Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hanging Out with Me

I was slightly distracted today, working in the studio with this beautiful Dogwood tree outside the window. It's so big you can see part of it here and out the kitchen on main level.
It's so tall that a good picture would not be possible without a mighty tall ladder!

So, in my mantra of embracing serendipity, I stopped to take some pics to share.

Body Guard came home in a pensive mood as a small part of his tax forms are missing~~~ kinda called a W-2,  which could be on any of the 3 levels of our house. When in these pensive serious moments, I get distracted with other things in a lighter mood. It seems to balance out things like tax documents. Opposites do attract. ;)

Anyways, in the moment of snapping a couple of pics I decided to open the window that rolls outward and see if I could just barely sit on the edge a bit and get some closer pics of the lovely Dogwood tree in full bloom.

And then he came upstairs and went WHAT?

Well it put the tax form hunt in perspective.

He started sweating more then.

I love Dogwood trees. I especially love the pink ones. But the ones that sprout about our neck of the woods are white.

See, the glare with the window.

Well, let's fix that.

Speaking of Dog. That is a bear dog walking on a path. Yep, Raven. She doesn't know yet I'm up here.

yep, the path is getting worn. She has routines in the day. They take a good swim in the pond below and then we stop hearing the ducks quack too much........ yikes.

And that's how I got these clearer views.

I almost leaned too much.

Body Guard was getting squimmish by this time. Kinda like when we rode the Ferris Wheel years ago on a date. He really is not one for heights. That's a story for another day. I digress........

Yeppers that's about 30 feet down to a "supposedly" garden I have never yet tended.
I need to find some shade-loving plants for the middle. We do have some Hostas that come back year after year. After the third time I yelled "snake" I quit with gardening. Snakes scare me to death.

closer up and hanging out literally!

This was worth "hanging out" for! :0

Peak bloom.

And here a few bunnies hanging out with me in the studio while I come up with some basket goodies. Meghan, I just can't give them up. They are waiting for you to visit! ;)

Now back to sorting.

I hope you won't be dissapointed. I'm pulling some patterns that I've stitched and I hardly ever (really can't think of any) that I stitch twice. So a little love to share later. I've made a good mess of floss and patterns.
Methinks I need to get back to it.

Thanks for hanging with me,


Fixing the Easter Basket Giveaway

Wednesday went by in a Flash, literally.....LOL. I digress on that.  And I'm so glad that is over. Fell in bed at 9pm, which is RARE for me and woke up at 9am. 12 beautiful hours of sleep. That is a true blessing for a chronic insomniac! Thank you, Lord!

I'm counting my blessings as when I came home, Body Guard announced that our downstairs furnace has expired. Blew up. Over. Deceased. Don't work. Whatever the words, that means a BIG expense coming our way and doesn't it pick the best times to do this? But I have trust that whatever it takes, God will provide.

I had hoped to fill an Easter basket full of new stitching things for someone special in a giveaway. And guess what?  I have decided to let go (please record this in history as letting go is hard) of some patterns that I have already stitched and need new homes. That's one of my chores today is to spend some time in the studio.
I had already bought a new pair of embroidery scissors and this will be included. In fact, I have 2 new pair!!!!  So this giveaway will be good anyways and life works in mysterious ways sometimes.

I miss making Easter baskets every Easter for my kids since they flew the nest. I think I will enjoy making this one for a lucky stitcher.

I will post later today with what's in it exactly and that's where you will be able to put your postings for a random draw.

So I must get busy in the studio and think of what this bunny is going to put in your Easter basket!

So if you would help me today, leave some names of your favorite designers on this posting to give me a guide. Thank you so much for your comments, they mean the world to me. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

And for all you bunny lovers like me, here is a design for you to stitch up. The Velveteen Rabbit is my favorite childhood book, as many of you know already so I've been dabbling with some small designs to put in a collection. Remember the Old Skin Horse?  Remember his words of wisdom?  Well this one is dedicated to him.  Also would look cute in a baby's nursery. And when I saw the color's the prettiest teal blue I have ever seen! The patchiness on the little ones is part of the story. If you haven't read the book you can actually read it free online. I don't have any websites handy to insert but google it and you will find it in free format. It's a great read to your children AND for adults. So much wisdom.

The Skin Horse---sampler

designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright@ 2011

Color chart:

GA Cidarmill Brown (lightbrown)-borders
GA Dark Chocolate (darker brown) eyes, mouth
GA Huckleberry (teal)
CC Peanut Brittle ( the Skin Horse)
GA Adobe (patches on the rabbit)
CC Finley Gold (the cross and the crown)

Have fun and remember leave me your fave designers here for a guide while the bunny is working in the studio today!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twisted Tuesday--the colors of pink

I put a few more stitches in Pink Hill Manor by BBD.

This linen is 30 ct R & R Irish Creme

I can only work on this linen landscape as our 3 level cottage in the woods has thick yellow pollen everywhere, therefore I'm trying not to scratch my eyes out with ezcema this week but even with's kinda hard! ;)

The colors are beautiful and some are very close to the linen color itself.

My before pic for progress is :

~~~~~~~working on the windows when I had to stop and get some shut-eye

I think I better close in those windows tomorrow night.

 It's definitely peak allergy season for me right now.

Scratch. Itch. Scratch. Itch.

And I have to be in a formal picture tomorrow. Let's pray my eyes are not swollen shut and red.

Kinda like GA Old Red Paint.  :o

Abbie's news

I'm a lap dog fur-evah and I don't know how I got this way

My ears are lookin' like bunny ears.. My mom kisses my head alot so lipstick just blends right in there on top of my head. She even kissed me after I had a little anxiety and chewed her book on the sofa today!

I've perfected the back rub pose.
~~~the belly rub pose
~~~the gitcha-gitcha game
~~begging for pizza crust
~~wearing orts in all colors and brands
~~~fetching toys in favorite order of, blue bunny bob, pink pig, dolly,tiger, chicken1, chicken 2, winnie the pooh, and teddy bear. I think I left out about 20 more.
They are all jingling in the dryer after a good bath!
Fun time with all clean toys tomorrow.
But for now...........nite.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Progress on Pink Hill Manor by Blackbird Designs

Pink Hill Manor by Blackbird Designs

Work in progress as of last night

This is a pattern I picked up while at In Stitches Needlework shop on our trip. I just can't put it down now as the pinks are so beautiful integrated together. Of course, pink is my favorite color and I'm stitching this as  just one piece not in the large collection of the Anniversaries of the Heart collection together.
I have a special place for this piece. I've been meaning to order this one for a year now. Finally, I find it's just as much beautiful as the picture  : o

With the inspiration of pinks, I designed a couple of samplers as well. Can't wait to share!

Till later,
Hope your weekend was as restful and peaceful as mine!


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