Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simple Saturdays

Yep, I feel like it's catch-up hot dogs but plain ole' catching up. The week has flown by and I tried to get on Blogger for 24 hours Thursday to post progress pics and it was down. Last night I went straight to sleep after eating at the Mexican restaurant and 1/2 of a margarita......I must have been very tired. I slept 12 hours straight.

But here are a few more pics and I hope to work some more on this over the weekend. Today is a cloudy day and I think rain is predicted today but sunny tomorrow. In our area though sometimes the Weather Channel can get the prediction off a bit  :O

I've had many questions/emails on where you can get this design and who designed it.
Well, I designed it, Feathers in the Nest, and it will be available for sale when I finish stitching the model and have it framed. I will be posting updates.

I've really changed a bit of the colors on it since the original one I graphed out, but the pattern you get will reflect the changes.

I'm excited that I finally got a good printer this week. Next is looking for a better laptop as this one has many problems and hanging by a pun intended!

When I get this setup in my studio, I will have several finished samplers to browse through for sale.

So here is my progress before I start again this morning.....

I'm at about half way through this sampler now.  I'm so enjoying it!!!!

Check out my other blog where I'll post 2 beautfiul, gorgeous finishes by Janet. I got the sweetest email from her and she attached some pics of her finishes! They are awesome!!!

I found this wicker lap thingie at a thrift store on Thursday!  I was initially looking deals on frames because they have some good stuff usually and when I saw had to come home with me as I can use this for reading or stitching. I may spray paint this white, haven't decided. A treasure to me though!!!!!!!!!

Abbie is still in her sleep shirt this morning. She said it's a good day to snooze. ;)

I'm sipping the finishes of hot peach tea and it's soooooo good!

Till later,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The furbabies at the homestead today

Yep, went grocery shopping after my appt today and saw this at Walmart, a green, smocked dress with a flower. It's terry cloth. Cute, cute!

Just cleaned the porch from all the pollen and now she is sporting a pollen colored dress....ROFLOL.

She actually loves this one and has been lying in the wicker chaise outside since then. Will I ever get her out?
Maybe with a treat.

She's already yawning. That's kinda what this chair on the porch does to whoever sits in it.  ;)

Got pretty hot here today, about 88-90 this afternoon.
I think Summer is here.

Thomas also truly loves me as he presented me with a live HUGE RAT on the porch as I was walking in with groceries. I thought it was a squirrel at first!  He's doing his job!!!
And why they think their "humans" love to see these things is beyond me.

He ran off into the woods with this thing after that and I don't even want to know what he did with it......GROSS!

Tuesday Chatter for things that Matter

Well, folks it's been one of those times in life when just about everything has gone wrong and you sit and wonder if God is calling my name Job now. If I'm whining too much, sorry but this has been a month from a hot place even though we've had Blackberry Winter (which is now officially over yesterday as it's hot and muggy now).

Some things I can blog about and some only God and 2 other people know about but I'm trusting that He knows these are major trials and to give some direction. Thank you to those who have written me, and had so many encouraging words. They bring tears to my eyes at the comfort and encouragement of people I've never met in person before but have a heart of gold.

Yesterday found out that there is a bump in the Soldier's Angels person they assigned me (of course)....and I have spent alot of time trying to find the right person and address. Sending out my first box filled with a funny DVD (What Happens in Vegas), a booklight, a book, and some of those beautiful pics from Easter with the old church and one with the flag in reflection in the old stained glass window and some of our local cows and a letter! LOL Hope he enjoys it. The program assigns me a mentor and we are trying to get a correct address at this time. I thank God for part-time work right now because of all the other things going on, each day is filled with something that has to be done.

My next project is finding a new laptop as this one has served it's time. I'm an avid writer and reader and for a 298.00 special at Walmart a year ago, the Compaq has definitely got it's money's worth.
I definitely need a printer. Hubs has one but it doesn't print all the time, just sometimes, and it's usually micro size, so if I want to print patterns I have to get out the magnifying glass with the magnifying glasses to see and therefore I'm picking up and putting down the sheet often which slows stitching. So printer follows the laptop find this week. Maybe it works for him but not me.

Last night while I was stitching, Miss Abbie again saved the day.  She kept hearing something we couldn't hear. Of course I was watching the first day of trial result of the Casey Anthony case and .....anyway, yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work, Abbie went upstairs to the guest bedroom and I could hear her romping from one end to the other. We both walked up there last night to see what she was trying to show us..........a leak that was dropping and splattering on the hardwood floors. It had been dripping all day.

yes she got lots of love and hugs and an extra treat for drawing us to this as we otherwise wouldn't have known for several days probably.

Evidently the cooling is not working in the (good unit we thought upstairs) that is only 3 years old and the compressor is leaking or something to that nature.

Our downstairs one has not been fixed after it's blow out 3 weeks ago due to high costs and we are going to get another estimate. Yes, we are.

So, yesterday I got some more done on A Princess Moment sampler:

I finished William's crown and the key is the key to Kate's heart that I'm working on now, next to her crown.
I designed this way before the wedding so colors may be different.  I do know I need some more Chili Pepper as I have next a row of sweet red flowers with garland to do.

looks like the actual finished design area is going to be about 7 x 11.5. I'm still looking at frames. I do appreciate all the feedback and I think Antique Gold is the winner!

I'm so enjoying designing this piece so I am aiming to finish this one in the next week to 10 days.
After it's finished (and I get a printer) I will offer the pattern for sale at The Shoppe blog.

I'm looking so forward to receiving in the mail some Vickki Clayton silks in beautiful purples for the Iris design. That one is most likely next.

Well, gotta run, the air conditioning man is here, thank goodness. Then I have another eye exam today. My eyes are still itching from the drops and depending on which side I sleep, evidently I wake up with one big fat swollen eye. Not a good reminder for me. I'll see what the next step is today. I had another ocular migraine yesterday and found out the med that works has been discontinued so, will see what the doc says today. I need eyes to see, oh my goodness!

Till later,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank a Soldier sampler

Thank a Soldier Tag
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

I enjoyed writing my first snail mail and packing a little box of goodies to reach my adopted soldier.

I sent him some pics from our local area that I took on Easter with the beautiful flowers, a booklight, a book, and a funny DVD movie with his letter.

I haven't stitched this up yet but thought I would share as through the blog I've received alot of military family personal emails and thought you might want to stitch one up as a gift tag with you package or to a family who could send with their gifts!

The Colors I'm using are Freedom and Liberty. I love those blue colors for Americana pieces but of course you can stitch in your colors of choice.

It's simple and a quick finish that will bring a smile to someone special.

Had a great day here at the homestead doing alot of reading, planning, and finally deep cleaned the screened in back porch with the Shop Vac.

For your progress on WIPS, post

 Have a great Monday morning.


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