Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve!!!!! Welcome 2009

Happy New Year's Eve and welcome 2009! I'm so glad to have a day off again tomorrow WOohooo!

I feel like a sponge after listening to tons of folks problems today at work and now we can relax. I fixed some cube steak and shoe string fries and carrots for supper. The pink champagne is chilling and we hope that our neighbors will join us after they eat out tonight. After I watch the evening news, I feel that life's not so bad afterall! LOL

I met a person that I hadn't seen in 20 years today. She used to keep Brandon and Meghan when they were little. She kept Brandon more and we caught up on stuff. It was really weird not seeing her for this long. Gosh, she remembers Brandon having breath holding spells and passing out from holding his breath when I would leave him for work. Let's say, he had a little separation anxiety, to say the least. She was really a good sitter and I remember the Jello snacks she made me when I was pregnant with Meghan to help with nausea. Oh my, that's been a Very , very long time!!

I guess we will shoot off the gun tonight. I got a new one for Christmas. I'll have to try it out. Its a 22. It has to be a little better than the 44. ;)

Here's to 2009!!!!!!


Mr. Persistent

ok, once the blanket is dragged out and made into a bed, now second time. Now you know why Phil calls him a little weasel! LOL.I think I will leave him be for tonight, he looks too comfortable to move.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lookity here

I found this after watching a TV show tonight. I guess Ren took his blanket outside of the kennel after supper and he is napping there. Isn't he sweet?

A New Found Friend

I'm off work today and really just resting as yesterday I started getting sick with a cold. As I have now resorted to taking Nyquil in the daytime and resting, I guess my lab, Raven, is concerned, so she just burst open the screen at the back porch to whine at the back door. I had opened the sliding glass doors to get some fresh air as our temps today are 65. I guess she heard me coughing and I glanced up and she was whining at the sliding glass doors. She decided to check on me and broke through the screen. She has now taken residence on the back porch rug. Labs are quite faithful to their owners.

We now have another friend who visits quite frequently and I believe he is a good dog but very very afraid to let anybody pet him. We found out he belongs to our neighbors and his name is Charlie. Even though he comes down here and plays with our dogs all the time, he still won't come near us to let us pet him. He is quite a mix of breeds I believe. I think he likes our house better than his.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Nice Quiet Weekend

The past two days have been really quiet and I got caught up on alot of rest. Last night was kind of scarey as I found out that I must be allergic to Brazil nuts. My throat started swelling and we were kinda scared there for a while as it was difficult to swallow. But 3 Benadryl later, and I was ok but had the EpiPen out in case. I guess I haven't eaten Brazil nuts since I was about 10 years old and usually just eat cashews or pecans or almonds by themselves but no more mixed nuts that's for sure.

Today I started working on a house~~~~~ nope, no remodeling, but a new project, designer is Homespun Elegance. The colors are Belle Soi "Red Fox" and "Expresso". Being silk, they feel like butter going through the fabric. As you can see, I have a meek start but actually it took me most of the afternoon to get to this point. I think this one is neat "Home is Where You Hang Your Needlework".

I also had fun enjoying my Christmas goodies. Here are some really pretty pink pearls from Meghan and a lovely wine decanter and glasses!! We were just talking tonight about what we may do on New Year's Eve and I think we are going to invite a couple of neighbors down the street and I can use my decanter!!!! And of course, I will also have some great snacks too from Brandon!
The next few days we can all think about our New Years resolutions. What are your resolutions this year?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day After Christmas

Today we went to see a movie, Marley and Me, and it was really sad but good. Make sure you take plenty of Kleenex. I can't tell the complete story as I wouldn't want to spoil the ending but it sure was very gutwrenching sad.

I can't wait to read the book as books are usually more detailed than the movie. The website has really good information about the author who actually wrote this based on a true story of his dog. It's really about time a good movie came out!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Grandma and Meghan

Grandma is sporting her new coat and matching gloves.
Grandma and Meghan being silly here.

Merry Christmas 2008!

Here are some pics around the house today as we opened gifts. I got ALOT of goodies and a certificate from Phil for a beginning knitting class on Jan 10th! That was a big surprise but I can't wait. I also got a really cool Williamsburg cloth bag and matching eyeglass holder and an absolutely cool magnifying lamp for stitching by my chair. SANTA did GOOD!!

Ren is tuckered in his bed after breakfast and snored right through lunch. Santa left him the sweater and he loves it as he has very little hair left. He is like the Velveteen Rabbit, it's all loved off! LOL
We had a late lunch. I had cooked in the slow cooker Tuesday night a rump roast with carrots and celery, onions, and mushrooms on top, then warmed it up today in the oven while my potatoes were cooking. I made a green salad to go with it and corn on the cob with rolls. I was so hoping to make a red velvet cake but just didn't get time so we had coffee and some leftover Christmas cookies for dessert. My parents got me a cake plate that is so beautiful and matches my fine china "Old Country Roses" pattern. Oh my, how a red velvet cake would have looked with that on it!

Thomas was at the door this morning and he got some treats from Santa. (Ren at some too and during our lunch threw them up !! EWW

All the rush is done and I am catching up on blogging and sipping some freshly made decaff Hazelnut coffee.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Finished the Rose Cottage Pillow top

Here are the pictures from the website of the Sarah Twigg's Reproduction samplers. I have finished the second one and part of the first one. I plan to finish the first one to make a complete set and frame them in the next month. These pictures are actually from the website and the actual linen for mine are an aged yellowish color instead. Designs are the same. This is one of the first projects I have used with silk floss instead of cotton and its wonderful to work with.

