Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue stitching

This is a Debbie Draper Design freebie I have pulled from my freebie drawer in the studio to stitch with Crescent Colors Blue Lagoon Belle Soie. This is for a RAK. I can't remember where I got this freebie but I think it was put into my bag at a Pigeon Forge cross stitch store at one time. I think. I pulled this fat quarter from my cabinet to back a pillowkeep for it. I think it goes well together. Monochromatic. Silk. 32 ct linen.

 It's just been a little bit of a blue week. I can't pinpoint it so much but life ebbs and flows and as I stitch this today watching the US start another war, it's just plain crazy.
That's just my opinion though and you know what opinions are worth. ;) 

So the tension of it may be a little tight as I wonder why the President went on vacation the day he announces military action in Lybia. We are in 3 wars now? How do you enjoy a vacation or even the First Lady enjoy vacation while major disasters influencing the US and starting a war are going on ? Wha?

A Pentagon briefing this afternoon without our Commander -in-Chief? Wha?

I can't explain it. I have to digress here or I'll start a whole page of thoughts...LOL

And I bought something blue this week, well first is the chihauhau book mark. I had to go to Petsmart for Miss Abigail and randomly saw this really-cool book mark which reminded me of Ren actually and it came home with me.

Ren used to hold his paw like this and this little one also has a longer nose like he had. Abbie has a short little nose but this really brought back some memories with Ren.

I won this on Ebay, for 5 bucks. Looks like an old pair of Ginghers, never used and they are beautiful.

I have no idea how old these are but the box itself is cardboard and Gingher is on the top.
I know now they are in metal tins.

But for 5 bucks, I think I did good!

Back to blue stitching.

They just announced US has started missiles now.

No words.
No.   Words.

Needleprint freebie

I finally got time this morning to find the freebie on the Needleprint blog to download. It's actually in the wrong place. The sampler pic is in the tiltviewer page 1, but the actual pattern for download is on page 2 of the tiltviewer and the second from the end, it says "Cushion by Steve". This is where you can download the correct pattern. It looks like circles of motifs of gold and green and when you flip it ( the wrong one but the right pattern for the other one), it says Cushion by Steve. The pattern I'm talking about is pictured on tiltviewer page 1, first column down next to the last and it has many brown borders and beautiful colors, Token of Love in the middle. Hope this helps. The correct pattern is 14 pages.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Bunny sampler

Sweet Bunny

designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

When the birds start chirping on a bright sunny Spring day such as today, I get Bunny Fever.

I love Bunnies.

This morning as I sit and listen to wind chimes off my porch, drink my tea and become inspired with my sing-along bird friends here in the woods, I came up with this little ornie design to place by your favorite bunny!

I think bunnies are sweet.

Use your own colors of choice. I have not stitched this up yet but plan to use:

light green is CC Frozen Margarita
435--very light brown
433 brown
224 light pink
223 medium pink
310 black

Would be very cute as an ornie in a wooden bowl with other Spring time fillers or by your bunny collection.

The bunny on the left was Brandon's, a Beatrix Potter, now 25 years old.
  The bunny on the right, Meghan's, 23 years old now as they were bought right before each were born.
They reside on the guest bedroom bed, Hoppily!

Don't forget somebunny loves you just as you are!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Hope you are having a great week. It's been a fast one, that's for sure. For all the questions on the project I was talking about on Needleprint----I would have put a pic but I don't know her copyright on it so I linked it to the tiltviewer. And yesterday I got a couple of chances to go back to it to show directly and when I click on it, it turns up Christmas red and green ornaments!  Weird. So, I'm heading back over there this morning and see if I can find it for you again. For myself I printed it off at the time so I have it but I will get back with you. I know it's large and would take about 25x 25 piece of linen.
I'm debating on white or vintage and if white, I will have to order it. Or I may not if I can't find it again.........will let you know later.

We are planning a big road trip in about 10 days and so I have been in the busy lately.

