Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things to do today

Eat a late, late lunch with my honey

order---corrected---ordered the Christmas sampler by The Sampler Girl

Get a pedicure today, maybe a manicure too.

Find some mums to brighten the porch

Open the windows and enjoy the cool breeze .......and ragweed too

Work on The Blue House Sampler tonight

Send my letters and mail out

Do a little searching around for my next give-a -way idea..........stay-tuned
Pull out my Fall decor from the basement (did I mention the basement clutter, hopefully this will not start the urge to clean out because then that isn't fun)

Thank God for friends like you who are so compassionate and share the love of stitching with me


  1. Glad I helped convince you to get the pattern. Another B'day giftie for yourself.


    Oh, and stay out of the basement! We don't want to mess us the birthday festivities with (yuck!) cleaning. Leave that for a damp, dreary day where you don't want to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather. :) That's my philosophy.

  2. Is that tree already turning?! Or is it an older picture...wow...they aren't even turning yet up here in the North!

  3. Oh, no this is a picture I had in my computer from last Fall in Hawaisee Ga. But I'm just dreaming of Fall today ;)


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