Friday, November 2, 2012

November: The Remembrance of Thankfulness in a Daily Way

Yup, November blew in like a flash. Time is going by fast. So fast!
Just a short note here to thank each and every one of you. I enjoy your comments and your personal emails. They lift my day more than you will ever know.
Thanksgiving, of course, is this month and to me is a reminder of what sometimes I take for granted.
It's a day to celebrate the day that symbolizes ALL days of the year for we are all blessed with something if we only think for yet a brief moment.

I'm determined to get the DV sampler finished in design and then framed. I will show a pic later of my slow progress. My next plan ( which could change---tehehe) is a few smalls in between a Christmas ornie. I've decided this year that I will focus more on the Downton Abbey sampler I designed during the holidays in hopes for the January new season. I'm SO ready, are you?

With chronic degenerative joint disease, I have good days and bad. I wouldn't really call them bad but just less than normal for movement and aching. Today, even though a bright sunny day, I ached all over so bad when getting out of bed. One goal for the New year is to take better care of myself through diet and exercise and stress management. Yeah, yeah, I know-----we all set out to promise on the New Year's but I'm serious. I've gotten away from yoga and I can tell so much. 

It makes a difference in the creative flow process when we are well rested and not under so much stress.
We all have stress, some of us are just not as good at managing it as others (sometimes me). I hope to be better at it again.

So I'm starting my gratitude list for Thanksgiving and each day this month will add one:

Gratitude affects and makes ATTITUDE!

I'm thankful for:

1)Abbie, my forever fur baby friend who has been there and will to the end.

2)Mr. Darcy, my best friend

Stay tuned for daily adds. Everyone is different and they are in no order of significance, just random thought.

I love to read, and if you have followed this blog, you know how I LOVE my kindle. I add at least 5 books, mostly free from Pixel of Ink from FB to my Kindle to read at another time.
There is another freebie site for kindle books but you have to grab them that day or the next they go back to regular price. It's called Inspired Reads and it's all Christian books.

I grabbed this freebie Daily Deposits for the Soul and each day I read one at lunch. It really realigns my thoughts which fluctuate daily, unfortunately. This first little chapter to read was about gratitude. It's something I'm challenged with when faced with fiercely disturbing circumstances; however, it's something we all do at some time in our life. It discussed meditation of which I'm a firm believer in the benefits for our body and mind. I just read an article that meditation alone reduces our stress hormone, cortisol, by 50%. That, my friend, is a huge benefit.

The challenge the author is explaining is to think ONLY on the things that are pure, admirable, or praiseworthy. Now isn't that a big thing in this world today? 

Unfortunately, in focusing only on those things, we have to turn away from things, even people who bring us down or constantly send out negativity, jealousy, or hurtful words.
This I learned is the hardest as we are taught to love all people. And we can still love all other people, forgive them but set our boundaries not to be in their presence of negativity. This has really been a hard but important fact throughout this year as I have been presented with alot of the negative but it's true that if we focus on positive in some way, we are much better for ourselves and others.

I'm only human, so I have to remind myself of this daily. This book really is a daily life send with good thoughts to interplay into my life during all times.

"In Everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thess. 5:18

I give thanks for you. I find that blogging is not always done to some people's taste and they come and go for whatever reason, yet, I still find that there is always a positive and usually it comes through emails from loving friends who do enjoy reading. I want to thank those who have taken their time to comment and read what's going on at the homestead and all those who enjoy stitching and nest-making as much as I do!

This book, Daily Deposits for the Soul really helps me so I thought I would share.
 In the beginning of the preface the author references for Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love.
The author of this book, Daily Deposits for the Soul is Henry Matlock. Just passin' it on to any who love to read something positive each day.

Hope your Friday keeps on being the best!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another October Finish just in time for Halloween!

Alice, at the blog, In the Order of Things, finished the October sampler I designed. This is her gorgeous pinkeep. I love the little key and the pumpkin pin keep!!! What a clever idea for a finish!

I liked the way she filled in the O's in October too.