This is my progress on the Country Cottage Needleworks, "Rose Cottage" pillow topper. I can't wait to finish it but I have to sleep a few hours each day :)

I started this on Thanksgiving and hope to finish it this week. I love the names of the cotton floss. One of the rose colors is "Secondhand Rose" and the roof is "Country Lane".I have 2 more edges to complete. Then back to sampler #2 of "the Twiggs Sampler" which are two reproduction needlework samplers above.

Monday, December 22, 2008

ok, this is is a serious issue

this is absolutely hilarious. Thank goodness we don't try to put up lights around the eave of the house. I don't know who this is, it was on the internet and thought I'd post.

Santa and the Reindeer

Here is a picture of Santa trying to get the reindeer ready but they are just not interested!

Christmas is Almost Here

Christmas is almost here. People are rushing and traffic took twice as long to get home from work. People are rushing around buying those last minute gifts. I avoided that last minute stuff today and will put it off until tomorrow.

I had a very busy day at work. Today made me stop and think about what Christmas is really about. I had an encounter with someone who really only wanted a hug for Christmas and that is all. She brought me a card and personalized it with special thoughts, someone who really didn't have the means to buy or shouldn't have spent the money even on a card but I knew really meant every word on the card and the hug was really probably the only one she would receive this Christmas. Do we really realize how short life really is and what Christmas is really about in 2008? I stopped to wonder about that after our encounter and will not forget it. I worry every year about getting the right thing for everybody and if it will be enough and I was really humbled today when I had this encounter to remember that its not the gift but the giver and especially the giver's heart.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The New Year Prayer

Thinking about the New Year

I saw this poem on the internet today and reminded me of what the New Year will bring. Shortly after the year begins, Brandon will be getting ready to go to Afghanistan. I think about it everyday. I guess its human nature for mothers to want to protect their children no matter what their age. Sometimes I know my intentions to do that didn't come across as caring; however, I hope he knows that I will always support him in whatever he chooses even though my natural instinct is to protect him in harms way. When he was little I remember buying outlet plug covers and making sure he had safe toys and protecting him from people that may hurt him. I can't do that now when he is another country in the middle of violence. Brandon, please stay safe and we will pray for you everyday. Love you, Mama

my midnight finish

Here is my midnight finish. I'm about to fall asleep so this will be quick. The pictures didn't turn out well as they are either too dark or too bright or blurry. Maybe it has to do with its late and I"m tired.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where oh where is my sunshine

Our weather has been quite dreary with rain and warm weather for 7 days now. I long for sunshine. I think I'm a bit melancholy in the winter especially when its cloudy for so long and the days are short. I watched the weather channel and looks like the northern states are getting a major snow storm. Isn't it funny how weather can be so different? Where oh where is my sunshine........

The Christmas Rush

Oh how just a few days left till Christmas can get one anxious! I am planning to finish a very tiny sampler by Old Colonial that I had started couple of months ago and put it in the little frame and hang. I will post a pic. It is one over one and my eyes are a bit strained from 1 over 1 ;)

I put Ren up a little silver tree I found at a vintage store here and he is sleeping soundly with his stocking hung next to his bed. He has visions of dog bones dancing in his head!!!!! LOL

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Spirit Around the House

Every year we put up our Christmas village and add a piece or two each year. We have been collecting for about 13 years now. We enjoy it more than putting up the tree I think. This year I put it up on top of the piano and then another grouping in a bedroom with "outdoorsy" decor.

I will post some pics. At night its just beautiful to watch the little folks in the village and lights.

I also love to stroll through estate sales and somebody's basement sales sometimes and find treasures. Last weekend I found a skating pond to add to my village upstairs for about 1/10 th of the price it would have been in stores. The people skate around and it plays Christmas songs constantly that sound like handbells. This one is in the upstairs bedroom.

We live in a Dutch colonial style house and I found a house made by Dept 56 last year that looks similar. So neat!!!!!

Christmas Party and Service Recognition

This week one of our Christmas parties my hubbie and I attended was the company party and I received a 5 year pin and certificate. I took a purse that my grandmother had and practically never used but it was so cute and vintage looking with my outfit. We danced a couple of hours and had a great catered meal and just had a good time.

Christmas Bells are Ringing

Today was a rushed day and I am up late just trying to get the last minute preparations of the house ready for a gathering next week. I went to 2 Christmas dinners and feel quite stuffed buy happy. My insomnia gives me energy to finish. I tried to add some features to the blog but still learning. I will try to change the background to something Christmasy soon. I would love to hear for other stitchers and lovers of notions and primitives.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Feather of Grief and Pain

I believe there are certain life changing events and one is the loss of a child through death, no matter what age. It's just so overwhelmingly painful and it creates a deep pain that can be revisited forever. I know because this happened to me years ago. In my career, I also have occasion to see the devastation when someone hears the news. People ask me sometimes what are the hardest parts of my job and I will have to say this is right there close to #1. Maybe because I do revisit the pain, maybe because I can truly empathize........yesterday was one of those days............

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a good Easter!!!! This is my first day of "Feathers in the Nest"--
this blog is designed to be a reprieve and it's mission is to add something inspirational each day, especially for parents whose children have "left the nest", so to speak!!!! I won't dare say "empty nest"!! LOL
I live in the North Georgia mountains and hobbies include stitching, reading, and rummaging through antique stores to find treasures for our home.
I love to walk in the mountains (don't like the snakes in the summer) but LOVE the mountains. I hope to put some pics on the blog soon.
Easter is a time for new beginnings. Its amazing to me how much holidays or anniverseries still prompt long-ago memories and it probably will stay with us forever.