Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sappy Saturdays

So how was your week?

Mine went well, very well, taking a day at the time and the more days, the more I know I'm at peace.

Went to one of my fave places for a burger today and also received a dozen, beautiful red roses delivered to my house today, so love is definitely in the air here, with sweetness, and just making every day a Valentine's Day right now!! Even Flossie Mae has unexpectedly attracted all male cats for the past 2 days and she will probably be delivering kittens. I was late getting her fixed and was assured that cats don't go into heat until Spring. hummmm.......not here. LOL

So inspired, I decided to set up a few of my favorite Valentine's decor on top of my piano around my new roses and take a look-see:

A cup of tea anyone?

Times like these when I dust and can see the furniture. ;p

I love tea. I have some new Youthberry tea with orange from Teavana and have carefully enjoyed the full antioxidant benefits of it since I got it last week. Full of savory healing, wholesome and delicate goodness.

and there is one certainty, time moves right along.

And that is a good thing as I ponder many circumstances, some given to me unexpectedly in this life, but all have a purpose to fit somewhere. In time.
I have confidence in that much.

I got out some of my favorite pillow keeps

This one is from designer, The Sampler Girl, stitched by me. One of her freebies.

The top one, a freebie by Primitive Betty's stitched by me and another one which I love so dear.

I also love small quilt heart pillows. And this one just looks good here too.

And as I said this is Sappy Saturday as I miss my kids, now adults and hold them in my heart until they decide one day maybe to reconnect. I'm at peace with it. I know they will do what their heart leads them to do. They've tried many things to put a divide between us but in time they will learn the wisdom that mama's always love their babies and will miss them too.

It feels good to come to acceptance of these and many things that are "on my heart" today.
Because I know that really all things work together for good according to His purpose in his Time.
That's a promise I keep with MY heart.

and the roses, ahhhhhh, yes the beautiful roses. Mr. Darcy really does exist, ladies!

Now that's a sappy story as well with most of it unwritten for safety reasons. But as I've gotten a few emails about "the BodyGuard Situation",
this is where I must tell you the truth as he chose to live another life for the past several years, a life full of lies and deception, dishonesty and hurt, danger and pride, and I was absolutely unaware of many of his deceptions until July of this past year, but there again...... It was my time, my prayer was answered in months and as he strived hard to hurt me as much as he could, he really ended up being destructive to himself.
He is no longer in my life and I have no ill-will for him and he knows that. I am so glad I finally saw the light, the real kind of what kind of light he carried on our journey.
The rest is unwritten and will stay that way for safety reasons, but all in all, I feel safe with the One that loved me first, My Heavenly Father.

He protected me many times in my life and this past year was one of them.
He surrounded me with true friends and those who chose to say curt words and leave my life, I accepted their decisions as well, as they only didn't really understand, thank goodness the hades I went through so there is peace with that and those I've connected with are purposely only positive people right now.

I learned a hard lesson on trust many times in my life as many of you have too in yours. I am no different and am just saying that if you listen to your heart, your prayers will be answered. Just get ready for them to be answered in ways you may not think it will be.

By my bed is framed Be Still and Know I am God, and I see that when I awake and when I go to bed.
I stitched it a couple of years ago, designed by The Sampler Girl and it's given me so much encouragement.
So, last year, yes I went through a horrendous divorce with a man who's goal was only to hurt and hurt bad in every way.
I'm a thankful woman for the blessings I have and for the love of God to protect me even though he used every low avenue he could to deceive and perpetuate his deep seated lies.
I hope none of you go through this kind of betrayal but if you do, remember.... that there is a rainbow after the rain.

As a totally not interested person in relationships at all after all that, I guess another door opened, and this time, I have never felt so much peace inside with the friendship we've attained. It's refreshing, rejuvenating, lifting, and totally awestruck by the miracle God put in my life after Christmas Day.
The story will be unwritten here but all I can say is that ONLY God would be one to put this together and things that have happened are amazingly refreshing.

And for this, and other reasons, stitching, has been much to the side in the past several months.
But there are seasons in life that we all go through and I ONLY choose to respond and be with positive people as the negative, I really can't relate to and it drains me right now. I love to help others but those that are hurtful, I let go. It was time.
You wouldn't believe (maybe you would) some emails I got during this time from some bloggers.
I really felt sorry for them. I don't think they understood at all. But, I hope you know I heart each of you reading this blog, for whatever brought you to it today to read.

sometimes we don't know where the tree stops and the water begins but the reflection I see out my window one evening said it all.

Sometimes what we think we are living is only a shadow.

