Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reasons I love Spring

~~new love~~Easter dress shopping
~~new Spring flowers
~~new Spring designing
~~new Spring samplers
~~poems that remind me of positive things
~~the promise of new life
~~fresh new beginnings
~~dogwood trees blooming in pink and white
~~longer days
~~lazy afternoon naps and fun-filled evenings
~~visiting friends and catching up
~~ hugs
~~Easter baskets
~~Peeps in pink
~~Spring colored mini snicker bars
~~opening the windows to freshen the house
~~pleasant Spring visitors
~~Zyrtec for pollen
~~God's promise that there is a season for everything
~~beautiful ferns on the porch
~~roses reaching for the sunlight again
~~Dairy Queen Strawberry milkshakes
~~that fresh, new feeling after the porches are all sprayed down and clean
~~daydreaming and giddiness on the front porch swing
~~walking Miss Abbie in her prettiest of outfits
~~sprucing up the house for a loved one
~~the beautiful azaleas that bloom at my church
~~my backporch chaise lounge on Saturday and Sunday afternoons
~~iced tea with lemonade---Sunshine tea!
~~getting to meet new friends and cherishing the old
~~donating to Goodwill
~~housecleaning with fresh Pine sol to the tune of favorites on my Ipod
~~cool mornings, warm days
~~Strawberry wine
~~reassurance that Spring brings new beginnings and smiles
~~happy books and movies

I hope you are having a great Saturday. I know I am. Life is good.

Psalms 104

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thrifty Thursday and Miss Abigail Welcomes Spring

Miss Abigail herself. 2 mornings ago, staring at me while I washed dishes, with her toys lined up so I would have to play with her or trip over them. ;0
She's so PURDY.

Several bloggers and friends asked for pics and how she was doing through email.
She is fine and spoiled rotten. ;)

Please excuse the ugly porch. I am getting it painted before it falls off. :P

Thomas, the other house gardener, is loving his Buffet feeding system.
A little much. I think I'm going to call him Garfield now.
Honestly that was the best thing I every invested in.

Wild violets are everywhere. And the Iris's are reaching for the sun. I think they are going to bloom this year. Some years for whatever reason they don't bloom, this year.....yep, I do believe they are happy and will bloom.

And for Thrifty Thursday, this was my find a couple of weeks ago. A wrought iron planter stand.
Very old and very special in one spot. I also got 2 small wrought iron black chairs and a middle tiny table to add some "quaint" to overlook the mountains.

Remember my pink climbing roses over the porch rail?  Well, a certain unhinged individual last year ripped it up. Completely. But guess what? they are coming back! Yeppers you can't put a good thing down for long, because it WILL bloom again, thorns and flowers.

Had to go find the heart climber.

Oh there it is. So I'll put this back together and the roses will once again rise to sunshine!
You can't keep a good thing down.

Abbie said she is a happy girl now. And this furbaby is a smart one too.

The next 2 day are going to be busy ones for me. I will be incorporating some stitchy time. I've been flying on pure adrenaline lately, in a good way. A very good way.
I got so many goodies and there are so many cute freebies in blogland I don't know what I want to stitch up next.
I think Coverlet Birds work though, is on the list.

Hope your Thursday is full of thrifty fun! Listening to Aerosmith for caffeine this morning!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bunny Love sampler~~ for Spring

Bunny Love sampler

designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2012
Jennifer Ann Dalenberg

  Easter stitching pleasure!

colors and linen of choice
size 80 x 130

suggested colors are:

GA Picket Fence--the very light blue
GA Dungarees--boy rabbit coller, and letters Do You Me
WDW Sweetheart Rose---for the pink
WDW Williamsburg Blue--the boy rabbit's pants, 123, and the blue in middle band
GA Harvest Basket--for the brown
DMC white
DMC black 310
DMC 640--for the girl rabbit's shawl

Hope you can see a bit of Spring in your neck of the woods. It's definitely here and soon will be Easter.
I hope your day was blessed with peace and love.

Happy Sunday!

I'm so glad Spring is here! The birds are singing, it's cool but not cold and the sun is out for the 2nd day! YAY!
So many birds are singing this morning as I sip my hot tea.
I think today is the first day I haven't had to go somewhere or have it full of to-do lists.
I got some flowers yesterday and besides potting those and going to church, I hope to stitch this afternoon and nap. The house cleaning can wait.
I hope your Sunday is peaceful and restful today whereever you are and WELCOME to newcomers here on the blog! I enjoy connecting to friends all over the world who have similar passions and enjoy life daily as the gift that was given to us.

I think it's time for a second cup of Lemon-Ginger hot tea with honey!
Till later,


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