Visit her blog 
to find her gorgeous work.

She is definitely one talented lady. Her blog is in Russian but there is a translator button at the top of the blog to English.
I'm still in love with the little key----:P

Well this is a quickie post but wanted to share.

Have a wicked and spooooooooooky rest of Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Angels All Around Us

Angels We Have Heard on High
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright @ 2012
suggested colors are:
Gentle Art~~~  Willow
Gentle Art~~~ Victorian Pink or Cameo Pink (for softer effect)
on vintage linen of choice
When I think of angels, I think of every day of the year, but at Christmas time, I especially remember the role they have in the Christmas story.
At the homestead here, there are some big chimes on the back porch in a spot which catches any breeze. From this time onward in the year through the Winter when the wind is more likely to pick up, they play almost constantly and can be heard inside the house.
It's not a clanky sound nore irritating but a reminder that I've always said, that when the little chimes play, angels are near. In reality I know angels are near us all, all the time.
I love to collect angels due to my strong belief of the role they have in each part of our lives.
This morning as I was thinking about angels who especially are guardian angels, I  was inspired to design this little for an ornie or simply to put by your angel collection or table as a reminder to those who grace your home, that angels are always near.
Every time I hear the Christmas carol, Angels We Have Heard on High, I quickly remember all the times in my life that were intervened in no other way but as guardian angel. I also remember my son who is in Heaven and an angel now.
I hope your Tuesday is blessed.

"See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 18:10).
There are many beliefs or nonbeliefs in angels and that is totally fine as we all have different beliefs and experiences, but I do believe in angels and am thankful that God sends these messengers to the world to intervene on our behalf.
I hope you have a great, and blessed Tuesday. I have some chores to get done on my day off.
Thankfully, Mr. Darcy brought up wood from the woodpile and it's full and planning to build a fire shortly.
I need to do a little menu planning, something I have never really done but it does make life a bit easier.
And speaking of angels, I was elated to receive in the mail this PIF gift from Bonnie from Canada!!!
Isn't it gorgeous? You know I love pink and the charm at the end is cute as a button.
 She sent a card with it and what a cheerful note at a time right now, I truly needed it.
Thank you Bonnie. I feel honored to have one of your scissorfobs and I already know which pair it's going on today!!!!!
 Here's my designing and raising the roof on a house. I'm using Caramel Corn color for the outside with black trim and I still am contemplating the roof color.
I found a tiny brass old key charm in my stash which I will put near the house. I'm designing this sampler in remembrance of October being Domestic Violence awareness month. It's a subject of which many turn their heads to but my purpose on this sampler is to convey hope to the survivors of such a horrific situation and the peace that follows safety, the courage to choose freedom from it, and the hope that more awareness will help reduce the statistics, reduce the pain and circumstances which flow from it. And in many situations, angels are by our side protecting us, guiding us to peace.
Yes, this is a good day to stay in and stitch as it's cloudy, cold and windy.
Till later,

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Finish for October freebie>>>Awesome!

My heart is so lifted today when  Jackie from Texas sent this by private email for me!!!!
What a beautiful finish!
 This is one of my designs, a freebie for October month. She did STUNNING work with it!!!! Thank you so much!  You can check out more on her blog at Scattered Threads!  

I love, love, love the black frame and the contrasting orange rick-rack and the purple walkway. The contrasting leaves also very cute!  And the little Peek-a-boo.......just darling. 

Thank you Jackie for sharing.

You can find the pattern at the top bar below my header above and labeled "freebies" and scroll down to find it. I'm adding and trying to put them all together in one spot.
You can also find this on

If you have any finishes of my freebies, I would love to share with others because so many different interpretations are wickedly fun! :P

Thank you to all who have sent in finishes.

