Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring/Summer Stitching and Such

             One, beautiful, Easter-basket green, peachy-pink and yellow peep, and egg-dying blue colors all wrapped in one skein of mercerized 100% Italian cotton. I wish I could give you the name but the label is hiding. I'll find it one day as I try to keep them.

I held on to this little skein (about 100 yards) for a while now but knew I would make something for the warmer months with it. The feel of it is like soft and shiny, with more luster, yet definitely a cotton. The width of the strand is probably a bit bigger than Perle Cotton floss but not as big as regular yarn.

I read up a little about mercerized cotton and found it to be a process in dyeing that is used to enhance the absorption of the dye more, and give the cotton a slicker finish without the "fuzz" of regular cotton yarn.

It sat in my yarn basket for enough time now, meeting and greeting all the other Wintery, thicker acryllics and wools and said goodbye this weekend as it's taking a new life to make another Lacy Keyhole Scarf. Yup, I'm guilty of making almost 4 of those now, mainly for a little gift or treat to my friends.

I finished the first part of the scarf this morning and while listening to 4 sessions of Joyce Meyer Ministries sermons online for this week, got much progress for the second part.

 I think I can.

I think I can.

 I think I I stuttering? 

No joke, I think I will finish this up by tomorrow morning and it's looking great! The mercerized finish gives the purl ridges and lace much more definition and the color is so yummy almost.

Mr. Darcy says to me last night while I'm knitting with it, that it reminds him of Birthday Cake Ice Cream and he craves it everytime he sees it. :P  Methinks I will keep this one and wear it this Summer.

I love all the shades that are overdyed in this skein, especially the blue which is so accentuating to turquoise jewelry if worn with a bright T-shirt and jeans.

and counting my purls and knits and ridges and lace is alot easier with this counter.

And this is another fiber~~~ softest evah!  Alpaca and silk blend. In pink. Pink. PINK!!!!

I'm trying a free pattern for a different light lacy scarf on

I'm lovin' lace.

This one is on hold though until I finish the first one in pics. I'm so close to finishing it.


That leads to reflections.

Exactly 2 years ago this week, I took these pics and now as I rode by the church this week, no blooms are out at all yet.  It's interesting how God's timing is different year to year but the end result is still the same promise and He never dissapoints when it comes to nature or anything that we seek in His will.

I put those in my kitchen cupboard that my dearest husband so carefully refurbished for me. For one year ago this week, we said special prayers in this church and my pictures I took of it previously, remind me of God's promises and how He certainly keeps them.

I'm sure in the next few weeks, those azaelas will bloom again as they have for years and years and will again for more years to come.

 I will again be reminded of that special week in 2012 and cherish it for the rest of my life.

Warm breezes.
Long hugs.
Tears of joy.


~~~~~~~~My love is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June :
My love is like the melody
                                           That’s sweetly played in tune~~~~~~~~~Robert Burns
Purl of Wisdom-----Everything blooms in it's own time.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Easter Baskets

Happy Easter to all!
It's the time of year to be especially thankful for Jesus Christ's resurrection, as in this we have hope ourselves if  we are believers. I certainly feel blessed this Easter surrounded by loving friends, family and the promise of Christ's return one day.
I'm so thankful for the gift of creativity, art, and music for these are true blessings in my life.
I'm also thankful for Spring, for in the changing season, the Earth is awakened and it gives all of us promise that even the coldest of Winters will end eventually and reveal a beautiful warm, colorful Spring.

 New beginnings.

Warm sunshine.

Beautiful colors of flowers.

 Refreshing air.

What's Easter wthout an Easter basket?
Well, in my thrifting store finds this week, I found these two for dirt cheap to hold my stash and yarn, patterns and floss plus it just seemed more like Easter with a basket. Not filled with candy of peeps of which I love but room for hope of the things I love to stash. These were 2 and 3 dollars and I thought especially the first one was worth it. I will hang it on the wall and put flowers or pretty balls of yarn in my sewing area.
Both are very clean.
The colors along the band I love.
This one is also clean and the handle is unique. It will hold lots of yarn.
Purl of Wisdom: Don't put all your eggs in one basket!


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