Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where oh where is my sunshine

Our weather has been quite dreary with rain and warm weather for 7 days now. I long for sunshine. I think I'm a bit melancholy in the winter especially when its cloudy for so long and the days are short. I watched the weather channel and looks like the northern states are getting a major snow storm. Isn't it funny how weather can be so different? Where oh where is my sunshine........

The Christmas Rush

Oh how just a few days left till Christmas can get one anxious! I am planning to finish a very tiny sampler by Old Colonial that I had started couple of months ago and put it in the little frame and hang. I will post a pic. It is one over one and my eyes are a bit strained from 1 over 1 ;)

I put Ren up a little silver tree I found at a vintage store here and he is sleeping soundly with his stocking hung next to his bed. He has visions of dog bones dancing in his head!!!!! LOL

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Spirit Around the House

Every year we put up our Christmas village and add a piece or two each year. We have been collecting for about 13 years now. We enjoy it more than putting up the tree I think. This year I put it up on top of the piano and then another grouping in a bedroom with "outdoorsy" decor.

I will post some pics. At night its just beautiful to watch the little folks in the village and lights.

I also love to stroll through estate sales and somebody's basement sales sometimes and find treasures. Last weekend I found a skating pond to add to my village upstairs for about 1/10 th of the price it would have been in stores. The people skate around and it plays Christmas songs constantly that sound like handbells. This one is in the upstairs bedroom.

We live in a Dutch colonial style house and I found a house made by Dept 56 last year that looks similar. So neat!!!!!

Christmas Party and Service Recognition

This week one of our Christmas parties my hubbie and I attended was the company party and I received a 5 year pin and certificate. I took a purse that my grandmother had and practically never used but it was so cute and vintage looking with my outfit. We danced a couple of hours and had a great catered meal and just had a good time.

Christmas Bells are Ringing

Today was a rushed day and I am up late just trying to get the last minute preparations of the house ready for a gathering next week. I went to 2 Christmas dinners and feel quite stuffed buy happy. My insomnia gives me energy to finish. I tried to add some features to the blog but still learning. I will try to change the background to something Christmasy soon. I would love to hear for other stitchers and lovers of notions and primitives.