So many things to do on my off day today! So best get busy. Just wanted to let you know, I'm pinching everyone today that hasn't got green on, ok? LOL

Till later,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Need some brighter colors and in a Quaker mood

Today I have heard and been glued to the News channels as the disaster in Japan is getting worse with radiation exposures. Being that Body Guard worked in a nuclear power plant for 10 years, he also has a special interest in this catastropic event.

To lighten the mood, as the news is so dooming....I was reading through some of my fave blogs and Needlepoint is one of them. Did you know that they have freebies that are absolutely gorgeous!
I found one,  a Quaker one that reminds me much of Quaker Christmas but this time even bigger.....what is my mind doing!!!!!

So, sure enough, printed off the 14 pages of it and I had every color in DMC that was listed. All 33 colors.
There was no suggestion for linen so I chose one from my own stash, being economically challenged and this project would definitely use up some old DMC and move the inventory right along. I love this type of BAP because each motif is really like a little one of its own accord.

A general group of colors are:

bagged on purpose as it's about 300 x 300

The material in the picture appears white. I had this on hand which did not have a label but I know is Lakeside Linen of some sort vintegey.

The dark brown in the middle is the main outline colors.

I figured I could work on this during times I need some brighter stitching.

Anyone love it as much as I do?

Click HERE to view the pattern.
It's a monstor but OH SO PRETTY!
I would put this in my guestbedroom.

This is a GREAT blog, Needle print! You must check it out. She has smaller freebies. I believe one could stay busy only stitching freebies :)

The piece for 32 count would need to be about 25 x 25 or soish, allowing 3 inches all around.
Whatcha think?
Anybody interested?
The pattern is free
The floss is DMC or your choice, I would use DCM as their are 33 color changes and I have boocoodles of DMC.

Let me know. This would be a good stitch along for the next 6 months or so or for some of you very lightening fast stitchers alot less.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Finished framing Spring's Promise

Spring's Promise
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

framed by Me and Thee

linen 32 count Vintage Cream
Crescent Colors cotton and silk

It was just a yellow sort of day today. Monday started out way too early with the time change. It's always been a kicker for me to Spring the Fall back time better. It was so dark outside when I got up that I felt like it was in the middle of the night!

But, I'll adjust......yes, I will. In about 3 months or so.

Till later,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hi, I'm Abbie and here's my story and I'm stickin' to it, dang it!

Hey ya'll!  My mommie said there are alot of newcomers so I need to just let you know my story and I'm stickin' to it, ok?

My name is Abbie, short for Abigail Renee, and I run the house really. My mommie, she's busy stitching a RAK right now, so she asked me to let you know how our Sunday went, okie dokie? She can't show her progress 'cause it's a secret. Shhhhhhhh........

Sundays are for napping and I like to nap on the sofa with a big quilt. I heard the word "spoiled" many times today as my mom was walking by. Is that me? I think she may be talking about him........

I have big brown eyes and just cute as a bug. I have 35 outfits but I really don't like to wear them long.

 I just sit here and dream about Pizza and Chex mix and anything Lip balmish.

 I really like the Dr. Pepper lip balm but Nivea with shea butter is ok too.

My pants got dirty so I had a bath today and fluffed out like a pig with hair. I don't know where all this hair is growing from?  But, I do eat well and get plenty of rest. Sometimes.

My tail never stays still. I grew some brown spots on my hiney and they started out as little heart shapes but now they are very thick and alot bigger, probably because I get regular back rubs all the time.

I like belly rubs too. Makes my eyes just close and then I meditate.

My confessions today are:

~~leaving some tiny, little, purdie turdies beside my mom's yoga mat upstairs on Tuesday. I just couldn't help myself. It looked like my mat. After she went upstairs to do yoga, I heard the yell and I knew. I just knew it. She figured it out that I could walk up AND down the stairs. OMG!

~~sneaking upstairs and sleeping in the closet and playing "Catch me if you can" with my daddy

~~snacking on Chex Mix tonight

~~loving and craving Pizza EVERY day

~~throwing toys down constantly at mommie's feet while she is trying to stitch.

~~getting my pants dirty

Well, that's all my Sunday confessions.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!


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