Thursday, January 15, 2009

My favorite historical person

Jackie's inaugural gown.
My favorite photo of Jackie, just look at those pearls and what joy she has with John-John!

Style, style, style

She was always so tailored and beautiful

My second favorite photo of Jackie. She looks so relaxed.

JackieO style! Jackie was one memorable First Lady. She was a beautiful woman and here are some of her pics that just scream style. We are so fortunate to have so many resources like the Internet to capture photos and share historical times. I'm a JackieO fan and funny too that alot of people say I look like Jackie Kennedy. I get stopped in theatres, malls, stores, everywhere and I don't see it as much but alot of people see Jackie in me........a huge huge compliment.

Some days are just full of surprises

Some days are full of surprises. When I clicked on Fox News this morning to see just how crazy our world is today.........they announced a Federal Emergency for the security required at the Inauguration Day which is at the tune of 150 million dollars, just for security. Whew!

So, for some unknown reason I just googled the White House to see some pictures. I didn't realize you can take a tour of the White House online and I spent well over an hour reading and taking an online tour of the White House mansion. I think its worth sharing as I know I have never been able to take a tour officially of the White House. This is a good substitute.

Oh year, and Obamas old car chrysler 300 is for sale on ebay at 1 million dollars now.

Ok, I'm trying to like Obama, I really am.......I'm just afraid of what our country is going to be facing in terms of economics and war with him. Let's hope for the best.

I'm not so much a "history"person but I do like looking at the Kennedys photos and I saw one with Jackie in it on this website as they were showing photos of each room and the grounds during decor changes and updates through the years.

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a Monday

The day started out very, very cold this morning at about 18 degrees here and a hard frost, almost looked like snow in the fields as I was driving to work. Well, that's the closest to snow as we have had here in North Georgia this year! The weather man predicts that Friday night we will see single digits.

After work, Phil and I had some coupons for The Huddle House he got at Christmas so we had breakfast for supper at a great price!!! This is the third time, though, that the Huddle House has trouble in processing their coupons. It's almost like nobody ever uses them and they are in a foreign language or something ? Anyway, one of my books I ordered "The Velveteen Rabbit : Principles for Women" came in and at 88 cents I got a really good deal. The book looks like new and is hardback. Its definitely something I will be setting aside the Wally Lamb book to read first! I can't wait. Problem is there is just not enough time in the day to read everything I want to, stitch all the projects I want to, and learn to knit too. I will do it though as I am quite a night owl. This book will be good I can tell!!!!

Ren had his little leftovers from the Huddle House tonight and is now tucked away again, snoring with his little nap in the evening. He sounds like he needs a sleep apnea machine! LOL

We finally found the source of why in the world our Labs are barking every night. As we were coming back in from eating, we saw a HUGE RACOON running and up the tree he went, and then peaked around and looked at us. I have never seen a racoon before and Phil said it was a really big one. He had that mask- like face, just like in the movies..........
not something I want to meet in the dark, or in the daytime for as that goes.
Stay safe,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

knit, purl....knit, purl

Well, yesterday I went to the Beginners Knitting class in Clarksville at Twisted Skeins. I went with a friend so it was fun! Kinda intimidating at first as the needles are big. She used wooden needles instead because they are lighter and just easier to work with than the long heavy metal ones. The hardwood is solid and smooth so the threads did slide easily, almost too easily because oops, if it slides off too soon it messes the whole line up.

I learned how to "cast on". I didn't have any reason for casting on 15 stitches but that just came to mind and after I started and looked at how small it is, I guess this will be a winter scarf for Ren. LOL

Evidently its a BIG no-no to put your needles into the yarn ball at the end and I kinda got scolded for "stabbing my yarn", other than that we laughed all the way out of the store at that one. Like is there a yarn police around or something? LOL

The class was 2 hours. I'm afraid to pick it up at home because I may not be able to get it fixed if I mess up so we are going back on Thursday night. We learned how to knit stitch and purl stitch.
I picked up my sampler last night and this morning, this is my progress.