Saturday, March 21, 2009


Lovely, I have shingles now in my right hand.........I think I"m a little more run down than I thought. It's only contagious to those who have not had chickenpox as it is the virus that causes chickenpox. Looks like it is affecting the nerve in the middle of the palm of my hand to my wrist. This is really the last thing I needed before tonights party for Brandon and Ashley, but I will get through it. This explains why Friday I couldn't put my ring on for the swelling of my right hand.
On a better note, I am having trouble figuring out what I will wear tonight. I planned to wear something more Springy but the weather is still cool, although welcome for hot flashes. I guess part of menopause is saving on the heating bill! LOL My own personal summer.....hmmmm.

I did the happy dance when the mailman came today and I got a pattern "Dance By the Light of the Moon" by Primitive Traditions. This design is really neat with 2 black labs and other country animals dancing by a big moon in the country. Couldn't resist this one..........although calling for 40 count, my eyes will be challenged. Thank goodness for magnifying mirrors.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A New Stitching Spot

This piece I'm working on is a freebie from The Sampler Girl called "Bloom Where You are Planted". I started out over 2 threads but the fabric was too small so I started over doing one over one thread. This fabric actually is leftover from 2 other pieces I stitched. I'm using every last bit of it. This little pic will probably go in a 4 or so inch frame and sit in front of the tulips on the kitchen island. The calender in the back of the desk is a gift sent last week from my mom. It has beautiful pictures on a flip chart monthly.

I had to put my thinking cap on when the kitchen island stayed cluttered with my stitching stuff and I came up with this idea. I had a table out on the screened in back porch that really was not getting used at all, so I cleaned it up and put it near a window in the dining room with a lamp I had in another room and my stitching light over the table. It really made the perfect stitching table and now I can spread my colors out and not worry about digging through it just to find a spot to eat supper. Also helps me not to worry that something will get spilled onto it accidentally.
Yesterday, I used it during the day and the light coming in the window was perfect.
We definitely are using every square foot of our house!

Much Needed Sleep

Someday, my prince will come......... remember that from Sleeping Beauty?
Well, I slept and slept. Got about 16 hours of sleep. Went to sleep after I ate supper at 6:30pm........yesterday and woke up once last night to take a bath, than back to sleep until 10am. Wow! I must have needed some sleep. I have taken off a few days and it's nice not to have to rush at 6am. I'm hoping my beauty sleep will pay off!!!!
Off to drink my coffee and read some more blogs. Now if I could only clean my house for about 16 hours then everything will be great!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dutch Alphabet by Sheepish Designs--framed tonight

Here are a few views of my Dutch Alphabet by Sheepish Designs. It will reside over my kitchen sink. I'm so glad to be finished. I started this in 2007 and in between numerous other finishes, finally finished and framed.The piece actually is in memory of my deceased Dutch father-in-law, Jim Dalenberg because hubbie said he would love it. So, I put his tiny name "Jim" into the design where you would have to look really hard to find it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'll Let You Make the Pictures

Ok, today has been quite a day already and its midmorning. Don't have pictures but you can only imagine these things that happened today:
alarm goes off, I get up to turn it off......then go back to sleep.
Oops, late again, take off running........
making coffee by the speed of light.......
hurry back to curlers and they were not turned on so now, further behind.......
Bodyguards vehicle won't start as we are about to leave......
I left my coffee, ran back into the house.......
Got behind about 10 people who are joy-riding on the way to work. The mustang is not tolerant of slow drivers so I stanged a few people this morning...........
As I stanged one guy and passing, he shot me a bird.............I returned the gesture and kept going.
Then........I felt something crawling on my foot as I was driving......a big, black, thick-legged spider crawling on me and I started weaving on the road trying to kill it, never did.........scarey...
Got behind a cop and then slow again.
Finally got to work, late.
The person that supposed to work with me had to leave.
Is this Friday the 13th? Nope that was last week........

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Bodyguard says "Have a Nice St. Patrick's Day!" "Stay safe and be nice!!"

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Quick Note

Here's a quick note to say I am having alot of issues with my camera, the memory card and my computer not jiving over the weekend. I have been trying to take some pictures of the work I did yesterday on another Freebie from The Sampler Girl website-blog At The Honeysuckle Tree.

The name of it is "Bloom Where you are Planted" and I though it would look really cute in a frame beneath my tulips in the kitchen. I will try and work on the camera issue again tonight so that I can post. I have almost finished it actually. The colors are very Springy and in the midst of our rainy, gloomy weather we are having, it was a great distraction.

Brandon and Ashley came over last night and showed us their engagement pictures which turned out AWESOME! Can't wait to order some.......
I will be leaving for a trip soon to Washington D.C and hope if anyone knows of any good sampler shops or stitching shops in that vicinity, let me know!!! Planning to find a few after my conference up there.


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