Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A New Knit Finish--Mantle of the Garter shawlette


I was looking for a good stashbuster to use up the remaining precious cotton/viscose from Italy yarn from the last project. I found on Ravelry a great free pattern HERE called Mantle of the Garter by Margaret Anderson Kilfoil.

It's a good TV knitting or traveling or waiting around in doctor's offices kind of project.

I finished it last night at midnight and had a million ends to weave in until about 1am.
This morning, I stretched in on the chaise on the back porch where tiny bits of morning sunlight could show you a bit.
The coloring is not that great because again I used my Ipad camera.

I used my teeny little decorative pins to hold it a bit.

The morning sun filters through and it's nice and cool out. The shadows cast are not so great but you can get a general idea.

I even used a section of the English Roses by Malibrigo that I made a shawl last year in. It was just enough to finish up the remaining skein and blended so well in the shawlette.


I plan to wear with a navy blue summer dress or a white Tshirt and jeans.

Things I learned from this project:

Even though I used cotton as the main fibers, I would suggest using the much springier, fiber that the pattern calls for. I used up 2 balls of stash yarn together with straight cotton. I also use a remaining Malibrigo merino called Old English Roses from a previous project.

Cotton /viscose has give. Plain cotton doesn't so much. 

Reinforces my love for my favorite cotton yarn for my budget I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby. You can find any color for any cotton project and for the yardage per skein and the quality it beats all for me. I go to it when I know I want much variety for straight up cotton.

This is a shawlette and I would probably, if knitted again, increase more and make it larger for a shawl.

Weaving in ends is still my notoriously least favorite part of knitting. That being said, when my last end is woven in, the pure rush of a finished project is a good thing. A real good thing. Like finally finishing and completing something.

And that, my friends, has been my easy knit project while going through yet another eye surgery last Friday. I had a trabeculoplasty in the left eye. Lets say the weekend was rough but I go for my post op today and better with exception of the sunlight. 
Sunlight is no longer my friend even with my really good sunglasses.

Around the homestead, while cleaning the back porch on these most gorgeous of cool Summer days, I saw one really large Turkey. I think she is trying to find a place to nest for her babies.
Not sure but I'm glad this Summer they are back.

Also saw 3 deer just outside the window and when I looked at one, he peaked around a tree at me. He was so funny. I think it was mother and 2 babies.

My next project I'm getting together from a KAL but really I missed the first 4 weeks so it will be later than the KAL on Ravelry. However the pattern looks more challenging and all the clues to the mystery knit a long have been given. The yarn is fingering and it's using 6 colors for a shawl.

I will post soon the skeins and the colors and my cast on.

Hope all is well with you and remember to enjoy some part of the day and spread love and compassion wherever you go.

Till later,