Friday, August 5, 2011

Always Hope for Breast Cancer survivors

The past two weeks have been more than stressful. For a while there, I thought I would never get my creative block induced by it, back again. I've picked up the needle for a few stitches in a small LHN project but not enough to show. I've been quite busy trying to get some things in some kind of non-chaos mode, if that is possible. I want to thank each of you who wrote encouraging comments. Each one was read with great thankfulness. Sometimes, I have to jump start my creative block by designing something brand new. Something that you too may find helpful and can apply it to your own life.

I actually designed this last year and the year has rolled back so fast, filled with just surviving in this economy.

I hope you can use it and accept it as a token of thankfulness from my heart.

October is not far away and Breast Cancer Awareness month is always close to my heart so this design was quite easy last year to add to my portfolio. I have not stitched it myself but would like to.

Always Hope
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

linen of choices

pink, green and gold threads of choice.

This will probably be the fresh start I need.


P.S. There are 2 days left for the Gingher scissor giveaway for memory of Caylee Marie Anthony's birthday, August 6th.
If interested in these beautiful scissors sitting on my desk, still in unopened package, just enter as a follower on the July 6th posting, for a random draw on August 7th.

till later God Bless each and every one of you,


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