Hope your Monday has been a good one!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Treats at the Homestead

There's a really, wicked, cool vintage/thrift store called Velvet's Vintage. Velvet is a sweet lady and the nicest person you'll meet. She has a neat place and also had a small auction this weekend of which was some me time for my introverted self. You know when I saw old cotton batting quilts of years gone by, flapping on the porch rail, I had to stop!  If you Facebook, like Velvet's Vintage and you will be able to see her latest updates on her house of the shop and any auctions.
I really was looking for a chest of drawers but found other things instead. Many things went for only 5 bucks, I'm talking, exciting good. I absolutely didn't need 4 quilts but as I love old, old homey, vintagey linens and such, they were calling my name in the wind and sun so I got them for a little of nothing to change out at the homestead here in the mountains.
I haven't measured them but my favorite is a smaller one, probably for a twin bed but I'm using it now for a quilt change on the sofa by the fire. There are very few fray spots on a couple here and there but  all handmade with the back of the quilt made of 15 lb bags of white flour sack cloth from Athens, Ga on one of them.
Interesting indeed.

Besides quilts, I got 2 old, steady chairs painted in a cream color for 7 bucks.
It was perfect because it replaced my others I had before and the best thing is I like these alot more.
Sometimes when the weather is nice, I like to eat outside with Mr. Darcy.
This quilt is the largest one and probably would fit a double bed. It's bright and cheery and I could only think of Christmas and Valentine's decor when I saw this one.
The backing is all old calico red cotton.
This is the second quilt and it's light and airy for the Spring months.
It's old and the backing you can tell was all handstitched.
This is the next one, it's the smallest, probably for a twin bed. It now graces the sofa by the fire.
This one is my favorite!
It's the one that has the old 15 lb flour sack cotton printing on the back.
The last one here is also an old, pretty design.
Fits a double bed which is what I prefer to sleep in anyway.
 Life is way too short not to sleep cozy.
It's amazing how we can repurpose old quilts. When I first saw them I thought that when I unfolded them, there would be holes and damage but very few worn frayed areas, not even noticable.
There is lots more life to these quilts.

And they will grace the homestead in some way or form. I'm sure they were loved by some other folks somewhere as well and whoever made these quilts with their loving hands probably had no idea they would end up in this home. The designs on the quilts I'm sure all you quilters would know, I don't, but I do love them all and yesterday was a wonderful day out.

Sadly, we wanted to leave church this morning and go for a ride for some Fall pics but the wind has been quite breezy and cold here and the leaves and acorns are falling fast with  a rainy cloudy day. 
The sun came out for about 30 minutes and it's already getting near dark. But in spite of the weather, the fellowship and worship service was good and the message was very good this morning.

So after church I put a pork roast in the crockpot for tomorrow's supper along with some fresh veggies and while that was on the way and started, cooked a 2 layer yellow cake with chocolate icing which definitely hit the spot!

I vacuumed lots of Abbie hair and cleaned the kitchen and family room while the warmth of the fire place is radiating nothing but COZY. I sorted out some stash and fibers and put them back where they belong and found the ottoman again. :)  I couldn't believe how many threads, needles, hoops, frames, and patterns to stitch was piled up on the ottoman!!

I sat down a few too many minutes now and could definitely take a nap but instead going to finish the last episode of Downton Abbey, Season 2--the Christmas episode with Mr. Darcy. I'm all giddy about this episode and can't wait until January for Season 3 here in the US. We just decided we are going to restart and watch both seasons again in the next few weeks.

This Abbie is all cozy now on her pillow and soaking up the warmth from the fire.

She has her "Baby, it's cold outside" hoodie on. She's a hoot!
She is in a pensive mood as she doesn't particularly like this hoodie. Some she likes and some she pouts for hours at me for putting on her. She even refused a treat, a bacon one. But she finally forgave me for the hoodie and is now considering keeping me.
Have a great Sunday evening!
I'm fixing to have another piece of chocolate cake with a cold glass of milk.
Downton Abbey is about to start here.

Estate quilts and things this weekend!

Just a short note to say
I'll be coming back your way.
When church is over and lunch
This pic will give you a hunch
of what goodies I did find
That soothed my soul and my mind.
So, stay-tuned for Sunday afternoon.................................
till later this evening at the homestead......


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