Saturday, September 12, 2015

Coming Undone and Waitin' on Tom Video

Sometimes, even as much as our creative juices are flowing, mistakes happen in the pattern and, well, it can't be fixed. 

I tried everything with this pattern.

I absolutely loved the edging it was making.

and as big and far as I had gone............into the first lace chart, I had to take it all back apart. 

I the first knit stitch.

Coming undone.  I was undone to say the least. 

I spent a good 6 hours trying to avoid that but I decided knitting is a hobby not something to stress over, so the answer was to make something better with it. 

Lessons were definitely learned:

when starting to learn a new technique, start on a small scale

always, always, always keep a lifeline row!

don't knit when sleepy

everything can have a new beginning

sometimes we can even make something better

My DH took me for a road trip and consoled me as I did rewind the entire skein. 

I was inspired again to start over but not using that pattern. Nope. Had way too many start overs with it. It is a beautiful lace pattern but on to something new.

So, with some inspiration one morning near our homestead, I decided to try again.

Of course it also helped to be on the way to the local yarn shop.

The  colors in the early Fall air and clear skies got me thinking.

Even Abbie got to thinking.

So I tried to make a go of blending to start a new shawl.

I also was inspired by some Etsy stash of new, little owl markers from this sweet lady who sent her card and a bird. Right now, it looks like a turkey to me, but that could be because I see about 25 or them every morning and evening feeding in the yard, getting fatter and fatter for Thanksgiving.

If you order from her on Etsy, I can assure you she has great service, quick and fair shipping and will put in 1-2 gifties extra like these buttons and the extra marker.

Guess what?

I made a mistake again.......................

and I couldn't fix it. mojo for cross stitching a WIP was really making me antsy and 

I pulled out this one from about 3 years ago and re-pulled my threads to start working on it.

This is Pink Hill Manor from Blackbird Designs. 

With the use of my magnifying glasses with a light, I was in Heaven again...........enjoying my work, like revisiting a long-lost friend, and getting somewhere!

And I have had the best week on staycation!!!!

Instead of going on a trip, we both wanted to work on our house alot and we have really worked the outside and the inside, moving some rooms completely to other rooms, purging and finally letting go of some things I should have a long time ago. It's nice and cozy again. 

We also got the complete season 1-5 of Downton Abbey on DVD now and watching a few episodes, starting all over with popcorn and cuddling in the evenings. 

We've taken bookoodles of pictures of turkeys and put them on FB and we even made a video that was quite funny.

Even though we could have gone anywhere for the week on vacation, we really enjoyed it more staying home together. Improving our homestead and putting love in it, readying it for the Fall and Winter guests!!!



not only these guests but people guests too!  :)