This will give me time to knit other projects in between. So this is a slow burn kind of project.

Have a peaceful Sunday,



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