Saturday, October 6, 2012

A House and Home sampler

 Today I designed House and Home sampler.
This morning was such a great, lazy, cool morning in which sipping of peach tea and designing were on my agenda while the fresh breeze of Fall air from the North Georgia mountains blew in a peaceful spirit.
There is just something about Saturday mornings in which inspiration flows much better. It's probably because of the relaxation that Saturday morning brings, to sleep in, to get that extra rest and inspiration from the quiet.
Home has always been important to me. Never perfect but always something since I was a wee girl to have when I grew up as a woman.
Through all the ups and downs, one constant that never changes is my desire to have a peaceful home, one in which is not just a building but whatever size, a place of reprieve from the brash world and busy life.
I've admired through the years many with large homes and wondered, as I rode by them in deep thought, if they were really homes; as homes are only made of hope, love, and trust. And of course, how fortunate the blessings to have both!
There have been years in my life that I had only hopes and dreams for a real home, although blessed with a house in which I put my heart into. There were things missing for peace to flourish and love to grow. No matter how much nesting, cooking, or decorating my house, unfortunately there were times when it was just a house. But love has now made it a home.
I'm thankful that in this past year God has opened my eyes to a brighter future He had for me in store which included exactly what I prayed for many years, a home built on love and hope, trust and peace.
 “My people have been lost sheep; their shepherds have led them astray and caused them to roam on the mountains. They wandered over mountain and hill and forgot their own resting place.” Jeremiah 50:6 (NIV)
I hope I never forget my own resting place which is my home with the one I love and trust. The blessing of making it a home, although humble, is given to me by my Father in Heaven, and for that, I am very thankful to Him. From protection from those who tried to destroy my home, I can't be thankful enough to Him for surviving and rebuilding with love and trust.
He has given me a house AND a home now which is a respite of peace and love, and not fear and restlessness and lies.
These are my thoughts today as I offer this to you as a freebie, that as you stitch, you are reminded, along with myself, that a God-centered home is a huge blessing that not all get to experience in their lifetimes.
Proverbs 31 Ministries is a favorite website that I love to read and participate in when I can. The website is here:
The daily devotionals are awesome!
I hope your house is full of HOME today and always!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sampler Magazines and Sundries

I've always loved Sampler Antique Needlework magazine but hesitate sometimes to get it.
However, this week I caved and got two of the backordered ones from 2006.
Amazon also shipped out to all who ordered, the Season one and two, 6 CD collection on Oct 2!
I don't go to the theatre much so this definitely was a good buy for all the hours of Downton Abbey intrigue. This also includes a CD of the making of the movie and the house itself.
 I missed last year's entire season and I loved the fact  I could rewatch the first season~ like who can watch it too much????  I love this series.
So happy dance today at the mailbox.
So, of course this Abbie and myself are getting ready for bed, BUT...............
a few more stitches in a mystery sampler I picked up. Still no clues? The first clue is it's a freebie from a stitching blog.
I love the shade of overdyed blue.............more clues later.........when finished this will make my first cupboard pillowkeep for my Hoosier cabinet.
Other mail happiness came in this package. 2 older Sampler Antique Needlework magazine copies, Summer 2006 and Fall 2006
I love reading these and both of these historical samplers caught my eye.
And~~~~~ I got a copy of the Just Cross stitch 2012 Christmas magazine at Walmart today.
Gorgeous finishing of many beautiful ornies in there from all designers.
To all designers who participated, Yay!!!
I'm looking through it and wondering which ones I will have time to stitch.
What is it? Like 10 weeks left to get some done??????
I have designed a few myself for Christmas and will be putting them on the blog soon.
With sleepy eyes of the needle,

Monday, October 1, 2012

Back at the Homestead- a little bit of Fall!

The blog is back and running. I've been sooooooooooooo busy and alot of it nonstitchy news but thank you for all who sent me an email about the blog. As I was away for a bit, Google Blogger doesn't give much choice but to set it and unfortunately, it said Private Blog of which no intention was made.

It's been a good kind of busy of late here and the trees are just a wee bit turning in color. The week started out with a couple inches of rain and wind, just cool enough to sit by a good warm fire.

The old Hoosier cabinet is in a temporary place and thought you might like to see it with the pie rack which was finished as well. I still can't believe this flour bin holds 50 lbs of flour!

Here are a few more pics:

At this sampler........clue: it's a freebie from another blog site.
 Abbie says she is ready to play!
 I'm still learning about Google Blogger Picasso Web Album and it works sometimes and sometimes not. The upgrade Google Blogger made REALLY slows pic downloading down for me.
Abbie is now trained to bark when you wave at her. She is a hoot!
I designed a simple Christmas ornie this week. Stay tuned!