Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrifty Thursday~~a random thought

This keychain was in a really pretty box at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago and for 1.00 marked.
At first glance, it looked like a Brighton keychain but I know it's not, but does it ever look like it!

I had no clue what I was going to do as I have alot of keychains but then I remembered a special friend and my hands went to stitching :)

"We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else for us to find."
author unknown

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home Tweet Home~~the Birds are singin'

I love going to a big city once a year but always glad to be home by the 5th day at least!  It's such a great contrast to the balance of the world, fast and slow. Moderate and stagnant. Green and cement. ;)

I had some really great meals while I was there and just had a very good time this year on a business trip for Women's Health.

I went a day early this year to explore some favorite spots in Washington, DC and Alexandria. I think I rode about every public transit you could find, just getting lost in a good way actually, being spontaneous with the time I had which was limited.  My third visit ever to In Stitches was ever so exciting as usual!! Patricia was very nice and helpful and I wanted to bring everything home, but this is what I DID get for my stash!!
They have a great blog, by the way, and if you look on my side bar you'll see it.
She showed me many of the latest Nashville recent designs and just was very pleasant to me. The models are intriguing in there!

My camera is hanging on a limb hinge that is loose so here goes with the pics.

Actually this first one is Coverlet Birds progress that I took with me. The Scarlett House is the designer. This is the first time using Needlepoint Silks and I love it. Although they are not varigated in color, I think it was a great designer choice for the replication of a coverlet pattern. Why do I love birds so much????   I don't know but it seems to be a theme of things I got and working on right now.

I did some frogging on the plane today. Finally got the head count straightened out.

I hope to frame this piece in a black frame as on the cover. I think this looks best!

I am stitching using 32 ct Earthen Belfast linen 2 over 2. I almost used 1 over 1 but, I think with in keeping with the coverlet texture, the 2 over 2 is better. NPI silks as called for in the design.

now, for other items from In Stitches shop in Alexandria.

My Dear Friend book by Blackbird Designs

The sampler on the right "Love One Another"........ I had the threads pulled and have the linen at home.
I love this and will definitely be stitched and in the homestead this year.

Gentle Art's Mulberry is what is called for, a monochromatic, beautiful deep red.

A sewing pouch, rather large, but I love the colors and the sampler fabric.
The pockets are very unique. This is by Shepherd's Bush.

Strong snaps to close

This is probably my most favorite find. This is the last one they had in the store.

These threads are for one project in the BBD book. It's a small finish and the new color Polliwog is very neat in contrast to the other two colors for it.

Little House Needleworks Christmas Ornament that I saw in January and knew, just knew this would be one to stitch for Christmas 2012 because this Christmas will definitely be a pleasant contrast to the last one I hope. I feel so blessed and ever since this one came out, I loved it.

This one by Charland Designs. It's a new one and I plan to stitch it in a different color, Chester Blue silk instead.

More luscious colors!

And a finger nail file too because I broke a nail running from place to place getting there. Honestly. LOL

A large piece of Lakeside linen for this project:

I only got 1 of the 3 parts but the linen for all 3. I think I have enough to do for awhile. :)

And some Kelmscott Daisy scissors for the Spring and Summer stitching.

I hope your weekend went well and you got an Irish kiss on Saturday!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday tomorrow!!!

Till later,