So, I'm totally in God's hands with what doors open next, but I will always trust Him forever.
I think 2012 and beyond is another chapter of life for me. Even the love of music is coming back for me. And it's nice to have someone to share that with.

So, I'm enjoying each day as best I can and that's the best we all can do.

One day the rest of the story will be written. It may require a book format! LOL

Through all this I learned these lessons:

1) no marriage or relationship can be based on dishonesty, deception, lies, and abuse
2) it takes 2 mature people to make one, just one doesn't work
3) never take a day for granted, it might change your life forever
4) thank all the friends who stuck with you and even those who chose to leave you for it showed you who really cared to start with.
5) slowly open your heart to a real kind of love because it can happen.
6) hug your children every day if you have the chance. If you can't, always hope, never lose hope.
7) if you've never seen your marriage partner open a Bible until his lies are found out, then pretends to do so and uses the word of God in a hateful way, RUN, don't walk. No matter what. God does not come looking for us. He knows where we are, we look for HIM.
8) accept nothing less than God being the foundation of a marriage relationship
9) life is too short to waste it trying to explain to former "friends" when they want to run as if it's contagious. If they were really your friend to start with, they would still be with you, if they dropped you for whatever, just nod, bow, and open the door for them.
10) Take safety seriously. If someone, anyone, comes to you in a dangerous situation in fear, don't say "I don't want to get involved" because in essence you really have taken the abuser's side by turning your head.
11) Pray. Pray without ceasing even when nothing but tears are flowing and you're speaking to the mountains and no one else because He DOES hear our specific requests and He already knows what we need if we just ask and be still. Patience. His TIME not ours.
and most important
12) I've found out twice what love is not so I can better recognize what love REALLY is. Even though I went through alot through the years, I'm thankful because I wouldn't know without the contrast.

The more days go by, the bigger the rainbow gets.

I hope you  have a  lovely Saturday evening and thank you for taking time out of your day to read my sappy moments today as I reflect on some very deep things, love, clean and take care of my home.

Home is Where the Heart Is means much more to me now.

Till later,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twisted Tuesday

So how many of us made New Year's resolutions this year???  and still are keeping them???
well, I broke one but reset it to start again soon.
Just remember it's never too late to start over. Just the mere fact that you try is enough of a start for encouragement that YOU CAN!

this is one reason, and only one that I have not gotten as much as I like done.
This is the OTHER side of the burn. I wouldn't even put the burned parts of my arm and top of my right hand on here are you might freak.

But slowly with medicine it's getting better except for one spot which yesterday they think after looking at it was really a third degree burn. It's painful and on top of my right hand.
But like I said it's so much better.
I pulled out the container the spaghetti sauce was cooking in and it melted it, so that's how hot it was.

Miss Abbie has been the sweetest in accompaning the plan of care of healing, along with some metal tasting Cipro and silvadene cream wraps.

I did manage to vacuum last night and oh what hair balls from Miss Abbie she makes.
If all that fiber could be put together I would never have to buy white DMC again.

So lately things that have helped me heal are:

silvadene wraps
Strawberry milkshakes from DQ
and more sleep

yes, time heals wounds and this, we all know is true. So for this time, today, I'm going to make the best of it with what I have and try to have fun while I"m at it!

Abbie says "Hi ya'll"

She is claiming HER side of the bed. She's out like a light in a minute while I read in bed.

yep, out like a light. She loves the smell of Downy straight out of the dryer. ;)

Hope your Tuesday goes well and that TIME is moving for you in a positive direction!

I ordered a very cool pattern just the other day with the threads and linen. I can't wait to show you!

Stay cozy,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Key to My Heart


Just a beautiful sunny day here in the mountains and although no snow on the ground, I thought I would repost this little sampler in case you were "feeling the love" today and stitching up for Valentine's Day.

The header photo shows this stitched up by Catherine from Branblewood Stitches blog!
She stitched up 3 of mine last year and put in a beautiful display for Valentine's.
This is one of them.

I hope we do get at least one good snow this Winter! While it's not too fun to drive through, I just know that when it does snow and I'm at home, I love to make a snow man and walk through it with my thermal long jane's on, mittens, and scarf and I instantly feel about the age of 10 then. ;)

I read this today and sent to someone special. I thought I would share with you too.

Key To My Heart

by Amanda Marie

I had closed the door upon my heart

and wouldn't let anyone in

I had trusted and loved only to be hurt

but that would never happen again

I locked the door and

tossed the key as

hard and as far as I could

My heart was closed for good

Then you came into my life and

made me change my mind

just when I thought that

tiny key was impossible to find

that is when you held out your hand

and proved me wrong

inside your palm was the

Key to My Heart

You had it all along

So. Who holds the key. The key to your heart?