Friday, March 27, 2009

Raven and Ruby's New Lounging Spot

Now, Raven and Ruby have taken a liking for the chaise cushion, the one that I just bought fabric to make covers. I have several yards of beautiful solid red fabric, of which I think Black Labs would look beautiful .....but........oh my, this is a dilemma, as they frequently play in the rain, or go swimming in the lake and then come lie on the first, just Ruby. Now, both of them have taken to the chair. They left the doggie cushion I bought on the floor. Yep, they prefer this cushion better.


  1. Isn't that always the way. They always go where you don't want them to. Probably the chair just looked so darned comfortable they decided to make it their own. Would be a great chair for stitching in (or in their case - sleeping in)!

  2. yes, this chair is so comfortable and especially we use it when the weather warms up. You can just lay it out flat and its a bed. Hubbie loves it on summer nights after supper. What's even funnier is that now that they have this chair, our cat takes the other chair across the porch. At night this is their residing spaces. Last night my husband and I went out to sit on the porch, and the cat literally walked over, jumped on the back of chair and jumped in the chair, pushing him out. He got up and the cat just curled up and looked at him, like "this is my chair". They are funny.


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