Sunday, August 30, 2009

My midnight musings last night.....or this morning.

This is what I mean here, a mess. This is my stitching chair that couldn't possibly hold another thing. The arms are convenient large pinchusions. Project bags, patterns, floss from who=knows which pattern, and maybe a little popcorn from snacking in the chair last night. And believe it or not I could sit my bottom in this chair comfortably while I stitched with my stitching stand.

My progress. I did alot of counting to make sure I had the foundation of this correct. You know count three times, stitch once. I count 10 times in this case.
That finished the Pea Pod green color. Literally it used almost 1 skein. I was holding my breath because I had......1 skein.

About 1 am I started this lighter green tree and after watching the Kennedy news yesterday for the (I stopped counting by 2am) whatever time, I stopped as my eyes were crossing instead of the needle and thread.

So, here you have it, my progress so far on the Blue House sampler by The Sampler Girl!

(Whispering )Now, I must wake up with some fresh coffee and cinnamon bagels with cream cheese. My hubbie hasn't woke yet ( so shhhhhhh)...............I might get 2 of them.
Or then again Ren may decide to announce his awakening this morning and then it's over, man, it's over................
Till later (shhhh)

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  1. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that makes an ungodly mess in my stitching area. I'd be quite at home at your place. Love your progress on the Blue House Sampler! You're pieces lately have really got me itching to break my "no new stash vow". LOL Hope you got two bagels to yourself!!


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