Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ways to Wear Summer Scarves

As I got up early this morning and working on a lacy Spring/Summer scarf, I was in deep thought of the many ways a scarf can be worn and an ideal accessory for the warmer months.
I found a website with many different ways to tie and / or wear your scarves and thought I would share. Click HERE

As the Tapestry colorway yarn slips through my fingers this morning, I still love the peach tones in it. It's lacy and I believe one skein will make this scarf.
So for Twisted Tuesday, I thought you could look at the various twists and turns to make your fashion statement this Spring and Summer!
Abbie says good morning to all of you. She was what my husband calls "wigged out" two nights ago with some tremendous winds we had. She was climbing under chairs she has never been under and in the corners and completely tore up, stuffing and all, one of my Williamsburg pillows. I have never seen her so "wigged out" from a storm.
While it was not a fun thing to find my pillow in an irreparable state, I am so glad no trees or limbs fell on our house and cars. She still is the sweetest spot in my heart.

So try different way to incorporate your scarves in warmer weather. I was surprised by the results. Cotton and laces are the best.
What kind of ways do you like to wear you scarves in the warmer months?
Stay sweet,